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Our Textile Yarn Products

At present, the types of textile yarns produced and supplied by the company cover nylon yarn, core spun yarn, blended yarn, feather yarn, covered yarn, wool yarn and polyester yarn. We provide custom solutions like R&D service and ODM & OEM service, and we strive to be the top manufacturer of the yarn industry, being a trustable textile yarn supplier to our global customers.

viscose core spun yarn

Viscose Core Spun Yarn

Viscose core spun yarn is a specialized type of yarn that combines the benefits of viscose fibers and a central core material, such as polyester, nylon, or elastane. The core material acts as a support structure, while the viscose fibers form a protective sheath around it. This composition results in a unique yarn with enhanced properties and versatile applications in the textile industry.

Viscose core spun yarn exhibits significantly improved strength compared to pure viscose yarn, making it suitable for applications that require enhanced durability and resistance to breakage. The incorporation of a strong core material provides additional structural integrity, contributing to the overall strength of the yarn.

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nylon feather yarn

Nylon Feather Yarn

Nylon feather yarn is a kind of yarn that has actually gotten appeal in the last few years due to its special feather-like texture and look. It is made by mixing nylon fibers with other products to produce a soft, fluffy, and light-weight yarn. Nylon feather yarn is flexible and can be utilized for a range of applications, from style and clothing to house design and devices.

We are a manufacturer of top quality nylon feather yarn. Our business has years of experience in the fabric market and is dedicated to producing just the very best products for our consumers. We utilize cutting edge devices and utilize a group of knowledgeable professionals to make sure that every hair of our nylon feather yarn fulfills our strenuous requirements for quality and consistency. Our yarn is readily available in a wide variety of colors and designs, and we are constantly delighted to deal with our customers to develop custom-made orders to fulfill their particular requirements. We are devoted to offering remarkable client service and eagerly anticipate serving our customers with the greatest quality nylon feather yarn offered on the marketplace.

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Acrylic Polyester Yarn

Acrylic Polyester Yarn

Polyester acrylic blended yarn is a kind of artificial yarn that is made by blending polyester and acrylic fibers. This kind of yarn has been popular in the fabric industry due to its special mix of properties that make it ideal for a wide range of applications in textile products. As a polyester acrylic yarn manufacturer, we will illustrate the qualities of polyester acrylic blended yarn in detail, along with its advantages, downsides, and uses.

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nylon polyester yarn

Nylon Polyester Yarn

letterly, nylon polyester yarn is a kind of blended yarn made of nylon fiber and polyester fiber. Except for the gaining of the materials, most of the production processes are the same as natural fiber blended yarn manufacturing.

Salud Style is one of the most experienced suppliers of polyester nylon blended yarn, if you are looking for this kind of yarn for your textile product production, please contact us.

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Acrylic Nylon Yarn

Acrylic-nylon blended yarn combines the fluffy softness of acrylic and the smoothness and micro-elasticity of nylon. It is suitable for all kinds of sweaters, garments and hand-knitted wool and other textiles.

We are a manufacturer of acrylic nylon yarn. The commonly used specifications of nylon acrylic yarn are as follows: 10NM/2 15NM/3 19NM/3 28NM/3 32NM/3 38NM/3 40NM/5 40NM/6 40NM/8 50NM/8 50NM/ 12 and so on. If you need to use special specifications for the textiles you produce, our blended yarn factory can make custom spinning according to your requirements.

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polyester viscose yarn

Polyester Viscose (PV) Yarn

Polyester viscose yarn, also known as pv yarn, is made by blending a certain proportion of polyester and viscose fibers. Polyester viscose yarn occupies a certain weight in the market and has a wide range of applications.

At present, the development trend of international clothing is “machine washable, washable and wearable, easy to maintain, and light and thin”. Traditional pure spinning yarns such as pure cotton yarns and pure wool yarns have many shortcomings, which brings design Defects. The appearance of polyester viscose yarn has brought more choices to the design and production of clothing. By blending polyester fiber and viscose fiber, the yarn has good elasticity and abrasion resistance under dry and wet conditions, stable size, low water shrinkage, straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy washable and quick-drying features.

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Acrylic Blended Yarn

Acrylic Blended Yarn

As an acrylic blended yarn manufacturer, we are excited to offer our customers a high-quality acrylic blended yarn that is perfect for knitting and other textile projects. Our blended yarn factory uses the latest technologies and processes to create an acrylic blended yarn that is both durable and soft.

Acrylic blended yarn is breathable and has good heat retention. It is cheaper than wool yarn and has better performance than wool yarn. It has a wide range of applications in the textile field.

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Nylon POY

Nylon POY

Nylon POY refers to nylon 6 pre-oriented yarn, which is an incompletely drawn chemical fiber filament whose orientation degree obtained by high-speed spinning is between the unoriented yarn and the drawn yarn. Nylon POY is often used as a special yarn for nylon draw texturing yarn (DTY) , and nylon DTY is mainly used for knitting socks, underwear, and other clothing.

Salud Style is a nylon POY manufacturer with an annual output of 60,000 tons. We use the best spinning and winding speed to ensure that the breaking strength of nylon POY products reaches the standard.

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4cm feather yarn

4cm Feather Yarn

This feather yarn is 100% Nylon made filament yarn. The dyed feature of the 4.0 cm feather yarn helps in using hand knitting, sewing, and weaving. Because of the high tenacity, the feather yarn twists well. The strength of the feather yarn is appreciable. Apart from nylon, other materials polyester, wool, and even acrylic can be usable. The technique of ring-spun helps to retain the temperature and elasticity.

In the textile market globally, this 4.0 cm feather yarn has extensive demand. Most clothing brands use this type of feather yarn to make socks, sweaters, and whatnot. The heat retention capabilities are well due to its special manufacturing process. Besides, the product has high economic benefits with excellent development prospects. The 4.0 cm feather yarn has a multi-ply number of shares.

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2.0cm feather yarn

2cm Feather Yarn

2.0 cm feather yarn is an environmentally friendly nylon yarn. The fiber length of this yarn is continuous filament. With the help of a ring spun, the making of this feather yarn occurs. Besides, 2.0 cm yarn comes in viscose filaments as raw materials. China is one of the suppliers of this feather yarn. However, the pattern of this yarn is dyed.

2.0 cm feather yarn gains high demand in the textile industry. Most of the online market platforms import the material from the supplier country China. Because of its wide-ranging application, especially in the making of socks, this feather yarn is highly decorative. Besides, the economic benefit of this yarn is many as well. Apart from providing a smooth and warm feeling, this yarn is popular for being environmentally friendly.

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1.3cm feather yarn

1.3cm Feather Yarn

1.3 cm feather yarn is decorative or fancy yarn. It could be produced from Nylon material according to the requirements. It’s composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a specific direction (S/Z twist). Because of the directional distribution of ply, the woven or knit fabric could adopt a soft gloss, the surface appears plump, and a decorative effect.) as per the directional distribution, the produced material is made of super soft luster.

1.3 cm Feather yarn has great demand in the global textile market. Many famous clothing brands are using this decorative yarn in their products; imitation mink hair is recognized as a product with high economic benefits and good development prospects in the textile industry.

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0.9 cm feather yarn

0.9cm Feather Yarn

0.9 cm feather yarn is one of the decorative yarns. Its structure is fancy, and its feature is eco-friendly. Most of the 0.9 cm yarn consists of Nylon. Besides the composition of both core and decorative yarn, the feathers are soft hand touched. On the other hand, the coarseness of the yarn is medium.

Because of the great demand in the market, 0.9 cm feather yarn is much available with its unique features. Most of the supplier companies are using this yarn as a productive source. Besides, this yarn is a new addition to the knitting field where good economic prospects lie.

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product-Nylon High Stretch Yarn FDY

Nylon 66 Yarn (FDY)

Among the family of polymers, Nylon is the most significant one that comes in 66 yarns. Nylon 66 yarn is a type of usually chosen alternative for industrial and clothing fabric sewing with thread features. Besides, Nylon 66 yarn is completely made of 2 monomers including 6 carbon atoms. The exciting features of Nylon 66 yarn are the high-heat absorption with tough material making.

Because of its high melting temperature, Nylon 66 yarn’s heat strength becomes more robust at 180 degrees Celsius. Since Nylon 66 has the most usage in industrial fabrics, the use of extreme heat turns any product into the final product one like the tire cord. Such heat helps to gain enough strength to bring changes in the manufacturing process.

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Nylon Covered Spandex Yarn

Nylon Covered Spandex Yarn

Spandex covered yarn (also known as nylon covered spandex yarn) is a distinct and ingenious product that uses a variety of advantages for manufacturers, textile manufacturers and consumers alike. As a spandex covered yarn manufacturer, we would like to check out the crucial functions and advantages of spandex covered yarn and why it is rapidly ending up being a popular option for top quality fabrics.

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product - Elastic Core Spun Yarn

Elastic Core Spun Yarn

Elastic core-spun yarn is a kind of elastic yarn, which is made of elastic filament as core yarn and continuous wrapping of short fiber. This kind of yarn has the advantages of reliable spinning process, good yarn properties, elasticity of elastic fiber and less dewning phenomenon when drawing compared with the covered yarn, and is widely used in the development of elastic clothing textiles. However, the structure of the elastic core-spun yarn is an important factor that affects the performance of the elastic core-spun yarn.

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product - Spandex Core Spun Yarn

Spandex Core Spun Yarn

Using spandex as the inner thread, and wrapping the outside of the spandex thread with natural high-quality cotton yarn or other yarns, the spandex core-spun yarn is formed.
Spandex core-spun yarn is mainly used for relatively high-end men’s and women’s underwear, fitness wear, sportswear, competition wear, casual wear, etc., and the development prospect is very promising.
Spandex core-spun yarn has high technology content, strict spinning process requirements, excellent elasticity and elastic durability, plus good air permeability, strong moisture absorption and other characteristics, the price is about twice that of ordinary yarn.
In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the change of consumption fashion, people pursue comfort and beauty in clothing and clothing, and the clothing taste is further upgraded. The application and dosage of core-spun yarn (especially spandex core-spun yarn) in high-end clothing With continuous improvement, its price will further increase, and the market prospect will continue to rise for a long time.

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product - Acrylic Core Spun Yarn

Acrylic Core Spun Yarn

Acrylic core-spun yarn is one of the most popular types of core spun yarn in the textile industry. It’s with anti-pilling, light and fluffy, bright luster and saturated hand. It has the softness of cotton, the luster of silk, and it is moisture-wicking and breathable. The fabric saturation and skin-friendly comfort of the acrylic core-spun yarn are very good. Suitable for autumn and winter fashion brands, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing and other fabrics.

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wool yarn

Wool Yarn

Salud Style has a wool yarn factory in China. We use high-quality materials to produce cone wool yarn for the international textile market. We have strong cooperations with well-known woolen garment manufacturers and the armies of some countries. Besides, we own a dyeing factory for wool yarn dyeing, which allows us to 100% ensure the quality.

Product quality is always our top concern, our factory introduces the spinning equipment without knotting joint, so that the high-grade, light and smooth wool yarn can obtain an excellent quality of finished product and wear performance. Therefore, we supply large quantities of high-quality wool yarn to the military textile mills of several countries all year round.

The cone wool yarn is widely used in the woolen product manufacturing industry and the winter clothes manufacturer.

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product-Nylon High Stretch Yarn FDY

Recycled Nylon Yarn

Recycled Nylon Yarn is a kind of ecologically friendly yarn that is manufactured by recycling wastage or used nylon materials. As one of the trustable and reputed yarn manufacturers, Salud Style offers high-quality Recycled Nylon Yarn. We have vast experience in producing top-quality Recycled Nylon Yarn on this platform.

Our nylon yarn that is manufactured with 100% wastage material comes with excellent strength as well as high elasticity. Our manufactured recycled nylon yarn can help us use less virgin petroleum as a source of raw materials. Additionally, it aids in waste diversion and lowers manufacturing-related greenhouse gas emissions.

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product-Nylon High Stretch Yarn FDY

Nylon 6 Yarn

From January to December 2019, China’s nylon 6 yarn with a twist of more than 50 turns per meter imported 1,530.8 tons, and the import value was US$7.01 million; from January to December 2019, China’s nylon 6 yarn with a twist of more than 50 turns per meter was exported. The quantity was 1377.8 tons, and the export value was 5.068 million US dollars.

As a nylon 6 yarn supplier, the nylon 6 yarn produced by our factory adopts advanced production equipment and strict production control to ensure that each product has a uniform twist, no oil stains, uniform molding, and no joints. Make sure every product delivered to customers is the best.

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Feather Yarn (Imitation Mink Yarn)

Feather Yarn

Salud Style is an experienced supplier of feather yarn. Our feather yarn is composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a certain direction. Due to the directional distribution of feathers, the fabric made of soft luster, the surface appears plump, very decorative effect, and not easy to shed. The products have good wear performance, strong warmth protection, can be made into clothes, hats, scarves, gloves and so on, the products have a good market prospect.

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Double Covered Yarn

Double Covered Yarn

The double-covered yarn is to cover the outer layer of the core yarn with 2 layers of outer yarn, and the directions of the 2 layers of covering are opposite. After such treatment, the core yarn is well covered, and the exposed phenomenon is relatively light. Since the outer yarn wraps the core yarn symmetrically with opposite helix angles, the elastic force of the covered yarn is well balanced, and generally, the subsequent process can be processed without setting treatment. The process of double-covered yarn is more complicated, and the processing cost is much higher than that of single-covered yarn. In actual production, the type of covering process should be comprehensively considered according to the performance requirements, usage, production technology level and cost price of the fabric for the covered yarn.

Double cover yarn is mostly used for knitted fabrics that require high elasticity, and some are used for woven fabrics. It is an ideal yarn for high-end thin wool, linen fabrics, jacquard double-layer weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics.

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Single Covered Yarn

Single Covered Yarn

We have more than 10 years of experience in single covered yarn manufacturing. We are one of the top three large-scale manufacturers of single covered yarn products in China. The production equipment we invest in is in a leading position in the country, and the products we produce are exported to Italy, the United States, Serbia, Chile, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Iran and other countries.

The single-covered yarn is covered with a layer of outer yarn on the outer layer of the core silk spandex. The biggest disadvantage is that the core yarn is exposed a lot. During the processing of the subsequent process, the exposed core yarn (usually spandex yarn) is easily worn by the machine parts and breaks; or the color turns yellow, sticky and Strong drop and other phenomena, and produce different degrees of contraction. However, its price is cheaper relative to double covered yarn. Single covered yarn is mainly used for elastic fabrics such as socks and weft knitted underwear. 

Single covered yarn is widely used in the manufacturing industries of woven fabrics, circular woven fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, ribbons, etc.

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4-product-Core Spun Yarn

Core Spun Yarn

Core spun yarn is a new type of yarn made from two or more kinds of fibers. In recent years, it’s more and more used in the textile industry as a substitute for expensive natural fiber like wool yarn. More and more brands are also gradually accepting the core spun yarn, using it to manufacture clothes.

As a core spun yarn manufacturer, we independently develop and produce various types of it, such as high-twist core-spun yarns and rabbit hair core-spun yarns. The production process combines the characteristics of various yarns, and the product can simulate or even exceed the performance of a certain fiber, with great advantage at price. In 10+ years of development, we have accumulated a lot of production experience and can recommend or develop appropriate core-spun yarn specifications according to customers’ production needs.

Core-spun yarn is widely used in the knitwear manufacturing industry.

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product-Nylon High Stretch Yarn FDY

Nylon High Tenacity Yarn

We have 10+ years of experience in nylon high tenacity yarn DTY production. We produce the nylon DTY with both high strength and high elasticity, which is very popular in the textile industry. The workshop is equipped with 50+ sets of advanced DTY twisting equipment, which allows us to finish the mass production in time and in quality. Our nylon high tenacity yarn product is far ahead in domestic sales.

This product is widely used in the civil garment manufacturing industry with high requirements for yarn strength and elasticity at the same time.

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product-Nylon High Stretch Yarn FDY

Nylon Filament Yarn

Nylon filament yarn is a kind of chemical yarn with good wear resistance, high strength, small shrinkage and good water absorption. It is mainly suitable for clothing fabrics and industrial fabrics and other supporting products. The notable characteristics of nylon filament are high initial modulus and good toughness, so it is also widely used in tire, canvas and other rubber industries as skeleton materials. In addition, its wear resistance in water is particularly outstanding, and it is also widely used in marine cables and large ship manufacturing.

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Nylon Monofilament Yarn FDY

Nylon Monofilament Yarn

Nylon monofilament yarn is made of nylon raw material by heating and spinning. It is colorless and transparent, so it is also called glass nylon yarn. Features: This product has high strength, good elasticity, fast water cutting performance, and good softness. It is suitable for fishing, net weaving, webbing, plush toys, plastic transparent bags, trademarks, lace, paper making nets, sewing threads, fishing gear, accessories , toys, embroidery thread, handicrafts, wigs, filter cloth, eye-catching hair, ropes, wire casings, headphone cables, etc.

Inventory Status:
Nylon High Tenacity Yarn DTY

Nylon DTY

We use industry-leading nylon DTY production equipment to produce nylon high stretch yarn with both high strength and high elasticity, which has won a good reputation in the textile industry. The workshop is equipped with more than 60 sets of advanced DTY spinning equipment, which enables rapid production of customized high stretch yarn, and can support large quantities of off-the-shelf supply.

The nylon high stretch yarn is widely used in the manufacturing industry with high requirements for yarn strength and elasticity at the same time.

Inventory Status:
Custom Solution - 2-2

Nylon FDY

Salud Style uses the world’s highest quality raw materials, and uses advanced FDY production technology to produce nylon FDY (nylon fully drawn yarn) products with excellent dyeing performance, heat resistance and non-deformation performance, stable fineness, and stable quality. It is widely used in pantyhose, Swimsuits, ski suits, high-end underwear and other clothing materials. Fabrics made from Nylon FDY feel smooth and soft to the touch.

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About Salud Style

Salud Style – Salud Industry (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. – is one of the largest textile yarn manufacturers in the world and the top three competitive enterprises in the textile industry in Guangdong Province. We have united 30 well-known yarn factories and established the largest yarn factory alliance in China. We always believe that high-quality materials and advanced and high-standard manufacturing processes will come out with excellent products. We are certified with the below certificates: OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, ISO 9001: 2005, Global Recycled Standard, SGS, and Alibaba Verified. No matter what textile industry you are in, you can get the right and high-quality textile yarn products here. We have accumulated 16 years of textile yarn production experience, and our products are exported to countries all over the world.

As an experienced yarn supplier for textile industry, we help to promote the industrial upgrading of the yarn field. In 2010, Salud Style and the local government jointly established a textile raw material research center, which has been widely concerned and recognized in the textile industry, especially in the yarn industry.

Why Choose Salud Style

At Salud Style, we live by our textile yarn quality and production techniques. That’s why businesses involved in the production of apparel, fabrics, medical textiles, shoes, technical textiles, carpets, sports equipment or in the wholesale of yarn turn to us when they need yarn products.
With over 10 years of experience working with textile manufacturers, and we can specify, design, and produce the perfect yarn product for virtually any application. Read on to learn more about us and contact us today with a question or request for a yarn quote for your business.

core spun yarn spinning process
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Each Type of Yarn

Focus on Textile yarn manufacturing

  • Salud Style specializes in the R&D, and we produce core spun yarn, blended yarn, feather yarn, nylon yarn, covered yarn, wool yarn, polyester yarn and other yarn products.
  • Excellent quality and competitive price have brought us stable customers from all over the world.
  • We have accumulated 16 years of yarn production experience.
final core spun yarn moisture regain
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Lower than Official Moisture

Focus on the Quality

  • The production team uses the ERP system to manage designers and workers and plan enterprise resources.
  • There is a complete management system from raw material procurement to production and quality inspection.
  • the moisture regain of the dyed yarn will be 2% to 3% lower than the official moisture regain.

Salud Style Dyeing Laboratory
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Sourcing Solutions and Fast Delivery

  • As a professional textile yarn manufacturer in China, Salud Style provides upstream supplier consultants for your yarn sourcing solutions.
  • High speed, high quality, strict moisture standards, high cost performance, no quality problems to bring more hidden costs and delivery time to your production.
saludstyle team
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Professional service from yarn experts

  • Professional logistics cooperation to ensure accurate and timely delivery of yarn.
  • Professional textile yarn technicians free of charge for your product production consulting services.
  • Professional after-sales team regularly through the network return visit, within 24 hours of rapid response.
  • Our yarn experts will help you choose the right type and specification of yarn product, which will help your textile products stand out among the competitors.
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Stable Supply Chain

  • We produce core-spun yarn, nylon yarn, covered yarn, feather yarn, blended yarn, wool yarn and polyester yarn.
  • As of April 21, 2022, we’ve established a yarn factory alliance with 30 top yarn manufacturing companies in China.
  • We have more sufficient supply to cope with the price fluctuations of yarn raw materials.
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Customers around the World

Trusted by customers around the world

  • Since 2006, we have been working with hundreds of enterprises in various fields.
  •  We have experienced yarn production engineers who understand the requirements of various industries for yarn products.
  • We have long-term cooperative customers in clothing, fabric, tire, safety equipment, light industry and other industries in more than 40 countries.
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The Industries We've Been Working With

As a yarn producer for the textile industry, we produce yarns for use in a variety of applications, including garment manufacturing, home furnishings, and industrial textiles. Our textile yarns are available in a wide range of colors and textures, and we are continually expanding our product line to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. In addition to textile yarn manufacturing, we also offer a full range of services, including yarn dyeing, yarn twisting, and yarn finishing. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services available. Contact us today to learn more about our yarn manufacturing capabilities.

We started our yarn business in 2006 with our factory established in Dongguan City, China. After years of development, our core-spun yarn products occupy 10% of the Chinese market. In China’s textile industry, Salud Style – Salud Industry (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. –  is one of the most influential yarn manufacturing companies in the industry.

And now, we have reached a strategic partnership with several different types of yarn factories in China, and integrated the resources of the upstream and downstream yarn industries. Compared with other yarn manufacturers, we have the following advantages: we have more sufficient supply to cope with the price fluctuations of yarn raw materials, can provide customers with yarn products more stably and continuously.

industrial area we work with

Industrial Area

The yarn types used in industrial areas are of high tenacity, specifically, they are normally chemical fiber yarn, such as nylon yarn, polyester yarn, polypropylene yarn, etc.
medical textile factory we work with

Medical Textile Manufacturing

The yarn types used in medical textile manufacturing are usually skin friendly and elastic. Therefore, medical textile materials are always cotton yarn, nylon yarn, and polyester yarn.
garment factory we work with

Garment Manufacturing

The yarn types used in garment manufacturing depend on the functionality and style of the garment. For example, summer garments normally use cotton yarn, polyester yarn, viscose yarn and so on, as the raw materials.
glove factory we work with

Glove Manufacturing

Glove commonly used yarns are as follows: cotton yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, wool yarn, acrylic yarn, etc.
fabric factory we work with

Fabric Manufacturing

Almost all yarns can be processed into fabrics, and fabric production generally depends on the function and style of the final textile product to determine the type of yarn used. For example, it often chooses nylon or polyester yarn to make tent fabric.
mask rope factory we work with

Mask Rope Manufacturing

Mask rope commonly used yarns are as follows: cotton yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, covered yarn.
webbing factory we work with

Webbing Manufacturing

Webbing commonly used yarns are as follows: cotton thread, viscose yarn, hemp yarn, latex yarn, nylon yarn, polyester yarn, velon yarn, polypropylene yarn, acetic acid yarn and gold and silver thread.
sweater factory we work with

Sweater Manufacturing

Sweaters commonly used yarns are as follows: wool yarn, cashmere yarn, alpaca wool yarn, mohair yarn, camel hair yarn, cotton yarn, hessian yarn, 100% acrylic yarn, acrylic blended yarn, silk yarn, core spun yarn, etc.
sock factory we work with

Socks Manufacturing

Socks commonly used yarns are as follows: cotton yarn, acrylic cotton blended yarn, rayon yarn, silk cotton blended yarn, wool yarn, rabbit hair blended yarn, acrylic wool blended yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, spandex yarn, feather yarn, etc.
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The Yarn Manufacturing Companies We Work With

All of our textile yarns are premium in quality as well as available at a reasonable price. So, are you looking for a reliable yarn manufacturer company to start your next project? Salud Style can fulfill all your needs with the vast cooperation of textile yarn factories.

 The textile yarn factories that Salud Style is working with:

blended yarn Factory

Blended yarn is one of the most popular yarns in the textile industry. It is a kind of yarn that contains different materials like cotton as well as polyester. Because the yarn has excellent durability, mixing it with synthetic material helps retain the finished item’s form and look.

Blended yarns are yarns created by combining two or more distinct types of fibers or yarns to achieve desired characteristics and aesthetics. Different materials offer various benefits, including toughness, warmth, rapid drying, ease of washing, and more. This kind of yarn is presented in a wide range of grades, textures, and vibrant colors to satisfy every client’s specific requirement.

Depending on the manufacturing materials, there are different types of blended yarns available. This yarn has considerable importance in the textile industry. Because they offer diversity to end consumers to fulfill their various wants and current fashion trends, it is also crucial to the modern textile enterprise. Today, blended yarn manufacturers are still trying and innovating on the manufacturing process and blending ratio, improving the performance of blended yarn products and reducing production costs.

By using blended yarns, you may create valuable goods that serve various needs while reducing the company’s time and cost. As a reputed yarn manufacturer company in China, we produce high-quality blended yarn at Salud Style. Here in our company, you can get different types of premium quality blended yarn at a reasonable cost.

core spun yarn Factory

As the name suggested, the core-spun yarn has a core filament. At some stage during the spinning process, a non-stop filament bundle of polyester fibers is wrapped in a staple polyester as well as a cotton wrapper to create this yarn. This kind of yarn features a dual structure; sheath and core.

To manufacture core-spun yarn, staple fibers are basically used in sheath covering. On the other hand, continuous filament yarn is utilized in the core filament of core-spun yarn. The core-spun yarn improves the practical qualities of the materials, such as strength, longevity, and stretch comfort. The task of the core spun yarn manufacturer is to find the right yarn combination to produce a core spun yarn product that is reasonably priced and very suitable.

The core-spun yarn is wound onto an appropriate container, such as a spool, cop, as well as king spool, with the necessary length. One of the fantastic features of this yarn is that it is much more durable than conventional or typically spun yarn. Core spun yarn also minimizes the number of broken stitches.

This yarn comes with several superior features that make it an ideal option for different applications. As a leading yarn manufacturer, we produce high-quality core spun yarn on the market. We have several years of experience in producing core-spun yarns. So, get in touch with us if you are looking for the best quality core-spun yarn.

covered yarn Factory

Covered yarn is a type of yarn that is made up of at least a couple of yarns. When discussing covered yarn, elastane yarns are essentially what is meant. However, wrapping is not just used on elastane; occasionally, fine wires are indeed covered.

Yarn can be covered for one of two reasons. While maintaining the look of the textile yarn, one requires an elasticity that regular textile yarn cannot supply. This is true when it comes to covering elastane, in which the polyester fabric is often twisted around the elastane component.

Another reason to cover a yarn is to conceal something. This frequently occurs while covering tiny wires. While the core still provides the functionality, the yarn that’s also wrapped surrounding offers the appearance. Covered yarns are available in different types, including single cover, double cover, air cover, and more.

Covered yarns are widely used in the textile industry to manufacture different applications. Lingerie, socks, seamless clothing, and a variety of knitting and weaving materials all employ these yarns. As the leading yarn manufacturer in China, we produce high-quality covered yarn. So, contact us and get the best quality covered yarn of any quantity.

feather yarn Factory

Feather yarn is a superior quality yarn that has been developed widely in recent years. The feathers are organized in a particular manner, and the construction is made up of ornamental yarn as well as core yarn. The feather yarn also consists of a knitted segment of mixed yarn that is coiled around the outside perimeter of a core yarn.

Fabric made of feather yarn has excellent softness as well as the surface of the cloth appears plump. Additionally, they have a desirable impact, and this yarn is superior to other fluffy yarn since it does not quickly lose hair. Feather yarn can be used to produce different types of fiber yarn.

Feather yarn manufacturers are concentrated in Jiangsu Province, China, and most of them use nylon yarn as a raw material to make feather yarn. The core thread of the feather yarn is the braided weave of Nylon DTY, and the decorative yarn of the feather yarn is the warp plain weave with the free end of the extension thread of Nylon FDY. With the development of feather yarn production process, some feather yarn manufacturers use polyester yarn, viscose yarn and other types of yarn to produce feather yarn. Feather yarns produced with different yarn raw materials will have different feel, strength, etc., but their manufacturing process is similar.

This kind of yarn comes with several exclusive features that make them unique. The market has responded quite favorably to feather yarn, and demand for it is rising globally. Since this yarn comes with different user-friendly features, the feather yarn-made fabric is used to manufacture several applications.

Feather yarn is highly well-liked by women because of its smooth touch and thick fluff. This yarn is an ideal option for use in clothing for fall and also winter. If you are looking for premium quality feather yarn, then you can contact us. We produce premium quality feather yarn and supply it for sale.

nylon yarn Factory

The appearance and texture of several natural fibers may be imitated using nylon yarn, a synthetic substance. This yarn has a fantastic wear resistance reputation. In order to increase the strength as well as fastness of the garment, this yarn is frequently combined or interlaced with other fibers.

Nylon yarn has excellently high strength and also robust resistance features. The two most incredible benefits of nylon yarn are its high strength as well as abrasion resistance. Compared to polyester yarn, this yarn offers more excellent hygroscopicity and antistatic qualities.

Since nylon yarn comes with a low melting point, it has poor heat resistance. It is primarily used to mix or interweave through the other fibers in the knitting as well as silk industries. The texture of nylon yarn is exceptionally smooth, and scratching leaves no visible signs of nail marks.

China is the largest nylon 6 yarn consumer market. The upstream raw material of nylon 6, lactam, can be self-sufficient without importing. The masterbatch synthesis process and the downstream nylon yarn manufacturing process are also very mature. Here in Salud Style, we work with the high-end nylon yarn manufacturers, to produce and supply excellent quality nylon yarn for sale.

polyester yarn Factory

Polyester yarn is the very first and may be the best choice in terms of synthetic yarn. Geographically, the textile industry has transformed thanks to polyester yarns. One of the best yarns, it has a lot of features as well as is easily accessible. This kind of yarn is the foremost product of the polyester category.

Polyester has primarily been used in the textile industry to create polyester yarns. Polyester yarn is directly employed in the creation of over 40% of all polyester. It is produced by mixing alcohol and acid to start chain reactions, which results in a repeated structure at periodic intervals. It is frequently used for weaving and knitting.

Polyester yarns are available in a variety of hues. Wool is frequently replaced by polyester yarn because of its warmth and toughness. Additionally, it is commonly used to knit household items and garments for infants and children, both of which call for regular washing.

While polyester yarns are often machine washable, affordable, warm, and robust, this yarn also has a tendency to pill and doesn’t have the same level of breathability as natural fibers. In China, Salud Style is one of the top manufacturers of polyester yarn. On the worldwide textile market, we deliver the best wholesale service for this yarn.

wool yarn Factory

Wool yarn is the softest and most lightweight yarn in the textile industry. Usually made from the thinner strands of sheep’s wool, this kind of yarn is thick. When spinning wool yarn, the fibers are maintained loosely and therefore only given a small amount of twist, if any at all.

When it refers to knitting, the wool yarn is frequently the first kind that comes to mind. These kinds of yarns are available in different types. Each and every type of wool yarn comes with exclusive features and functionalities. Wool yarn is a kind of versatile yarn that you can use for different purposes.

Heavier textiles are perfect for creating warm winter clothing such as coats, sweaters, skirts, and blankets. Thick, substantial woven, as well as knitted dress is made from wool yarn. Due to its flexibility, it is simple to work with and a suitable fit for various patterns, including mittens, shawls, sweaters, stuffed animals, and socks.

Wool yarn spinning is a very important production link in the wool textile industry and the foundation of the entire wool textile industry. It is simple to adulterate wool, as well as a napping finishing is applied to provide a soft surface. Salud Style’s wool yarn manufacturer is in the top 10 in China, and all of our wool yarns are pure as well as superior in quality. We employ minimum processing without harsh chemicals to preserve the quality of the yarn.

What's New of Salud Style?

We continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the yarn industry and the textile industry, so that our products can be competitive at all times.

1680D Nylon Yarn
Textile Knowledge

1680D Nylon Yarn

Our 1680D nylon 6 FDY yarn provides excellent durability plus abrasion resistance for industrial textile applications. This continuous filament yarn has a high denier that lends greater strength over other options.

Polyester Brushed Yarn
Textile Knowledge

Polyester Brushed Yarn

Polyester Brushed Yarn constitutes strands composed entirely of polyester fibers, possessing a brushed finish for enhanced softness or fuzziness.

RayonYarn (Cooling Yarn)
Textile Knowledge

Rayon Yarn (Cooling Yarn)

Rayon yarn is a regenerated cellulose fiber made using purified cellulose derived from plant materials. Through a chemical spinning process, the raw material is transformed into a continuous filament that lends rayon its signature smoothness, softness, shine and excellent breathability.

Superfine Flax Yarn

Superfine Flax Yarn

Our superfine 81viscose 19nylon yarn provides a luxuriously soft handfeel. Spun using advanced technology, this 40S/1 multifilament yarn mimics the smoothness of natural fibers yet with superior durability.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have further questions about our service or textile yarn product, please don’t hesitate to contact our yarn experts.

For yarn products, usually, the MOQ is 1000kg~3000kg per color, if you need 500kg~800kg per color is also available.

We pack 12 cones of yarn per package as standard, and it’s about 1.3 kg per cone and about 24 kg net weight per package.

  • Sure thing, the color card is free, but you need to pay the yarn sample fee.
  • You can get the yarn sample without a cost, provided you need a small quantity of sample.

It depends on the destination country, if the yarn sample is about 1kg, the normal shipping fee is 60~100 US dollars.

Yes. You can pay the shipping cost first, when you place a large order, we will return the sample shipping cost to you, which is equivalent to free shipping.

1~2 days after receiving the sample fee and shipping fee.

Depending on the destination country, normally it’s 5-7 days to arrive.

  • It’s confirmed according to the total quantity and the quantity of each color.
  • Normally it takes 20~25 days after receiving the deposit and finishing confirming the color.

It depends on the destination country, it normally takes 25~40 days to reach the designated port.

  • Our QC will inspect the yarn with the humidity testing instrument.
  • We will reserve a certain weight when packing to prevent weight difference when arriving at the destination port.
  • We proceed double the time for the de-drying process than the other yarn factory.
  • T/T: 30%T/70%T (pay the balance before shipment).
  • L/C: 30%T/70%T (pay the balance with the copy of the bill of lading).

Yes, but that will increase your transportation cost and packaging cost, and a 40 HQ cabinet can only hold 16 tons (22~24 tons in bags).

Yes, but it is best to choose the color on our color card. If you want to choose other colors, in order to ensure the same color, please try to choose the Pantone color card number.

Yes, we can cooperate with you in any way you need us to take pictures, but please point it out before starting packing.

Of course, we can print the inner (the inner wall of the yarn cone) and outer labels for you according to your requirements, and send them to you for confirmation.

Yes. We can take detailed photos of the cabinets and send them to you according to your requirements when shipping.

Generally the weight of per cone yarn is 1.2kg~1.5kg, depending on the yarn type. Of course, we can also determine the weight of the single cone yarn according to your requirements.

We package 12~15 cones of yarn in a sack.

  • For normal yarn products like viscose core spun yarn, it’s 24~25 tons. 
  • For bulk yarn products like acrylic core spun yarn, it’s 16~17 tons.

In case of quality problems, we will give priority to replenishment and try our best to reduce the loss of our customers.

Semi-transparent, you can easily check the yarn color inside the sack.

Yes, you can. The package can be neutral (without a logo) or be added a logo of your brand.

No matter how many colors are available, as long as each color reaches the MOQ, as we are a yarn factory with our own dyeing department.

Yes. We will give you the draft bill of lading after the loading and before the balance payment.

In addition to color samples and samples for testing, we will also send a sample for your confirmation before mass production.

Salud Style is one of the leading and reliable textile yarn companies in China. Our yarns are available for wholesale at a reasonable price. So, get in touch with us if you are seeking a reputed yarn manufacturer in China.

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