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Salud Style is a yarn manufacturer and supplier. Here, you can easily get a custom solution for your textile production plan. We are committed to building the Wal-Mart of yarn manufacturing industry. On the premise of ensuring product quality, we provide customers with one-stop yarn procurement service. Our product range covers almost all kinds of yarns from light industry to heavy industry.

We have an experienced R&D team that can develop special yarns and yarns for special purposes for customers. We also have two dyeing factories, so we can avoid the problem of excessive yarn color differences in multiple purchases. These make us have obvious advantages to become customers’ long-term yarn partners.


At Salud Style, we have a stable R&D team, strong production strength, and even our sales team are yarn experts. Our core philosophy is to provide customers with high-quality yarn products and excellent services to achieve a win-win, long-term and stable cooperation.

Our factories are located in coastal cities – Dongguan and Suzhou, where sea and land transportation are very convenient to support our global supply. We have set up a professional foreign trade department, which can handle export business skillfully and quickly.


Since its inception, Salud Style has been committed to creating differentiated products and constantly innovating, promoting industrial upgrading and reforms in the textile field. It currently enjoys a high reputation in the industry and has attracted the attention of many internationally renowned fiber suppliers. work together.

The stretch yarn produced by Salud Style has been widely used in the fabric of well-known high-end brand clothing. In addition, we have also begun to use polyester with environmental protection concepts to produce blended yarns with other fibers, and do our part to protect the earth’s environment.

Salud Style adheres to market-oriented, vigorously promotes technological innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation, and actively develops new varieties with high production technology content, high added value, and low resource consumption. It has formed high-count, high-density high-end clothing yarns, The new pattern of stranded high-end tooling yarns, new fibers and functional fiber yarns has embarked on the road of high-quality, high-grade, and high-end development, and has won wide acclaim from customers at home and abroad.

Salud Style is the
Yarn Factory Alliance in China

Salud Style is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality yarn, our products are widely used in various fields from light industry to heavy industry, from the aerospace field to the civil textile field. A complete yarn product supply chain, strong product research and development capabilities and production capabilities enable us to become the best choice for yarn suppliers to our global customers.

We have strong partnerships with China-leading yarn factories (Salud Yarn, Kingwin Yarn, Maolin Yarn etc.) of various kinds of yarn. At present, we supply a wide range of yarn products, such as nylon yarn, polyester yarn, core-spun yarn, blended yarn, viscose yarn, imitated mink yarn and special yarn.

Salud Yarn is the leading nylon yarn and polyester yarn manufacturer in China. The yarn factory was established in Huizhou China in 2006, with advanced yarn manufacturing equipment, yarn testing device and R&D department. In 2008, we added a new factory and started producing core spun yarn also. In 2010, we established an overseas sales department in Dongguan China. Now in 2021, as the company continues to develop and grow, our output of synthetic yarn(nylon yarn & polyester yarn) reaches 1,000 tons/month, having strong cooperation with 100+ customers in the textile industry from 30+ countries every single year.

Kingwin was born in Dongguan, China at the forefront of reform in July 2005, and was committed to yarn supply in the international market at the beginning of its establishment.

Kingwin takes yarn b2b business as the core, as a nylon yarn supplier, viscose yarn supplier, and core-spun yarn supplier, we connect customers and enterprises in an online form, from transaction guarantee, quality supervision, evaluation feedback, etc. From a perspective, to provide customers with services.

Maolin Yarn is a leading Imitation Mink Yarn and Blended Yarn manufacturer in China. Our yarn factory was established in Jiangsu, China in 2005, with advanced yarn manufacturing equipment, yarn testing equipment and R&D department. We have many years of experience in Blended Yarns and Imitation Mink Yarn. We can provide you with high quality products, reasonable prices , perfect and fast service. We are familiar with international trade operations and can smoothly connect with international business. After years of accumulation, the company has continued to grow, and our monthly output has reached 1,000 tons. We have established a solid cooperative relationship with customers in the textile industry in more than 20 countries every year.


Zhengda Yarn covers a total area of more than 126,839 square meters, has a standardized factory building of more than 130,000 square meters, and has a total of more than 1,200 employees. The company’s spinning equipment includes: Japanese Murata brand vortex spinning machines 861 and 870, and a complete set of Qingganglian made by German Tritzler, TC-5 carding machine, TD-8 auto-leveling drawing and drawing There are nearly a hundred machines; textile equipment includes: 416 sets of world-leading TOYOTA JA-710 air-jet looms, Belgium Picanol OPTIMAX-8-R rapier and 408 air-jet looms, all equipped with Staubli Electronic dobby, four-color weft selection, automatic color selection, winding and warp let-off. At the same time, the company is also equipped with Belgian ATLAS air compressor, German Zuke sizing machine, high-end batch warping machine, two-for-one twister, winder, silk winder, silk twister, computerized cloth inspection machine, etc. Machines.


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