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Introduction of Yarn Factory Alliance

In recent years, the overseas layout of Chinese textile and yarn enterprises has already begun to scale, and the “going out” trip of China’s textile industry has become more and more smooth. In such a environment, the yarn factory alliance established by Salud Style assumed its heavy responsibility, leading Chinese yarn enterprises to rush into the international textile market.

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Yarn Factory Alliance Established

On 2018-05-12, Salud Industry (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., together with five yarn companies, officially announced the establishment of the Salud Style Yarn Factory Alliance in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The members of the Salud Style Yarn Factory Alliance are all domestic leading yarn companies, and the products cover nylon yarn, core spun yarn, blended yarn, wool yarn, covered yarn, feather yarn and other common yarns in the textile industry.

Advantages of Yarn Factory Alliance

The yarn factory alliance aims to integrate domestic outstanding yarn manufacturers, so that the demand of international textile enterprises for yarn can be matched with the huge domestic yarn production capacity, so as to promote the healthy and sustainable development of yarn enterprises. Through a strong supply chain, high-quality and high-yield Chinese yarns can be supplied to the world’s textile enterprises.

As an international supply chain platform for yarn companies, Salud Style Yarn Factory Alliance has the authority to manage the production plans and scientific research investment of its member companies, and can organically and closely integrate all aspects of the yarn industry. Under the strict quality control management of Salud Style, from raw materials to dyeing to finished products, a unified high standard has been achieved, and the quality of its final yarn products has been highly recognized by EU textile enterprises.

The Development History of Yarn Factory Alliance

Since its inception, Salud Style Yarn Factory Alliance has been committed to creating differentiated products and constantly innovating, promoting industrial upgrading and reforms in the textile field. It currently enjoys a high reputation in the industry and has attracted the attention of many internationally renowned fiber suppliers.

As of 2022-04-21, the Salud Style Yarn Factory Alliance has 30 members. In this regard, Qingyun Lan, General Manager of Salud Style, said that so many members of the alliance have come together to unite and develop together. The entire yarn factory alliance is a community of destiny for textile internationalization, a joint fleet that goes out to sea together.

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Salud Style’s nylon yarn factory signed an agreement with four nylon yarn manufacturers in Guangdong Province to establish the Salud Style Factory Alliance. At the beginning of the alliance, the product was only nylon yarn.

Core Spun Yarn Factory


Salud Style went to Zhejiang Province and Jiangxi Province to establish alliances with 3 leading core-spun yarn manufacturers, and included core-spun yarns into the product supply of the yarn factory alliance in the list.

yarn dyeing factory


Salud Style established a strategic partnership with 3 yarn dyeing factories in Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces. These three factories all use imported environmentally friendly dyes, and colleagues who ensure the dyeing quality of the yarns help the cause of environmental protection.

Feather Yarn Factory


Salud Style established cooperation with 2 feather yarn factories in Zhejiang Province and began to supply feather yarns that are in great demand overseas.

feather yarn factory


A delegation of Chinese yarn entrepreneurs visited Morocco and Tunisia, and cooperated with local industry associations to promote business connections between Chinese yarn enterprises and local advantageous enterprises, and explore cooperation models.

covered yarn factory


Salud Style established cooperation with 2 covered yarn manufacturers in Guangdong Province and started to supply single covered yarn and double covered yarn.

covered yarn factory 4


Salud Style brought 5 Chinese high-quality yarn brands and trading companies to the Italian high-end clothing brand and manufacturing center – Vicenza, to explore the connotation of a strong textile and clothing country.

core spun yarn manufacturer


Under the organization of Salud Style, a delegation of Chinese yarn entrepreneurs visited Myanmar and Vietnam successively to conduct in-depth and detailed research on the current situation and investment environment of the textile and garment industries in the two countries. I learned about the development of local Chinese-funded enterprises, and also inspected the Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Myanmar, Singapore Industrial Park and Fudong Industrial Park in Vietnam, and explored the way for Chinese textile enterprises to develop in Myanmar and Vietnam in the future.

core spun yarn drawing process


Salud Style established cooperation with 5 blended yarn factories in Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces and started the blended yarn business.

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Due to the huge demand for core spun yarn overseas, the output of the Salud Style Yarn Factory Alliance could not meet the market demand. Therefore, Salud Style has cooperated with 3 core spun yarn factories in Jiangsu and Henan provinces to expand the production of core spun yarn.

Salud Style core spun yarn dyeing factory


Salud Style cooperated with a super-large yarn dyeing factory in Guangdong Province to meet the increasing dyeing demand.

Salud Style Headquaters


Salud Style cooperated with the local yarn development and R&D center to formulate strict quality standards for the yarn factory alliance to better ensure the quality of yarn products.

wool yarn factory


Salud Style cooperated with 3 wool yarn factories in Hebei to start supplying high quality wool yarn.

wool yarn factory


Salud Style cooperates with 2 wool yarn manufacturers in Qinghai Province to expand the supply of wool yarn.

core spun yarn winding process


In order to solve the problem of overcapacity of domestic core-spun yarn, Salud Style established cooperation with four core-spun yarn factories in Guangdong Province to meet overseas core-spun yarn demand for enterprises.

polyester yarn POY to DTY


We signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 3 polyester yarn factories to start supplying polyester yarn products, including recycled polyester yarn.

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