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Below are the frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have further questions about our service or textile yarn product, please don’t hesitate to contact our yarn experts.

For yarn products, usually, the MOQ is 1000kg~3000kg per color, if you need 500kg~800kg per color is also available.

We pack 12 cones of yarn per package as standard, and it’s about 1.3 kg per cone and about 24 kg net weight per package.

Sure thing, the color card is free, but you need to pay the yarn sample fee.
You can get the yarn sample without a cost, provided you need a small quantity of sample.

It depends on the destination country, if the yarn sample is about 1kg, the normal shipping fee is 60~100 US dollars.

Yes. You can pay the shipping cost first, when you place a large order, we will return the sample shipping cost to you, which is equivalent to free shipping.

1~2 days after receiving the sample fee and shipping fee.

Depending on the destination country, normally it takes 5-7 days to arrive.


It’s confirmed according to the total quantity and the quantity of each color.
Normally it takes 20~25 days after receiving the deposit and finishing confirming the color.

It depends on the destination country, it normally takes 25~40 days to reach the designated port.

Our QC will inspect the yarn with the humidity testing instrument.
We will reserve a certain weight when packing to prevent weight difference when arriving at the destination port.
We proceed double the time for the de-drying process than the other yarn factory.

  • T/T: 30%T/70%T (pay the balance before shipment).
  • L/C: 30%T/70%T (pay the balance with a copy of the bill of lading).

Yes, but that will increase your transportation cost and packaging costs, and a 40 HQ cabinet can only hold 16 tons (22~24 tons in bags).

Yes, but it is best to choose the color on our color card. If you want to choose other colors, in order to ensure the same color, please try to choose the Pantone color card number.

Yes, we can cooperate with you in any way you need us to take pictures, but please point it out before starting packing.

Of course, we can print the inner (the inner wall of the yarn cone) and outer labels for you according to your requirements, and send them to you for confirmation.

Yes. We can take detailed photos of the cabinets and send them to you according to your requirements when shipping.

Generally, the weight per cone yarn is 1.2 kg~1.5 kg, depending on the yarn type. Of course, we can also determine the weight of the single cone yarn according to your requirements.

We package 12~15 cones of yarn in a sack.

15~20 days.

  • For normal yarn products like viscose core spun yarn, it’s 24~25 tons.
  • For bulk yarn products like acrylic core spun yarn, it’s 16~17 tons.

In case of quality problems, we will give priority to replenishment and try our best to reduce the loss of our customers.

Semi-transparent, you can easily check the yarn color inside the sack.

Yes, you can. The package can be neutral (without a logo) or add a logo of your brand.

No matter how many colors are available, as long as each color reaches the MOQ, as we are a yarn factory with our own dyeing department.

Yes, we can.

Yes. We will give you the draft bill of lading after the loading and before the balance payment.

In addition to color samples and samples for testing, we will also send a sample for your confirmation before mass production.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

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