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High quality core spun yarn requires that the manufacturer strictly follows color accuracy, moisture content and color fastness as key indicators of yarn quality.

The density of acrylic fiber is smaller than that of wool, and the fabric has good thermal insulation properties, making it suitable for thermal underwear. The blended yarns and fabrics contained, the advantages of various fibers complement each other, and various functions can be exerted.

Today we briefly discuss the characteristics and uses of the three yarns of viscose, polyester and nylon.

While China’s recycled polyester yarn industry is developing rapidly, there are also problems. Among them, the problem of overcapacity is particularly serious.

Recycled Polyester Yarn, also known as rPet yarn, is a type of polyester yarn manufactured by recycling plastic bottles.

China is known for its many textile yarn manufacturers. In this post, we introduce you to ten famous textile yarn manufacturers in China.

As a polyester yarn manufacturer, we want to show you how polyester yarn is made. The production of polyester yarn can be roughly divided into two steps: melt spinning and post-processing.

Yarn supplier management has always been an important issue in the procurement of textile enterprises. This paper discusses in detail the principles and steps of selecting yarn suppliers, and the process and standards for selecting yarn suppliers.

Spandex is the earliest developed and most widely used elastic fiber with the most mature production technology. But for some consumers in the market,Lycra is much better known than spandex, and many in the industry only know Lycra, not spandex.

Yarn is a continuous linear object made of various textile fibers. It is thin and soft, and has the basic properties needed for textile processing and final product.

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