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Based on this need of yours to meet up and from our experience, we have curated a list of the 10 best core spun yarn manufacturers in 2023.

10 Best Core Spun Yarn Manufacturers in 2023: An All-Inclusive Guide

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Not all type of yarn requires a wrap-up of a core material in another material. Core spun yarn requires so. Hence, choosing a reliable Core spun yarn manufacturer certainly provides the suitable materials that everyone looks for in textile production. Based on this need of yours to meet up and from our experience, we have curated a list of the 10 best core spun yarn manufacturers in 2023.

10 Best Core Spun Yarn Manufacturers in 2023

Here are the 10 Best Core Spun Yarn Manufacturers on which we depend on developing various types. Usually, the production process has a combination of different yarn types as the product can stimulate the performance of a certain fiber.

Salud Style

Salud Style is the leading core spun yarn manufacturer with more than 16 years of development experience. They have accumulated the experience and capacity for the production and development of core spun yarn specifications as per the customer’s production needs. Their performance in developing filament core yarn and outer short fiber has reigned throughout the years.

Salud Style core spun yarn dyeing factory
Salud Style core spun yarn dyeing factory

In our opinion, Salud Style also provides custom solutions in a few service areas. For instance, services are:

● R & D: Research and Development

● ODM: Original Design Manufacturer (When the company can design or develop products themselves)

● OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer (When the company provides goods or skilled manpower to market)

The achievements Salud Style has received over the years are acknowledged with below certificates:

● OEKO-TEX Standard 100

● ISO 9001: 2005,

● The Standard of Global Recycle

● Alibaba Verified.

Also, the partnership that lies between the company and the local government has led to the establishment of a research center solely for the textile research center in the yarn industry.

Salud Style Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
Salud Style Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:


Address: Kaijun Building, No.19 Juxiang 3rd Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, China

Core spun yarn is a new type of yarn made from two or more kinds of fibers. In recent years, it’s more and more used in the textile industry as a substitute for expensive natural fiber like wool yarn. More and more brands are also gradually accepting the core spun yarn, using it to manufacture clothes.

As a core spun yarn manufacturer, we independently develop and produce various types of it, such as high-twist core-spun yarns and rabbit hair core-spun yarns. The production process combines the characteristics of various yarns, and the product can simulate or even exceed the performance of a certain fiber, with great advantage at price. In 10+ years of development, we have accumulated a lot of production experience and can recommend or develop appropriate core-spun yarn specifications according to customers’ production needs.

Core-spun yarn is widely used in the knitwear manufacturing industry.

  • Excellent performance of filament core yarn
  • Excellent performance of outer short fiber
  • Sweaters
  • Socks
  • Sheet
  • Sofa cover
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Hats
MOQ: 1,000 kg
Inventory Status:

Vardhman Textiles Limited

One of the core spun yarn manufacturers from India is none other than Vardhman Textiles Limited. Established in 1962, Vardhman has become one of the successful companies that has the capability of an extensive product range, maintaining superior quality, warmth, and durability.

Their success stories lie in their pursuit of excellence. Throughout the years, the company has remained committed enough to raise the benchmark of expectation for the production of yarn. As per the annual remarks, Vardhman produces around 2,40,000 metric tons of yarns, whereas 220 million meters are of woven fabric.

Behind their excellent achievement, there is the practice of innovative and improvement culture. Also, the company is committed to sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on society. For their sustainability, they use a framework named PRO: Proactively Responsible Organization. Moreover, the company is more popular for being the vertically integrated textile manufacturer where the company has already taken ownership of the supply chain’s key stages.

Vardhman Textiles Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
Vardhman Textiles Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:


Address: All locations here.

Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd

Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd is another Indian core spun yarn manufacturer that has the experience in production of Spandex. They have production capacity as per the customer specification of blends with cotton and other fibers. BCI and organic are their certified cotton yarn.

Their raw materials can be used for denim, shirting, and bottom weights in the weaving process. Although they started nylon yarn manufacturing, their specialty lies in manufacturing cotton yarn. Being equipped with a team of skilled experts and the latest spinning technology, Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd is quite advanced in producing quality yarn.

The company is the MS Agarwal conglomerate enterprise that has the vision of being the supplier of high-quality end yarn. Although they are more specialized in manufacturing cotton yarn, their status is also high in manufacturing cotton spun yarn. The company is well-equipped with the latest spinning technology that acknowledges their effort to bring them the recognition of ‘Export House’ from the Indian Government.

3.Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:


Address: 5-4-83, 2nd Floor, TSK Chambers Opp. Ranigunj Bus Depot, MG Road Secunderabad 500003

Filatex India Limited

It is indeed evident that India is quite ahead in manufacturing core spun yarn. Filatex India Limited is another example. They started as the producer and distributor of synthetic yarns. Per annum, they used to produce around 500 tons of monofilament yarns. Their capacity to manufacture multifilament yarn started to increase every other year as they transferred their expertise to Polyester manufacturing in all colors and shades.

The company is more engaged in manufacturing the multifilament yarn of polyester. Their products have shifted to Melt to yarn, from chips to yarn. Besides, their customers come from a network of dealers spreading throughout India.

Filatex India Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
Filatex India Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:


Address: 43, Community Centre, New Friends Colony,

New Delhi, 110025

Abtex International Limited

Abtex International Limited is a Pakistani Core Spun Yarn manufacturer with a specialization in trading and sources. The trading and sources are of various products in terms of cotton yarn, melange yarn, poly cotton yarn, and dyed yarn. With the focus and aim of providing value-added products to the customer needs, they have established a customer base. Their customers are from all around the world, starting from China to the UAE. This is all of their achievement gained in their commitment to customer satisfaction and regular orders.

Most of their products are yarn: melange yarn, fancy yarn

Fabric: Knitted Fabric, Home textile made-up, garments, and many more.

Due to their diversified product range, customers get a one-stop solution in one place for their textile needs. Covering conventional commodity yarn with fancy and modern yarn, in addition, to natural cotton yarn the polyester cotton yarn, they contribute to sustainable textile.

Abtex International Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
Abtex International Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:


Address: Abtex Intl Ltd, unit # 4, Latifabad, Hyderabad, Pakistan

Indorama India Private Limited (INVIYA)

Inviya is well-recognized as the leading manufacturer of bare spandex from the Indian subcontinent. Core spun yarn manufacturing is one of their skilled areas. Also, they have exceptional stretch and the properties of recovery. In the spinning process, they come up with a cover of staple fibers that results in making highly stretchable yarn quality.

They are well-suited with a variety of attachments available in the market with modern features and auto-stop motion senses. Inviya is one of the suppliers offering top-quality polyester-covered spandex yarn with its exquisite properties. Behind the success, the company has strong technical capabilities, an in-house polymer R & D facility, and the development sector of diaper-grade. Inviya is more accepted as the manufacturer of yarn and fabric as they provide dependable sources of raw materials yarn.

INVIYA Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
INVIYA Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:



Tower B – 2nd floor, DLF IT Park, Phase – 1, Chandigarh, 160101

Tel: +91 172 491 9400

Sambandam Spinning Mills Limited

Sambandam Spinning Mills Limited is another core spun yarn manufacturer from South India where the expertise lies in their manufacturing of yarns. With the capacity to produce 2000 spindles take the company here to deliver 2,00,000 spindles. Till today, the company has been operating five-fledged spinning mill units. More than 50 percent of their products are exported to Eastern European Countries.

The company has expertise in the following areas: From Fiber to Fashion, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Yarns, Legacy in Quality, and Tailor-made Solutions

Apart from core spun yarn products, they invest their expertise in other categories as well. For Instance:

● 100% Cotton

● Sustainable Yarn

● Cellulosic  Yarn

● Melange

● R-Elan

Sambandam Spinning Mills Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
Sambandam Spinning Mills Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:


Address: Kamaraj Nagar Colony, SALEM – 636 014, TamilNadu, INDIA

Winsome Textile Industries Limited

A core-spun yarn factory named Winsome Textile Industries Limited is based in Kolkata, India. To maintain its competitiveness, Winsome has invested in the generation of hydropower. A dynamic team of professionals has led Winsome in leading the production of the special yarns that are popular in the world.

The spinning capacity of Winsome Textile Industries Limited is around 1,06,000 spindles. The benefit is they provide shade cards for almost all produced yarns. Recently, their new product launched named Chill Yarn. With no compromise on the quality, the company requires QC equipment and lab facilities. The exciting part of ABY is the use of renewable raw materials for total usage.

Winsome Textile Industries Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
Winsome Textile Industries Limited Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:


Address: SCO 191-192, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh 160022, India

ABY: Aditya Birla Yarn

ABY or Aditya Birla Yarn, a core spun yarn factory, is from India and has been listed among the Fortune 500. With the rich heritage of cotton trade operations, ABY has built the foundation for the Birla Group of Companies.

The interesting fact in ABY that is missing in other core spun yarn manufacturers, is their motive to contribute to biodiversity enhancement. Each of the manufacturing units works to minimize the negative effects on their environmental footprints.

The written IMS-Integrated management system has ensured their operations comply with the laws and regulations of the environment. All these efforts and planning on running companies, bring them certifications in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), OHSAS, SGS, and OEKO-TEX.

ABY Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
ABY Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:

Website:, and the Link to Core Spun Yarn is here:

Address: Menara Batavia, 16th Floor, Jl. K.H Mas Mansyur Kav. 126, Jakarta 10220, Indonesia

The Simtex Industries Limited (SIL)

The Simtex Industries Limited is one of the largest national industrial sewing thread manufacturers in Bangladesh. The company has been playing a major role in the textile crafts market. Their supplies have already reached over 400 companies nationwide. Their ambition is to fulfill market needs using efficient manufacturing processes and providing customers the premium services.

Their core spun product is named Poly Poly Core Spun (PPC). During the spinning, threads are well-made by wrapping the staple polyester wrapper, around the continuous filament bundle of polyester fibers. There are multiple benefits of this poly poly core spun. For instance: high strength, high tenacity polyester filament, a good nature of thermal resistance, no risk of untangling melts of threads on high-speed machines, and a very high resistance level of sewing abrasion. Also, the applications of core spun yarn are many: Buttonhole stitching, ultra-thin overlock, and blind stitch sewing, jeans, blazer making. Also, they are applicable in making of fine blouses susceptible to seam puckering. Meanwhile, denim products will have an stone-washed and sand-blasted effect using this poly poly core spun yarn.

The Simtex Industries Limited (SIL) Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer
The Simtex Industries Limited (SIL) Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer

Contact Information:


Address: Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh


How to Define Core Spun Yarn?

Core spun yarn, is a yarn type where the first base yarn requires another yarn wrap. Here, the former yarns are a central filament core that is twisted with staple fibers. The first base yarn is usually based on a synthetic and natural fiber, meanwhile, another yarn that wraps has to be cotton or wool. Based on the features, core spun yarns are stretchy, robust, and exceptionally durable.

How Important is it to choose a reliable core spun yarn manufacturer?

Choosing a core spun yarn manufacturer means the company will ensure the quality and consistency of the products based on the expertise and experience gathered over decades. To produce core spun yarn of high quality or yarn that meets specific needs, these features have to be there within manufacturers:

● Equipment and Facilities

● Consistency with high quality.

● The Quality and Durability.

● Production capacity and Technical Expertise

The importance lies in ensuring the best refined and superior core spun yarn manufacturing so that the manufacturer has a large production scale with better cost advantages.


Professional core spun yarn manufacturer usually has strong competitiveness within themselves. Production has the basis on flat, circular knitting machines, sweaters, and denim fabrics. The given 10 best core spun yarn manufacturers are mostly Indian Companies. No matter where the location is, the company has to come up with improved spinning equipment with the preparation process optimization and the strive of becoming a trusted core spun supplier.

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