100D Nylon Yarn

Our 100D continuous filament nylon yarn offers exceptional durability yet with high elasticity for shape retention in performance fabrics.

100D Nylon Yarn

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    Introduction to 100D Nylon 6 DTY Yarn

    The 100D nylon 6 DTY yarn is a polyamide drawn textured yarn with a fineness of 100 denier. Unlike other variants like nylon 66, it is synthesized from caprolactam instead of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid. With excellent durability, elasticity, and abrasion resistance, 100D nylon 6 DTY is ideal for knitted fabrics and clothing like activewear, sportswear, socks, and leggings requiring stretch and recovery. Compared to other yarn types like FDY and POY, DTY offers bulkiness, moisture wicking, insulation, and versatility. We provide 100D nylon 6 DTY in a wide range of colors for manufacturers requiring quality yarns.

    POY to DTY Process
    POY to DTY Process
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    100% Nylon 6 DTY Yarn

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    Nylon Yarn


    • High tensile strength
    • high flexibility
    • luster
    • high toughness
    • resistant to abrasion
    • resistant to acids and alkalis
    • resistant to wrinkles


    • sportswear
    • gym wear
    • organza fabric
    • chiffon
    • Sherpa fabric

    Applications of 100D Nylon Yarn in Textiles

    From athletic apparel to fashion wear, 100D nylon yarn has become ubiquitous in the textile industry. Its elasticity and strength make it well-suited for items like sports bras, swimwear, athletic leggings, soccer socks, and compression gear where stretch and recovery are paramount. Technical outerwear and hiking apparel also utilize 100D nylon for its abrasion resistance. Beyond activewear, 100D nylon is also used in regular apparel like dresses, blouses, and trousers to add stretch and structure. Other textile applications include carpet backing, ropes, nets, and industrial fabrics. Our 100D nylon yarn can be customized for knitters and weavers seeking specific properties.

    nylon yarn applications in bag
    nylon yarn applications in bag

    Advantages of 100D Nylon 6 DTY Yarn Over Other Variants

    Compared to other variants like 70D Nylon 6 DTY or 150D, the 100D nylon 6 DTY offers an optimal balance of fineness and strength. It provides stretch, durability and insulation without being overly bulky or heavy. The 100D balances cost-effectiveness and performance, making it suitable for a wide range of end uses. Unlike nylon 66 yarn, nylon 6 yarn offers superior elasticity, dyeability and abrasion resistance. And compared to other yarn types like nylon FDY or POY, the textured DTY structure provides bulk, moisture wicking and insulation. For manufacturers seeking quality yarns with versatility, our 100D nylon 6 DTY is an excellent option.


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    Properties and Specifications of 100D Nylon Yarn

    Our 100D nylon 6 DTY yarn offers many desirable properties for textile applications. It has high tenacity and excellent elastic recovery power. The yarn is lightweight yet strong with good resistance to abrasion. It has a soft hand feel and good moisture absorption. 100D nylon is chemically resistant and shows durable performance over time. Our yarn meets quality specifications including a linear density of 100 denier, tensile strength over 4.5 g/d, elongation at break of 15-35%, and shrinkage less than 3%. We perform rigorous testing and quality control to ensure consistency. Custom options like texturing, twist levels, colors and more are available.

    100D nylon 6 DTY yarn properties
    TenacityHigh tenacity, over 4.5 g/d
    Elastic RecoveryExcellent elastic recovery power
    Abrasion ResistanceGood abrasion resistance
    Hand FeelSoft hand feel
    Moisture AbsorptionGood moisture absorption
    Chemical ResistanceChemically resistant
    DurabilityDurable performance over time
    Linear Density100 denier
    Elongation at Break15-35%
    ShrinkageLess than 3%
    TestingRigorous testing and QC performed
    Custom OptionsTexturing, twist levels, colors etc. available

    100D Nylon Yarn for Sportswear and Athletic Apparel

    With its durability, stretch and moisture wicking abilities, 100D nylon yarn is ideal for activewear and sports apparel. It is commonly used in jerseys, athletic socks, compression tights, swimwear, and other garments where both performance and comfort are important. The abrasion resistance prevents pilling or damage during high activity. The elasticity provides freedom of movement while maintaining shape retention. And the quick-drying properties keep athletes comfortable. Our 100D nylon yarn can be customized for color, texture, and performance needs. For manufacturers seeking a reliable yarn for activewear, our 100D nylon is an excellent choice.

    100D nylon yarn for sportwear
    100D nylon yarn for sportswear

    Sourcing and Purchasing 100D Nylon Yarn in Bulk

    For textile businesses seeking bulk quantities of 100D nylon at competitive prices, we offer customized sourcing and purchasing solutions. With long-standing supply relationships worldwide, we can provide access to 100D nylon 6 DTY inventory in a range of colors and specifications. We accommodate small test orders up to full container loads. Our purchasing specialists negotiate pricing and terms to meet business needs. We handle logistics, quality control and delivery with ease. With decades of experience, we understand the needs of manufacturers and deliver reliable wholesale yarn solutions. Contact us to discuss your 100D nylon requirements and get a fast quote.

    Testing and Quality Control for 100D Nylon Yarn

    To ensure our 100D nylon yarn meets the highest standards, we perform rigorous testing and quality control. Parameters like count, tenacity, shrinkage, elongation, nodes, and more are evaluated for each batch. We test yarn evenness and absence of defects. Dye lots are controlled for color consistency. Samples are knitted or woven to assess stitch definition, hand feel, and other fabric properties. Our on-site lab uses advanced equipment to verify yarn quality and performance before shipment. We provide test reports and certifications as needed. With stringent protocols and experienced technicians, we guarantee our 100D nylon yarn will meet specifications for trouble-free textile manufacturing.

    Salud Style Dyeing Laboratory
    Salud Style Dyeing Laboratory

    Comparing 100D Nylon 6 DTY with 70D and 150D Variants

    While 70D nylon yarn is finer and more lightweight, the 100D offers better durability and abrasion resistance. The 100D has better elasticity than the coarser 150D variant. For high stretch fabrics, the 100D balances strength and flexibility. In terms of cost, 100D nylon is more affordable than 70D but more expensive than 150D. For versatility across a range of textile applications, the 100D nylon 6 DTY offers the best combination of price, performance and properties. Our sales team can advise on selecting the right denier for your specific manufacturing needs. With access to various counts, we help manufacturers optimize yarn selection.

    Care and Maintenance Recommendations for Fabrics Using 100D Nylon

    For fabrics knitted or woven from our 100D nylon yarn, we recommend gentle machine washing in cold water and tumble drying on low heat. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners which can damage the fibers. While nylon is durable, abrasion should be minimized to prevent pilling. For items prone to static cling like athletic wear, use liquid fabric softener sparingly. Fabric lifespan can be extended by folding versus hanging to reduce stress. Iron on medium heat if needed but avoid direct contact with trims or embellishments. Following these care instructions will help maintain the integrity and appearance of 100D nylon fabrics.

    The Difference Between 100D Nylon 6 DTY, FDY, and POY Yarns

    While all are forms of nylon 6 filament, DTY, FDY and POY have distinct production methods and properties. POY is untreated, offering no stretch. FDY is stronger with some sheen, good for woven fabrics. DTY is textured for bulk, stretch and insulation ideal for knits. POY and FDY have no crimp while DTY is highly crimped. Our 100D nylon 6 DTY provides optimal stretch, bulk and moisture wicking compared to POY and FDY. With knowledge of these key differences, manufacturers can select the right yarn type for their specific textile needs. Our team can advise you on the performance and applications for each yarn.

    You can learn more about POY, DTY, and FDY in this article: POY, DTY and FDY of Polyester Yarn. Although it's about polyester yarn, it's the same principle with nylon yarn.

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