70D nylon yarn

The properties of 70D Nylon Yarn make it a resilient and flexible product for numerous textile products.

70D Nylon Yarn

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    Nylon (or polyamide), a resilient and versatile material, has been widely used in the textile industry for several decades. One of its most sought-after variants, the 70D nylon yarn (or 70 Denier nylon DTY), has become a staple in textile manufacturing, lauded for the unique and exceptional properties that render it ideal for producing an array of textile products, including clothing, accessories, and industrial fabrics.

    70D nylon yarn
    70D nylon yarn

    100% Nylon 6 DTY Yarn

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    Nylon Yarn


    • High tensile strength
    • high flexibility
    • luster
    • high toughness
    • resistant to abrasion
    • resistant to acids and alkalis
    • resistant to wrinkles


    • sportswear
    • gym wear
    • organza fabric
    • chiffon
    • Sherpa fabric

    Introduction to 70D Nylon 6 DTY Yarn

    The 70 denier nylon 6 DTY yarn offers exceptional durability and elasticity ideal for knitted fabrics in performance apparel. Compared to nylon 66 yarn, nylon 6 yarn provides greater elongation and recoverability from stretching, making it the preferred choice for stretchable sportswear like athleisure, swimwear, and socks. The DTY (Draw Texturing Yarn) process imparts unique physical properties through drawing and heat-setting, allowing the yarn to hold its shape and texture through demanding wear and laundering. For textile manufacturers seeking a high-tenacity nylon yarn to deliver consistent quality in high-movement fabrics, our 70D nylon 6 DTY is an optimal solution.

    100% Nylon 6 Hank Dyed High Twisted DTY Yarn


    • Anti-bacteria
    • High tenacity
    • Moisture-absorbent
    • High stretch


    • Elastic tape
    • Socks
    • Glove
    • Shoes upper
    • Webbing

    Key Properties and Benefits of 70D Nylon Yarn

    The 70 denier designation of our nylon 6 DTY yarn indicates its fineness and weight, with higher denier meaning coarser/heavier yarn. The 70D strikes an optimal balance of lightness and durability for knitted fabrics. Compared to lower deniers, our 70D yarn offers greater snag resistance and abrasion resistance while maintaining a soft handfeel. Compared to higher deniers made of FDY like 840D Nylon Yarn, 1260D Nylon Yarn, and 1680D Nylon Yarn, the 70D delivers an ideal drape, conformability and movement for form-fitting performance apparel. Additional benefits include high strength and tenacity for minimal breakage in production, excellent elastic recovery for retention of shape, lustrous appearance for vibrant colors, and dye-receptive properties for specialized coloring.

    70D Nylon Yarn vs Other Deniers and Types

    While 70D nylon 6 DTY offers an optimal blend of properties for textile manufacturing, other denier sizes and nylon types may be suitable for different applications. Lower deniers like 40D have finer filaments for ultra-sheer, lightweight fabrics, while higher deniers like 100D offer maximum sturdiness for luggage and outdoor gear. Nylon 6,6 DTY provides higher thermal stability and chemical resistance compared to nylon 6, but with reduced stretch and elasticity. FDY (fully drawn yarn) has low shrinkage versus DTY, but lacks stretch potential. POY (partially oriented yarn) is more economical but must be further drawn and requires specialized winding equipment. The 70D nylon 6 DTY combines the advantages of moderate denier size, high elongational properties, and excellent uniformity at a competitive value.

    You can learn more about POY, DTY, and FDY in this article: POY, DTY and FDY of Polyester Yarn. Although it's about polyester yarn, it's the same principle with nylon yarn.

    Applications of 70D Nylon Yarn in Textiles

    The unique properties of our 70 denier nylon 6 DTY yarn make it ideally suited to the construction of high-performance stretchable fabrics for activewear and athleisure apparel. Specific uses and applications include:

    • Sportswear like jerseys, training apparel, track shorts where combination of strength, stretch and moisture management are essential.
    • Stretchable, insulating base layers and cold weather gear where lightweight, durable stretch is desired.
    • High movement yet supportive fabrics for yoga, dance, swimming where fit and recovery from extension are priorities.
    • Protective fabrics such as skin suits and leotards where a balance of abrasion resistance, breathability and elasticity is required.
    • Technical and outdoor apparel like hiking pants and jackets where the nylon offers ripstop tear resistance combined with four-way stretch capabilities.
    70d nylon yarn used in fabric manufacturing
    70d nylon yarn used in fabric manufacturing

    Sourcing High Quality 70D Nylon Yarn

    As a manufacturer of high-quality textiles, ensuring a reliable supply of uniform, defect-free 70D nylon 6 DTY yarn is essential. Factors to consider when sourcing include:

    • Supplier expertise and experience with high-tenacity nylon 6 for precision drawing, texturing and quality control.
    • Stringent testing of yarn properties like denier, tenacity, elongation, shrinkage and effect of heat setting.
    • Vendor specialization in 70D nylon 6 DTY with capability to customize properties as needed.
    • Price competitiveness, minimum order quantities and lead times appropriate for level of demand.
    • Capability to produce the 70D yarn with different luster, dye receptivity, soil resistance and other parameters.
    • Strength of supplier relationship and responsiveness to problems should quality issues arise.
    • Geographic proximity of manufacturing for logistical efficiencies and capability to visit production facilities: Our 70D nylon 6 DTY Factory.
    Nylon Yarn Factory - Salud Style
    Nylon Yarn Factory - Salud Style


    Video: Salud Style Nylon Yarn Factory

    Testing and Quality Control for 70D Nylon Yarn

    Verifying the quality and specifications of 70D nylon DTY yarn is critical prior to committing to large-scale procurement and utilizing the yarn in finished fabrics. Key performance metrics that should be tested include:

    • Denier rating - cross-section measurement under a microscope.
    • Tenacity - breaking strength indicating ability to withstand tension and strain.
    • Elongation - ability to stretch without breaking.
    • Elastic recovery - ability to revert back to original length after stretching.
    • Uniformity - measuring variances along length and between filaments.
    • Defects - microscopic evaluation of slubs, thick/thin spots etc.
    • Shrinkage - dimensional change under heat/steam treatment.
    • Dyeing properties - absorption and colorfastness.

    Reputable suppliers will have advanced equipment and procedures to measure these parameters on sample lots prior to bulk shipment. Conducting your own testing builds further confidence.

    Yarn density testing equipment
    Yarn density testing equipment

    Best Practices for Handling and Storage of 70D Nylon Yarn

    Maintaining the quality and integrity of the 70 denier nylon DTY yarn requires proper handling, storage and transportation measures:

    • Keep yarn in original packaging until ready to use to prevent tangling, dirt exposure etc.
    • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight which can degrade properties over time.
    • Control temperature and humidity - store at moderate temperature/humidity per supplier guidelines.
    • Practice first in, first out inventory management and regularly inspect stock.
    • Exercise caution when handling dyed yarn to prevent crocking and cross-staining.
    • Transport under temperature controlled, clean conditions with proper restraints.
    • Avoid storing heavy objects on top of yarn packages to prevent crushing damage.
    • Implement pest control measures if storing for extended periods.
    • Follow any specific precautions from manufacturer such as plastic bagging or dry cleaning requirements.
    • Proper care extends yarn shelf life, retains consistent quality and prevents production issues.

    Pricing and Availability of 70D Nylon Yarn

    Pricing for 70 denier nylon 6 DTY yarn primarily depends on raw material costs, order size, and any specialized properties. Indicative pricing is typically in the range of $3.50 - $5.00 per pound. Large volume purchases can attract discounts from suppliers. Minimum order quantities are complex: for raw white and hank-dyed nylon 6 DTY yarn, the MOQ is 300 kg; for dope dyed, the MOQ is 3 tons. Lead times range from 2-6 weeks from placement of a firm order to delivery. We strategically plan our production and inventory to meet customer demand - contact us for availability. For buyers seeking cut and sew suppliers to produce finished fabrics, providing adequate lead time for the 70D nylon yarn procurement is advised. We can lock in competitive advance pricing, enabling your final costing to be established reliably. Our years of experience as a manufacturer and bulk buyer of nylon 6 DTY yield economies of scale that benefit customers requiring large, steady volumes of this versatile 70 denier yarn.

    Company Capabilities for Customized 70D Nylon Yarn

    While our standard 70D nylon 6 DTY yarn offers proven quality and performance, we specialize in custom engineering yarns to meet unique requirements. Our technical expertise allows us to modify the 70 denier product through processes like:

    • Changing luster, uniformity, texture and other physical properties.
    • Optimizing affinity and receptiveness to different dyes/pigments.
    • Enhancing soil release, moisture wicking or other finishes.
    • Adjusting tenacity, elongation and elastic recovery specifications.
    • Altering shrinkage, press fastness or dimensional stability traits.
    • Improving UV, chemical and microbial resistance where needed.
    • Modifying melting point, glass transition and heat set temperatures.

    Contact our engineering team to discuss tailoring the 70D nylon 6 properties for your specific manufacturing needs and textile applications. We also have 100D Nylon Yarn in stock, which is also a product for garment manufacturing.

    FAQs and Technical Support for 70D Nylon Yarn

    We encourage customers to reach out with any questions when considering and working with our 70D nylon 6 DTY yarn:

    What needle/loom recommendations do you have for knitting the 70D yarn?

    For knitting 70D nylon, we recommend using fine gauge circular knitting machines like those with 34 or 36 gauge. Finer 15 or 16 gauge latch needles are also suitable.

    Can I request samples of the 70D nylon to trial production runs?

    Yes, we can provide 70D nylon samples to test production viability.

    Is your 70D yarn OEKO-TEX certified and RoHS compliant?

    Our 70D nylon is OEKO-TEX certified and RoHS compliant.

    What minimum order quantity is required for the 70D yarn?

    For raw white and hank-dyed nylon 6 DTY yarn, the MOQ is 300 kg; for dope dyed, the MOQ is 3 tons.

    Can you provide testing reports from an accredited lab validating your product specifications?

    We can share accredited lab testing reports validating our yarn specifications.

    Is the 70D nylon also available solution dyed? What colors can be produced?

    Solution dyed 70D nylon is available in a wide range of colors per customer needs.

    Can you customize the yarn properties like luster, moisture management or durability?

    We can customize 70D nylon properties like luster, moisture management, strength etc.

    What is the lead time for delivery after placing our initial order?

    Lead time is typically 4-6 weeks from order placement to delivery.

    Our team is ready to provide prompt, detailed answers to your inquiries. Contact us to leverage our 70D nylon expertise for your next project.

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