85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

That beloved 85/15 acrylic/polyester blended yarn, aka the 85/15 acrylic/poly mix, acrylic/poly blend, or just acrylic poly combo, pairs 85% acrylic fiber against 15% polyester fiber.

Acrylic Polyester Blended Yarn

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    That beloved 85/15 acrylic/polyester blended yarn, aka the 85/15 acrylic/poly mix, acrylic/poly blend, or just acrylic poly combo, pairs 85% acrylic fiber against 15% polyester fiber. In demand throughout South America, especially Brazil, the 85/15 blend marries acrylic's softness, sheen, and durability with polyester's wrinkle resistance, shape retention, and stretch. Uniting the best qualities of both synthetics, 85/15 acrylic/poly yarn knits into hardwearing, machine-washable items retaining their form and color even after countless spins through the laundry. Tiny tweaks like 86/14 acrylic/poly happen, but make zilch practical difference. Sometimes polyester gets subbed for PBT, upping fabric performance. Four-season sweaters, comfy and carefree, often spring from the needles knitted with 85/15 acrylic/poly yarn. Widely used as a sweater yarn raw material in Brazil and beyond, 85/15 acrylic/poly suits knitters seeking a soft, resilient, easy-care yarn.

    Introduction to 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    In Salud Style, we specialize in producing high quality blended yarns, with a focus on 85% acrylic 15% polyester blends. This versatile yarn, sometimes called 85/15, combines the benefits of both fibers into an affordable, easy-care option perfect for knit and woven fabrics. Compared to 100% acrylic, the addition of polyester gives 85/15 more strength and durability. Compared to 100% polyester, the acrylic component lends softness, flexibility, colorfastness and resistance to pilling. Read on to learn more about the properties, manufacturing, uses and care of this popular textile fiber blend.

    acrylic fiber
    acrylic fiber
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    85% Acrylic 15% Polyester Blended Yarn

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    Blended Yarn
    85% Acrylic 15% Polyester Blended Yarn


    • Sturdy
    • Soft
    • Easy to Care
    • High Strength


    • Knitting and Crochet
    • Home Decor
    • Rugs and Carpets
    • Blankets and Throws
    • Upholstery and Furnishings
    • Wall Hangings
    • Bags and Purses
    • Accessories
    • Apparel
    • Outdoor Decor.
    • Towel

    Key Properties and Benefits of 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    Some key advantages of 85/15 yarn include:

    • Affordability - acrylic is an inexpensive fiber so blending it with polyester creates a budget-friendly yarn
    • Soft hand feel - the acrylic fibers give a soft, comfortable hand feel
    • Easy to dye - absorbs dye readily for versatility in coloring
    • Colorfastness - resists fading and holds vibrancy well
    • Strength and durability - polyester component adds tensile strength
    • Resilience - bounces back readily from stretching or creasing
    • Resistance to shrinkage - washable without high shrinkage
    • Quick drying - avoids long dry times
    • Resists pilling - polyester minimizes friction and pilling
    • Versatility - suitable for knitting or weaving a wide array of fabrics
    • Wrinkle resistant - resists wrinkles and holds shape well

    How 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn is Made?

    The process starts with the production of the individual acrylic and polyester fibers. Acrylic fiber is made from a liquid chemical blend that is extruded through spinnerets to form long filament fibers. Polyester fiber is made through a melt spinning process where polyethylene terephthalate polymer is melted and extruded.

    The long continuous fibers are then cut into shorter staple lengths. The acrylic and polyester staple fibers are intimately blended in a 85/15 ratio by weight. The blended fibers are then carded to arrange them into parallel orientation.

    The carded fibers are drawn into roving which is fed into the spinning frame. Here the roving is further drawn, twisted and wound onto spindles, transforming the mass of fibers into a continuous yarn.

    The yarn is then wound onto cones ready for knitting, weaving or other textile production. Additional finishes may be applied to enhance properties like shrinkage control or flame retardancy.

    Here is some information about a blended yarn factory.

    Popular Uses of 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    The versatility of 85 acrylic/15 polyester makes it suitable for a wide range of end uses including:

    • Sweaters and knitwear - soft hand feel and good shape retention
    • Home furnishings - upholstery, drapes, blankets, carpets
    • Outdoor items - awnings, boat covers, tents
    • Apparel - blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, activewear
    • Accessories - hats, scarves, gloves, bags
    • Crafts - ideal for hand knitting and crochet projects
    • Garment linings - provides opacity and structure
    • Industrial fabrics - tarps, conveyor belts, vehicle covers
    • Medical textiles - gowns, privacy curtains, mattress covers
    • Children's wear - softness for sensitive skin plus durability
    sweater made of acrylic blended yarn
    sweater made of acrylic blended yarn

    Strengths of 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn Compared to Other Yarns

    85/15 offers an optimal balance of properties at an affordable price point compared to other fiber blends such as:

    • cotton - more durable, wrinkle resistant, stretchy and quick drying
    • wool - more affordable, lightweight, easier to care for
    • rayon - more colorfastness and strength
    • nylon - softer hand feel and more dye versatility
    • 100% acrylic - stronger and more resilient
    • 100% polyester - softer and better at absorbing moisture

    For budget-conscious projects with demanding performance needs across a range of textile applications, 85/15 is hard to beat. It's much cheaper than wool yarn!

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    100% Wool Yarn


    • Thin and light
    • Soft
    • Warm
    • Anti-pilling


    • Blankets
    • Felts
    • High-end winter clothes
    • Textile wool sweater
    • Wool pants
    • Wool vest
    • Scarf
    • Hat
    • Gloves
    • Spring and autumn clothing supplies

    Best Practices for Working with 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    Here are some top tips for getting the best results when knitting, weaving or sewing with 85/15:

    • Swatch test - knit or weave a test swatch to determine ideal gauges, settings and finishes
    • Sharp needles - use sharp knitting needles and points for smooth processing
    • Low heat - polyester can melt under high heat so use steam or low iron temperatures
    • Gentle agitation - limit friction during washing to minimize pilling
    • Lay flat to dry - avoid stretch and distortion by laying items flat to dry
    • Steady tension - maintain steady, moderate tension for regular stitches and weave
    • Light finishes - resin or silicone finishes help reduce friction and pilling
    • No bleach - avoid chlorine bleach that degrades the fibers
    • Cool water wash - wash in cool or lukewarm water to preserve color

    Tips for Dyeing and Finishing 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    When preparing 85/15 yarn for fabric production, here are some recommendations:

    • Disperse dyes - these are optimal for dyeing polyester/acrylic blends
    • Carriers - adding carriers improves levelness as the two fibers absorb dye differently
    • Sample testing - test dye formulas and methods before bulk production
    • Load dyes heavily - the high acrylic content needs more dye to achieve full depth
    • High temperatures - polyester requires high temperatures of 190-210°F for effective dyeing
    • Long cycles - 60+ minutes ensures thorough saturation for uniform results
    • Reduce heat gradually - slowly reduce temperatures following dyeing to set colors
    • Soft flow - keep yarn flowing gently through dye bath to prevent uneven penetration
    • Leveling agents - these help prevent blotchiness and improve diffusion of disperse dyes
    • Antistatic agents - these help minimize static electricity and surface defects

    Caring for Fabrics Made from 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    The easy-care properties of 85/15 fabrics make them simple to launder and maintain:

    • Machine wash cold - gentle cool or warm water prevents shrinkage
    • Low heat drying - tumble dry on low to avoid damaging polyester
    • Steam iron - use a medium steam iron to relax wrinkles
    • Avoid bleach - prevents yellowing of acrylic and weakening of polyester
    • Dry cleanable - but check care labels as some dyes may only be water washable
    • Hand wash gently - use cool water and mild detergent for delicates
    • Reshape while damp - for items prone to stretching, smooth back into shape before fully dried
    • Pill removal - use a battery operated fabric shaver to safely remove surface pills
    • Limit direct sunlight - prevents UV damage, fading, and yellowing over time
    • Fold neatly - prevent creases and wrinkles by folding properly after laundering

    Following these simple care instructions will help 85/15 items maintain their good looks and performance.

    Sourcing High Quality 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn Suppliers

    With both fibers produced globally, quality 85/15 blended yarns can be sourced from:

    • China - largest producer with high volumes and competitive pricing
    • India - significant exporter with a range of counts and technical abilities
    • Taiwan - specialized in fine counts with advanced spinning capabilities
    • Indonesia - focused on large volume commodity acrylic and polyester yarns
    • Thailand - mid-range supplier with flexibility in minimums and lead times
    • Mexico - proximity to US with quick turnaround times
    • Israel - producer of high-end fine count yarns for knitwear
    • Italy - upmarket yarns made with premium raw materials
    • Germany - premium supplier focused on technical and sustainable offerings
    Acrylic Polyester Yarn
    Acrylic Polyester Yarn

    Work closely with suppliers to ensure specifications match your manufacturing needs including proper fiber ratios, yarn counts, quality control and compliance certifications. Request samples to determine factors like hand feel, sewing performance and dye uptake before committing to large orders.

    Salud Style is a 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn manufacturer in China, which can provide high-quality acrylic polyester yarn at the best price.

    Pricing and Availability of 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    As a widely produced textile fiber, 85/15 blended yarn is readily available from most major yarn suppliers. Pricing will vary based on:

    • Yarn count - finer counts cost more than coarse counts, with metric counts of Nm 24 - Nm 40 typical
    • Raw material costs - fluctuates based on petrochemical and pulp markets
    • Processing - additional steps like texturizing or spin-draw add cost
    • Order quantity - bulk discounts at high volumes, smaller lots cost more per kg
    • Shipping - sourcing locally saves on logistics costs

    On average, expect to pay $2-5 per kg for commodity medium counts from Asia. For specialty fine counts used in high-end apparel, pricing can reach $15 per kg and beyond. Lead times range from stock availability for commodity counts to 8-12 weeks for customized orders.

    Learn more about the FAQs if you are new to importing textile yarn.

    New Innovations in 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    Some newer developments making 85/15 even more useful include:

    • Cotton-touch processing - chemical finish gives a natural soft feel resembling cotton
    • Expanding variants - like 83/17 or 80/20 ratios for unique performance tuning
    • Hollow conjugated fibers - provides lightweight insulation and bulk
    • Cationic dyeable polyester - allows Polyester component to be dyed along with the acrylic
    • Improved pilling resistance - new spinning methods reduce tendency to pill
    • Flame resistant types - for protective workwear and military uniforms
    • Antimicrobial options - prevent bacterial growth for medical uses
    • Recycled blends - incorporating recycled PET and acrylic reduces environmental impact
    • Production efficiency - new spinning methods yield higher consistency and quality
    • Matching sets - making coordinated yarns for knit and weave to minimize testing and guesswork

    We continuously evaluate new 85/15 innovations that can translate into better value and performance for our customers.

    The Future of 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn in Textiles

    Looking ahead, 85 acrylic 15 polyester yarn has an exciting future in textiles. As sustainability and performance become more important, this versatile blended yarn allows for recycled content and enhanced properties. Expect ongoing innovation in moisture wicking, stretch, stain resistance, durability and more. Advances in nanotechnology and polymer science will unlock new capabilities. The ability to customize and engineer yarns for specific applications will grow.

    application of Acrylic Blended Yarn
    application of Acrylic Blended Yarn

    New spinning and extrusion methods will improve efficiency and capabilities. Automation reduces costs and scrap. Computer-aided design streamlines development. Demand for blends like 85/15 will increase as more products require synthetic/natural hybrids. Polyester and acrylic remain staples, but more recycled content will be introduced. Suppliers able to offer wide ranges of custom 85/15 yarns will thrive. Smarter dyeing and finishing will reduce waste and energy use. The future is bright for 85 acrylic 15 polyester in apparel, home furnishings, outdoor gear and industrial textiles!

    Case Studies and Success Stories with 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    Our 85/15 yarn enabled a leading athleticwear brand to create moisture-wicking performance tops 30% lighter than previous versions. By engineering the polyester for capillary action and adding acrylic for quick-drying, we created their ideal blend. The company saw sales jump double digits in the first year!

    For a hotel chain, we developed a plush decorative throw able to withstand 50 industrial laundry cycles. Our trick was balancing the softness of acrylic with the durability of polyester, while enhancing pilling resistance. Guest satisfaction scores for the rooms went up an average of 15%!

    A specialty fabric company had trouble with wrinkling in their retail display signage. Our 85/15 yarn's ability to hold creases and shapes helped resolve the issue. The fabric now maintains a crisp, smooth presentation even in humid environments. They credit our yarn engineering for a 20% lift in sales!

    Troubleshooting Common Issues with 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    Issue: Pilling and fuzzing

    Solution: Scrutinize fiber quality and blending, tighten ginning and spinning, maximize twist.

    Issue: Snagging and frizzing

    Solution: Ensure adequate lubrication during processing, optimize polymer extrusion and spinning.

    Issue: Color bleeding and fading

    Solution: Use proper dye selection and processes, maximize dispersion, consider solution dyeing.

    Issue: Fabric distortion or creasing

    Solution: Optimize yarn and fabric finishing, consider heat-set treatments.

    Issue: Poor wash durability

    Solution: Adjust blend ratio and select polymers judiciously, engineer fiber cohesion and bonding.

    How to Choose the Right 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn for Your Needs

    Consider the fabric quality and properties you want: Softness, sheen, stretch, weight, durability, stain resistance? Start there, then think about:

    • Blend ratio - Do you need more or less acrylic or polyester?
    • Fiber types and quality - What varieties will achieve performance goals?
    • Spinning method - Open end? Ring spun? Air jet? Rotor?
    • Fabric structure - Woven or knit? What construction?
    • Fabric weight - Lightweight or heavy? Intended use is a factor.
    • Dyeing method - Solution dyed? Yarn dyed? Piece dyed?
    • Finishing treatments - Mechanical or chemical for desired effect?

    Collaborate with your yarn supplier early in the process to get the 85/15 that's perfect for YOUR product!

    Tips for Transporting and Storing 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    • Ship and store yarn in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight
    • Control temperature and humidity to avoid extreme conditions
    • Allow proper air circulation - do not pack yarn too densely
    • Protect yarn from dirt, insects and rodents
    • Use pallets to keep yarn off bare floors and separate dye lots
    • Prevent contamination by other cargo or chemicals
    • Keep cones/spools intact and do not stack too high
    • Follow any special instructions from the yarn manufacturer

    Proper transportation and storage will protect quality and minimize waste - ask us how we can help!

    Marketing Your Products Made with 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    Today's eco-conscious consumers want to know more about what goes into textiles. Get ahead of the curve by marketing the sustainability benefits of your 85/15 acrylic polyester products:

    • Highlight recycled polyester content from post-consumer plastic
    • Note acrylic yarn's low energy processing footprint
    • Emphasize and verify responsible manufacturing
    • Promote long lifespan and durability of end products
    • Share programs to collect and recycle goods after use
    • Reduce packaging and waste in your supply chain

    But also be sure to talk about 85/15 performance benefits like moisture wicking, shape retention, fade resistance and easy care. With the right messaging, your customers will feel good about buying!

    85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn Certifications to Look For

    Several respected certifications confirm sustainability and product standards:

    • Global Recycled Standard (GRS) - recycled content
    • OEKO-TEX - tested for harmful substances
    • REACH - E.U. chemicals regulation compliance
    • RCS 100 - recycled polyester standard
    • RCS Blended - applies to poly/acrylic blends
    • Made in Green by OEKO-TEX - product traceability
    • Bluesign - monitors supply chain impacts
    • Cradle to Cradle - multi-criteria eco certification

    Ask your suppliers to provide certified yarns. Promote relevant labels and standards to commercial buyers and consumers. Proper certification demonstrates your corporate responsibility. Click the link to learn the certifications of Salud Style.

    How to Tell if You're Getting High Quality 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    Indicators of quality 85/15 acrylic polyester yarn include:

    • Smooth, consistent surface and luster
    • Vibrant, uniform dyeing with minimal bleeding
    • Strength, elongation and elasticity within specification
    • Moisture absorption and drying per standards
    • No excessive neps, knots or slubs
    • Resistance to pilling and abrasion
    • Dimensional stability during handling and use
    • Yarn packages undamaged, professionally wound
    • Conformance to all applicable regulations and certifications
    • Backed by a supplier known for quality and service

    Let us help procure the finest 85 acrylic 15 polyester yarns for your textile project's needs! Contact us to learn more.

    FAQs about 85 Acrylic 15 Polyester Yarn

    What are the key benefits of 85 acrylic 15 polyester yarn?

    This blend combines the softness and flexibility of acrylic with the strength and durability of polyester. The result is an affordable, easy-care yarn with great performance capabilities.

    What products are made with 85/15 yarn?

    Common uses include apparel like sweaters and socks, home textiles like blankets and upholstery, and industrial applications like awnings and rope. The blend works well for many end uses.

    How does acrylic polyester yarn compare to 100% acrylic or polyester yarns?

    The blend optimizes the best attributes of both fibers. It is softer than 100% polyester and more durable than 100% acrylic. The blend also lends itself to custom engineering for enhanced properties.

    Why choose 85% acrylic versus a different blend ratio?

    The 85/15 ratio offers the optimal balance of softness, durability, low static, easy care and affordability. Millions of pounds are produced globally each year.

    Is acrylic polyester yarn resistant to pilling and fading?

    Yes, the blend resists pilling and holds color well. With proper ginning and spinning, pilling can be minimized. Solution dyeing also enhances fade resistance.

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