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Eyelash Yarn
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Eyelash yarn, known feather yarn, consists of core yarn and chopped FDY uniquely wrapped. Process cuts FDY, wraps around core resembling feather. Yields soft, feathery texture.

Eyelash Yarn

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Introduction to Eyelash Yarn

Eyelash yarn innovatively combines DTY polyester or DTY nylon as a sturdy core with chopped FDY synthetic fibers uniquely wrapped around resembling feather fluff. This creative yarn construction yields an ultra-soft, feathery texture perfect for fuzzy novelty knits yet maintains strength and durability. Compared to natural fibers, synthetic eyelash yarn offers more consistent quality and better performs in production. Discover the fun, flirty possibilities of this specialty yarn.

4cm feather yarn
4cm feather yarn

Manufacturing Process of Eyelash Yarn

Chopped FDY wrapped around core yarn makes eyelash yarn. The intricate production process starts by spinning DTY or textured nylon into a strong core yarn. Next, nylon FDY get chopped into short staple lengths and precision-wrapped around the core, mimicking feather barbs. Adjusting the staple length and amount of fibers wrapped controls the fluffiness and density. This innovative wrapping technique bonds the chopped FDY to the core yarn without using adhesives or treatments. The specialty yarn then winds onto cones ready for knitting super-soft novelty fabrics.

feather yarn factory - Salud Style
feather yarn factory – Salud Style

Common Materials Used for Eyelash Yarn

While natural fibers like wool or silk can make novelty yarns, most eyelash yarns rely on synthetics. Polyester and nylon offer the strength to support the delicate feathers plus resist pilling or shedding. Polyester provides vibrant color clarity. Nylon brings exceptional strength, stretch, and recovery. Blends like nylon/polyester combine the best properties of each fiber. For ultimate softness, 100% acrylic and acrylic/poly blends are also options. The fiber content depends on the desired performance and properties.

Key Specifications of Eyelash Yarn

Eyelash yarn contains a standard DTY or textured filament core yarn, usually polyester or nylon. The key specification is the feather fiber length, which ranges from 0.9cm to 4cm. The chopped FDY make a subtler eyelash effect while longer fibers create shaggier textures. Fiber thickness, number of feather fibers wrapped per inch, and the fluff’s weight percentage also vary. The core yarn’s thickness, measured in denier, needs sufficient strength for the process. Understanding these specifications helps select the best eyelash yarn.

1.3 cm feather yarn is decorative or fancy yarn. It could be produced from Nylon material according to the requirements. It’s composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a specific direction (S/Z twist). Because of the directional distribution of ply, the woven or knit fabric could adopt a soft gloss, the surface appears plump, and a decorative effect.) as per the directional distribution, the produced material is made of super soft luster.

1.3 cm Feather yarn has great demand in the global textile market. Many famous clothing brands are using this decorative yarn in their products; imitation mink hair is recognized as a product with high economic benefits and good development prospects in the textile industry.

  • Feel Smooth
  • High Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • High Temperature-Resistant
  • Low/ Medium Elasticity
  • High-Elastic
  • Anti-Pilling
  • Moisture Absorbent
  • Breathable
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Static
  • Anti-UV
  • Far Infrared
  • Flame-Retardant
  • Good Light Appearance
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • knit scarf
  • Sweater
  • Activewear
  • Sportswear
  • Tights
  • Seamless underwear
MOQ: 1,000 kg
Inventory Status:

This feather yarn is 100% Nylon made filament yarn. The dyed feature of the 4.0 cm feather yarn helps in using hand knitting, sewing, and weaving. Because of the high tenacity, the feather yarn twists well. The strength of the feather yarn is appreciable. Apart from nylon, other materials polyester, wool, and even acrylic can be usable. The technique of ring-spun helps to retain the temperature and elasticity.

In the textile market globally, this 4.0 cm feather yarn has extensive demand. Most clothing brands use this type of feather yarn to make socks, sweaters, and whatnot. The heat retention capabilities are well due to its special manufacturing process. Besides, the product has high economic benefits with excellent development prospects. The 4.0 cm feather yarn has a multi-ply number of shares.

  • High Strength
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Temperature-resistant
  • High Elastic
  • Low Elasticity
  • Not prone to pilling
  • Higher Tenacity
  • Anti of UV
  • Highly Breathable
  • Absorbs Moisture
  • High Abrasion-Resistance
  • Anti-Static
  • Sweater
  • Socks
  • Scarf
  • Knitting Hat
MOQ: 1,000 kg
Inventory Status:

Benefits of Using Eyelash Yarn in Textiles

The delicate, feather-like fibers of eyelash yarn provide enticing textures that attract consumers. The fluffy yarn creates loft and visual richness in knits for sweaters, scarves, hats, socks, and more. Its fibers hide stitches, add warmth, and create captivating color effects. Despite its delicate appearance, the sturdy core yarn withstands pilling and shedding. Eyelash yarn draws interest when combined with other yarns like wool blends yarn in Aran sweaters. This novelty yarn cleverly upgrades basic fabrics.

feather yarn application
feather yarn application


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How to Select the Right Eyelash Yarn

Choosing the optimal eyelash yarn requires considering the fiber content, fluff fiber specifications, and yarn thickness. Determine the required durability, stretch, drape, softness, and visual texture. Lightweight, finer yarns work well for scarves while thicker yarns excel for prominent textures in sweaters. To mix with other yarns, ensure a compatible thickness and fiber content. Request samples to test stitch definition, hand feel, and knitted fabric drape before purchasing. Carefully select the eyelash yarn to achieve your creative vision.

Working with Eyelash Yarn in Production

Effectively applying eyelash yarn in production requires adjusting equipment and processes. Set looms and knitting machines for the thicker diameter and delicate fibers. Use fine gauge settings. The fluff may catch or snag, slowing production, so adjust speed as needed. Plan for extra ends when weaving. Splitting the ply or holdings helps when stitch definition matters. Allow time for quality checks to identify any loose fluff. With some modifications, eyelash yarn adds beautiful, tempting textures.

Caring for Textiles Made with Eyelash Yarn

The specialized production of eyelash yarn creates durable fabrics, yet the fluffy feathers require gentle care. Hand wash or dry clean finished items. Use a laundry bag if machine washing to prevent snagging or shredding. Wash in cold water with gentle cycles. Never bleach. Avoid hot water or heat drying that could damage the fibers. To prevent pilling, avoid abrasion and excess agitation. Iron on low if needed. With proper care, eyelash yarn provides long-lasting softness.

Sourcing Reliable Eyelash Yarn Suppliers

Choosing proven eyelash yarn suppliers ensures consistent, quality specialty yarn. Seek established manufacturers with strict quality control and production expertise. Request supplier samples to evaluate fiber characteristics and yarn quality. Ask about available customization options. Seek vendors offering diverse eyelash yarn varieties to select the right specifications. Vet supplier reliability and capabilities before ordering. With an ideal supplier, you can access novel, innovative eyelash yarns to create sensational textile fabrics. Salud Style is a professional textile yarn manufacturer, and our feather yarns are lint-resistant and will be perfect for your textile production projects.

feather yarn factory - Salud Style
feather yarn factory – Salud Style

Salud Style is an experienced supplier of feather yarn. Our feather yarn is composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a certain direction. Due to the directional distribution of feathers, the fabric made of soft luster, the surface appears plump, very decorative effect, and not easy to shed. The products have good wear performance, strong warmth protection, can be made into clothes, hats, scarves, gloves and so on, the products have a good market prospect.

  • Plush
  • Luster
  • Feel smooth
  • Soft and strong
  • Keep warm
  • Toy
  • Household products
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
MOQ: 1,000 kg
Inventory Status:
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