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Polyester yarn is a common chemical fiber for textiles, and there are many types of polyester yarns on the market, such as POY, DTY, FDY.

POY, DTY and FDY of Polyester Yarn

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As a common chemical fiber in textiles, polyester yarn has always been one of the most popular categories in the yarn market. There are many types of polyester yarns on the market, such as POY, DTY, FDY. Do you really know them?

What Is Polyester Yarn?

Polyester is an important variety of synthetic fibers. It is a fiber-forming polymer prepared from terephthalic acid (PTA) or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) through esterification or transesterification and polycondensation reaction – Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), fibers made by spinning and post-processing. Polyester yarn refers to yarn spun from polyester as raw material.

Varieties Of Polyester Filament Yarn

Primary Yarn:

Undrawn yarn (conventional spinning) (UDY), semi-pre-oriented yarn (medium-speed spinning) (MOY), pre-oriented yarn (high-speed spinning) (POY), high-oriented yarn (ultra-high-speed spinning) (HOY) ).

Drawn Yarn:

Drawn yarn (low-speed drawing yarn) (DY), full drawn yarn (spinning and drawing one-step method) (FDY), fully oriented yarn (spinning one-step method) (FOY).

Textured Yarn:

Conventional textured yarn (DY), drawn textured yarn (DTY), air textured yarn (ATY).

Polyester POY

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POY refers to pre-oriented yarn. The spinning speed is over 3000 m/min. The winding yarn has a higher degree of orientation than the conventional spinning and winding yarn, and has a certain storage stability than the drawn yarn, but the crystallinity is still very low. Compared with polyester undrawn yarn, polyester POY has a certain degree of orientation and good stability, and is often used as a special yarn for polyester drawn textured yarn (DTY).
The video below describes how polyester POY is processed into polyester high elastic DTY.

Characteristics Of Polyester POY

Polyester POY has high pre-orientation, stable properties, good mechanical properties, high uniformity and good processing performance.

The Use Of Polyester POY

Polyester POY can be made into products with different properties such as drawn yarn, texturized yarn, and air-textured yarn through the processes of drafting, texturing, and air deformation, and can be made into various wool-like, hemp-like, and silk-like products. Suitable for weaving and knitting industries .

polyester yarn POY to DTY
polyester yarn POY to DTY

Polyester DTY

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DTY refers to drawn textured yarn, which is the finished yarn that is continuously or simultaneously stretched on a texturing machine and processed by a twister.

Polyester DTY uses polyester fiber thermoplastic, twisting first and then untwisting to obtain a spring-like shape, which is similar to twisting, but is actually false twist. Polyester drawn textured yarn is commonly known as polyester elastic yarn, which is divided into high elastic and bottom elastic. kind.

Characteristics Of Polyester DTY

The yarn of polyester DTY is curved, which can give the yarn a fluffy effect after twisting and texturing. Polyester DTY has high bulkiness, good heat insulation, comfortable hand feel, soft luster, high breaking strength and elastic modulus of general polyester, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, and strong corrosion resistance. , Easy to wash and quick dry and so on.

The Use Of Polyester DTY

Polyester DTY is an ideal raw material for knitting and weaving. It is suitable for making clothing fabrics, bedding, home decoration, clothing, industrial fabrics and automotive fabrics, and is used to weave various simulated silk fabrics.

polyester uses in sock manufacturing
polyester uses in sock manufacturing

Polyester FDY

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FDY refers to full draw yarn. Synthetic fiber filaments further prepared by spinning and drawing. The fibers of polyester FDY have been sufficiently stretched and can be directly used in textile processing.

Characteristics Of Polyester FDY

The elongation of polyester FDY is pulled to less than about 3% and no deformation processing is required. The appearance is smooth and no bulky. The adhesion between fibers is quite high. different shapes), poor air permeability, harder hand feel (relative to DTY), and its imitation silk characteristics are generally used in clothing.

Polyester FDY has the advantages of high strength, good bobbin formation, small size, strength, uneven elongation rate, and uniform dyeing.

The Use Of Polyester FDY

Polyester FDY is suitable for high-speed warping machines and high-speed shuttleless looms, and can be directly used for knitting and warp knitting. Widely used in spring Asian spinning, polar fleece, single-sided fleece, golden fleece, mercerized fleece, corduroy, flower dot fleece, warp knitted fleece, warp knitted short fleece, warp knitted striped fleece, warp knitted plain fleece, warp knitted fleece Mesh fabric, warp-knitted mercerized silk, loop velvet, velveteen, five-piece satin, polyester taffeta, mercerized silk, water-jet light spinning (simulated silk), water-jet eight-piece satin, weft Oxford cloth, lattice Oxford cloth, jacquard Curtains, printed curtains and other fabrics.

polyester fdy uses in fabric manufacturing
polyester fdy uses in fabric manufacturing

The Difference Between Polyester POY, DTY And FDY

Polyester POY, DTY and FDY are products processed from chemical fiber filaments by three different processes, and their characteristics, uses, prices, etc. are different.

Polyester POY

Polyester DTY

Polyester FDY


Stable properties, good mechanical properties, high uniformity, and good processing properties.

High bulkiness, good heat insulation, comfortable hand feel, soft luster, high breaking strength and elastic modulus of general polyester, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy to use Features such as quick-drying.

High strength, good filament tube formation, small titer, strength, uneven elongation rate, uniform dyeing, etc.


Polyester POY is mainly used in post-processing production such as the production of DTY, DT, ATY, and can also be directly used in the silk textile industry.

Polyester DTY is an ideal raw material for knitting (weft knitting, warp knitting) or weaving, suitable for making clothing fabrics (such as suits, shirts), bedding (such as quilts, bedspreads, mosquito nets) and decorative items (such as curtain fabrics, sofas) cloth, wall cloth, car interior decoration cloth) and so on. Among them, fine denier silk (especially three-lobed special-shaped silk) is more suitable for silk-like fabrics, and medium and coarse denier silks can be used for wool-like fabrics.

Polyester FDY is mainly used in clothing, textile and industrial industries.





Generally speaking, the price of polyester yarn is DTY>FDY>POY.

The spinning speed of high-speed spinning is 3000-6000 m/min, and the winding polyester yarn with a spinning speed below 4000 m/min has a high degree of orientation, which is a pre-oriented yarn, commonly known as polyester POY (pre-oriented yarn). If stretching is introduced in the polyester spinning process, a wound yarn with high orientation and moderate crystallinity can be obtained, which is a polyester fully drawn yarn, commonly known as polyester FDY (fully drawn yarn).

The yarn raw material of polyester DTY generally uses polyester POY (spinning process is similar to FDY, but the elongation is higher). After twisting, the fibers of the yarn are separated into bulky and irregular cross-sections. The general conventional yarn of polyester DTY has better air permeability than FDY and softer hand feeling than FDY.

If you pull it by hand, generally polyester POY can be pulled longer, and polyester FDY can be pulled less. Because POY is a pre-oriented yarn, it is not fully stretched, and the remaining elongation is more than 50%; while FDY is a fully oriented yarn, and the remaining elongation is generally below 40%, which is relatively stable.

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