Salud Style will participate in GO Textile Sourcing Exhibition (GOTEX) 2023 from September 12th to 14th, 2023. in Sao Paulo. Brazil.
Brazil Textile Exhibition Invitation
Salud Style Participated China (Brazil) Trade Fair 2023
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In June 2003, Salud Style voyaged Sao Paulo, Brazil attending China (Brazil) Trade Fair 2023 to showcase our freshest textile yarns and convening with customers.

Salud Style Expands Presence in Brazil’s Vibrant Textile Market

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In June 2003, Salud Style voyaged Sao Paulo, Brazil attending China (Brazil) Trade Fair 2023 (Jun 19 to Jun 21) to showcase our freshest textile yarns and convening with customers. We toured several yarn importers and a major customer during our trip for learning more regarding demand in the region.

Attending the Trade Fair

The China (Brazil) Trade Fair 2023 occurred at São Paulo Expo in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Salud Industry exhibited at Booth D221-D222 in Hall 5. We displayed products like viscose polyester nylon yarn, acrylic polyester yarn, polyester brushed yarn, acrylic polyester nylon yarn, and feather yarn.

Salud Style Participated China (Brazil) Trade Fair 2023
Salud Style Participated China (Brazil) Trade Fair 2023

Key Meetings and Visits

Salud Industry visited 6 yarn importers in Sao Paulo and Mente Siao for discussing needs. We met with a major existing customer for continuing supplying core spun yarn. The customer placed a order for 10 containers.

Statue in the shape of yarn in Mente Siao
Statue in the shape of yarn in Mente Siao

Our company gave product samples to several potential new customers for testing. We hope these samples lead to new business partnerships and more orders.

Positive Feedback on Core Spun Yarn Products

The major existing customer we visited provided positive feedback on our core spun yarn range. They are satisfied with the quality and want to continue buying core spun yarn from us.

This is a huge vote of confidence in our core spun yarn manufacturing capabilities. As core spun yarn is one of our flagship products, it was great to hear this customer validate our efforts.


Core spun yarn is a new type of yarn made from two or more kinds of fibers. In recent years, it’s more and more used in the textile industry as a substitute for expensive natural fiber like wool yarn. More and more brands are also gradually accepting the core spun yarn, using it to manufacture clothes.

As a core spun yarn manufacturer, we independently develop and produce various types of it, such as high-twist core-spun yarns and rabbit hair core-spun yarns. The production process combines the characteristics of various yarns, and the product can simulate or even exceed the performance of a certain fiber, with great advantage at price. In 10+ years of development, we have accumulated a lot of production experience and can recommend or develop appropriate core-spun yarn specifications according to customers’ production needs.

Core-spun yarn is widely used in the knitwear manufacturing industry.

  • Excellent performance of filament core yarn
  • Excellent performance of outer short fiber
  • Sweaters
  • Socks
  • Sheet
  • Sofa cover
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Hats
MOQ: 1,000 kg
Inventory Status:

Salud Style is an experienced supplier of feather yarn. Our feather yarn is composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a certain direction. Due to the directional distribution of feathers, the fabric made of soft luster, the surface appears plump, very decorative effect, and not easy to shed. The products have good wear performance, strong warmth protection, can be made into clothes, hats, scarves, gloves and so on, the products have a good market prospect.

  • Plush
  • Luster
  • Feel smooth
  • Soft and strong
  • Keep warm
  • Toy
  • Household products
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
MOQ: 1,000 kg
Inventory Status:

Exploring New Markets

This trip allowed Salud Style to connect with many new and existing clients in Brazil. Customer feedback on our core spun yarn range was positive overall.

In the future, our company hopes to explore the textile yarn markets in Blumenau and Jacutinga. Unfortunately during this latest trip, there wasn’t enough time to visit companies in those cities.

Some trade fair attendees also generously invited us to tour their facilities in other cities. Due to packed schedules and long distances, we couldn’t accept those offers this time around. However, we hope to strengthen relationships with textile partners across Brazil going forward.

Expanding Presence in Brazil’s Textile Industry

This trade fair and customer visit deepened Salud Style’s presence in Brazil’s textile market. As one of China’s leading textile yarn manufacturers, it’s important we continue engaging with international partners.

a local textile yarn inporter and distrubutor in Brazil
a local textile yarn inporter and distrubutor in Brazil

Our sales team came away from the trip with a fuller grasp of Brazil’s textile trends and demand nuances. We also identified areas where our yarn products can better serve regional needs.

Brazil has a robust domestic textile industry along with sizable textile imports. Our team is eager to supply more high-quality yarn to Brazilian partners, fortifying business bonds between our countries.

By regularly exhibiting at top trade fairs and visiting key accounts, Salud Industry aims to become a preferred yarn supplier throughout South America. This most recent Brazil excursion provided invaluable insights as we work towards that goal.

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We are delighted to announce that Salud Style will be participating in the upcoming International Textile and Apparel Procurement Exhibition, which will take place from September 12nd to 14th, 2023, in São Paulo, Brazil. You are welcome to visit us at Booth H11 in the Brazil Sao Paulo PRO MAGNO Exhibition Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

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GO Textile Sourcing Exhibition (GOTEX) 2023
September 12nd- 14th, 2023
Booth H11, ProMagno Pavilion

Exhibition address: Avenida Professora lda Kolb, 513 – Jardim das Laranjeiras, Sao Paulo – SP – 02518-000 / Brasil

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