Salud Style participated in the 134th Canton Fair on October 31, 2023

Salud Style, a leading textile yarn manufacturer specializing in core spun yarns, recently participated in the 134th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China.

Salud Style Participated in the 134th Canton Fair on October 31, 2023

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    Introducing Salud Style's Participation in the Canton Fair

    Salud Style, a leading textile yarn manufacturer specializing in core spun yarns, recently participated in the 134th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China. As one of the largest trade fairs in China, the Canton Fair provides an excellent opportunity for Salud Style to showcase its latest acrylic core spun yarns and connect with potential B2B buyers from around the world.

    Salud Style participated in the 134th Canton Fair on October 31, 2023
    Salud Style participated in the 134th Canton Fair on October 31, 2023

    With over 25 years of experience, Salud Style has built an excellent reputation for providing high quality yarns at competitive prices. By joining the Canton Fair, Salud Style aims to further promote its brand name and expand its global customer base.

    Displaying New Innovations in Yarn Products

    At Canton Fair 2023, Salud Style highlighted its newest yarn innovations, including its popular 50% viscose core spun yarn. This blended yarn combines the softness of viscose with the durability of polyester, making it ideal for knitting soft, breathable fabrics.

    50% Viscose 28% PBT 22% Nylon Core Spun Yarn

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    Core Spun Yarn


    • Excellent performance of filament core yarn
    • Excellent performance of outer short fiber


    • Sweaters
    • Socks
    • Sheet
    • Sofa cover
    • Scarf
    • Gloves
    • Hats

    In addition, Salud Style displayed its wide range of counts and blends, such as 28s/2 core spun yarns and acrylic/nylon blended yarns. With continuous investment in R&D, the company develops over 100 new yarn items per year to meet market demand. Visit the Salud Style booth to find your perfect yarn match.

    Introducing Production Capabilities

    With a production capacity exceeding 35,000 tons annually, Salud Style has the capability to produce massive quantities of high quality yarns to meet client needs.

    The company houses over 368,000 spindles across 150,000 square meters of factory space. Using advanced equipment and technology, Salud Style performs rigorous quality control checks during production to ensure consistency. Customers can trust Salud Style to deliver bulk orders on time.

    Video: Core Spun Yarn Spinning Factory of Salud Style
    Video: Blended Yarn Factory of Salud Style

    Providing Excellent Service and Support

    At the Canton Fair, Salud Style stressed its commitment to providing excellent service and support to enhance customer satisfaction.

    Salud Style participated in the 134th Canton Fair on October 31, 2023
    Salud Style participated in the 134th Canton Fair on October 31, 2023

    The company's sales and technical staff are available to provide guidance on yarn selection, specifications, and production planning. Salud Style also offers on-site support, including yarn trials and lab testing. With a focus on building long-term partnerships, Salud Style creates a smooth ordering experience.

    Connecting with Loyal Customers Worldwide

    A major highlight of the Canton Fair was connecting with loyal customers from around the globe. Salud Style has built trusted relationships with manufacturers across Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

    Salud Style's Customers in 2018
    Salud Style's Customers in 2018

    Many clients visit the Canton Fair specifically to meet with the Salud Style team and learn about the newest yarn options. These meaningful conversations help strengthen partnerships and drive future business success.

    Discussing Needs of Emerging Markets

    In addition to meeting with established clients, Canton Fair 2023 provided a chance for Salud Style to interact with manufacturers from emerging markets.

    Several countries in South Asia and Africa have growing textile sectors with rising demand for quality yarns. By talking directly with these potential new clients about specifications and lead times, Salud Style gains valuable insight into developing its offerings for emerging economies.

    Highlighting Commitment to Sustainability

    Salud Style also emphasized its eco-friendly initiatives, including recycled polyester yarns made from PET bottles. By converting waste into useful yarns, these products provide environmental as well as economic benefits.

    Clients appreciate Salud Style's commitment to sustainability through energy reduction, emission control, and responsible water usage. As consumers demand more green textiles, Salud Style is well prepared to deliver.

    Providing Samples for Product Testing

    To allow potential new customers to evaluate quality firsthand, Salud Style offered sample yarns available for testing. By providing these samples, clients can knit test swatches to ensure the yarns will meet their needs in terms of durability, handfeel, shrinkage, and more.

    Salud Style Dyeing Laboratory
    Salud Style Dyeing Laboratory

    Salud Style invites manufacturers to visit the booth and select samples to bring back to their mills for full product testing and approval. This direct experience builds trust in the yarns.

    Planning Yarn Development with Client Feedback

    The Canton Fair facilitiated productive conversations about the yarn qualities clients hope to see in the future. Salud Style gathers this valuable feedback about desired counts, blends, colors, and functionalities to inform its product development.

    By collaborating closely with manufacturers on their material requirements, Salud Style can expand its offerings to better serve customer needs. The company's robust R&D pipeline continuously incorporates client input.


    What products does Salud Style offer?

    Salud Style manufactures a wide variety of yarns, with a focus on core spun yarns and acrylic blends. Main products include viscose core spun yarns, polyester/acrylic mixes, nylon DTY, and specialty yarns.

    How can I order samples to test?

    Visit the Salud Style booth at the Canton Fair to select free samples for knitting trials. You can also contact sales representatives to request samples anytime.

    Does Salud Style accept small quantity orders?

    Yes, Salud Style can produce custom orders in small batches to help new clients evaluate quality before large scale purchasing.

    How does Salud Style ensure eco-friendly production?

    Initiatives include recycling, emissions reduction, energy conservation, and responsible water use. Contact us to learn more about sustainability commitments.

    40% Acrylic 30% PBT 30% Nylon Core Spun Yarn


    • Anti-pilling
    • light and fluffy
    • glossy
    • Saturation


    • Sweater
    • Sock
    • Sheet
    • Sofa cover
    • Scarf
    • Gloves
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