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The article gives an overview of nylon POY and nylon DTY, and deeply explores various influencing factors of nylon POY on nylon DTY related products.

The Effects of Nylon POY on the Quality Nylon DTY

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    The continuous development of technology and productivity has promoted the rapid development of the global nylon production process, and the global nylon DTY has also made substantial progress in production efficiency and production quality. The article gives an overview of nylon POY and nylon DTY, and deeply explores the various influencing factors of nylon POY on DTY-related products, hoping to bring some enlightenment to promote the development of global nylon technology and increase the output value.

    polyester yarn POY to DTY
    polyester yarn POY to DTY

    There are many factors that restrict and affect the actual quality of nylon DTY products, among which nylon POY is an intermediate product of DTY, which will have a direct and important impact on the quality of the final product of nylon DTY. Although the world has made some breakthroughs and progress in the production and innovation of nylon DTY related products, there are still places to be explored and researched in the reprocessing technology and quality assurance technology of nylon POY. The spinnability of POY will be comprehensively affected by various factors. If there are parameters and process problems in one of the production links, it may cause problems in the quality of DTY. Therefore, it is helpful to improve the actual product quality of nylon POY by clarifying various factors that affect the quality of DTY.

    Introduction Of Nylon POY And Nylon DTY

    Nylon POY refers to pre-oriented yarn, that is, partially oriented winding yarn obtained by high-speed spinning. Specifically, nylon POY is a chemical fiber filament with a degree of orientation between the drawn filament and the unoriented filament obtained after high-speed spinning at a speed of 3000-6000 meters per minute. The spinning speed is usually below 4000 meters per minute, and this part of the winding yarn has a certain degree of orientation, so it is called pre-oriented yarn, or POY for short in English. During the forming process of nylon POY, the filaments will be partly oriented along the predetermined direction of the fiber axis due to the tension inside the spinning field, so that a partially oriented winding yarn can be obtained. It is characterized by a strong degree of orientation, low crystallinity, and a relatively stable structure, which can ensure that it will not be affected by external factors and deteriorate during the storage and transportation of nylon. Moreover, this pre-oriented yarn is also It can show good reprocessing performance in the later processing.

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    DTY refers to stretched textured yarn, which is a finished yarn obtained by stretching with a texturing machine and deforming through a twister.

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    Research On The Influencing Factors Of Nylon POY On The Quality Of Nylon-DTY-Related Products

    Effect Of POY Raw Filament Quality On DTY

    The quality of POY raw filament is one of the key factors that determine and affect the quality of nylon DTY products. If POY raw filament is unqualified or not up to standard, then the produced DTY-related products must also be unqualified. Generally speaking, there are several quality problems in the raw filament of POY. First: There may be residual floating filaments formed by the broken filaments in the spinning process in the filament cake of POY raw yarn. Using this kind of filament cake for processing and production will easily lead to the problem of wool in DTY. Second: If the oil content of the thread is not high, it will cause the thread to be loose and the cohesion force will be reduced, which will easily cause wool problems in the later processing and production. Third: the evenness of the filament cake is uneven, and the DTY produced from this kind of raw filament may have stiff filament, which is not conducive to ensuring the excellent quality of DTY products.

    Nylon POY Manufacturing
    Nylon POY Manufacturing

    Effect Of Oil Content On The Quality Of Nylon DTY

    Oil content is an important index that needs to be checked and strictly controlled in the processing and production process of nylon POY, and it will also have a significant impact on the quality of DTY. After the filament has been oiled, the smoothness, bundling and antistatic properties of the filament can be improved, which is of great significance for maintaining the stable quality of the filament. The actual data of oil content will directly affect the friction coefficient of spinning during production and processing. When the oil content is low or uneven, it will cause differences in the friction coefficient within a certain range of the filament, and also in a certain extent, it increases the tension in the textile processing operation, which leads to problems in the product processing and production process, and also easily leads to fluctuations in quality indicators, which is not conducive to maintaining the actual product quality of DTY. If the oil content is too high, it will cause slippage of the filament layer, making the surface of the filament layer not smooth enough, which will not only waste materials, and increase production costs, but also cause damage to the environment, which is not conducive to improving the overall benefit of DTY production.

    Nylon Yarn Manufacturing Workshop
    Nylon Yarn Manufacturing Workshop

    Influence Of Breaking Elongation Of Nylon POY On Nylon DTY

    Generally speaking, the elongation of POY needs to be kept between 120% and 140%. If the elongation at break is too high or too low, it will not be conducive to the quality control and optimization of DTY. If the elongation at break is too high, the actual tension of POY in the post-processing will become smaller, and the jitter generated by the yarn during movement will cause fluctuations in the tension of the yarn, which will cause changes in the internal structure of the DTY yarn. It is easy to appear tight filament or even longer stiff filament, which will affect the effect of subsequent dyeing. In addition, if simply increasing the tension of the thread processing, the fineness of the thread will be reduced, which is not conducive to the production quality of DTY. When the elongation is too low, the tension of POY in the subsequent processing will increase significantly, which will easily cause POY to have pilling problems, and will also have an adverse effect on the dyeing effect. The main reason is that the stretching ratio of the spinneret increases during POY processing. This excessive stretching will increase the orientation of the polymer, and the water molecules in the POY oil agent have a certain inductive effect, which will make the orientation of the molecular chain There are certain quasi-crystals in DTY, which are easy to damage and interfere with the production and processing of DTY.

    The Impact Of POY Appearance Molding On DTY

    In order to meet the objective demand for yarn used in DTY production, it is necessary to ensure that the filament is rolled into a uniform shape at an appropriate speed using scientific methods. The appearance of the package after packaging will have an important impact on the quality of the finished product of DTY products. Generally speaking, there are two types of package defects in the package of POY production: cobweb filament and stacked filament. The main reason for the spider web is that the winding angle is too large due to the excessive tension generated during winding. If you look at it from the side, the circular arc-shaped filament loop becomes a line. The situation of the spider web is The more serious it is, the longer the length of the filament will be, which will lead to a section of color difference on the surface of the filament when it is dyed and finished in the subsequent production process. Laminated filaments are multiple filaments that overlap, and the layers of the filaments are entangled together to produce ribbon-like stripes. The main reason for this kind of defect is that the winding parameter setting is unreasonable or the parameter fluctuation is too large. The phenomenon of overlapping wires may cause problems such as uneven stress and a significant increase in the number of broken ends during the processing of subsequent work.

    Nylon DTY Manufacturing
    Nylon DTY Manufacturing

    Another factor that affects the intrinsic quality of POY is the inner wire of POY. When the winding environment of spinning is relatively poor and the hygienic conditions are not up to standard, the flying hairs on the machine table are floating around, and these flying hairs may enter into the running POY yarn drum or be mixed within the filament surface, this will affect the quality of the inner wire of POY, and then affect the production quality of DTY. In addition, when a single thread of the thread breaks, that is, a floating thread occurs, it needs to be broken immediately, and the head should be raised again. If the management and control in this area are not strengthened, the operator will often lose control. The floating filament is scored into the tow, so that each floating filament will produce two broken filament clusters inside the POY, and this kind of filament cannot be judged and identified only by observing the surface of the filament end, which will increase the quality of the later stage. The number of broken ends during processing consumes a large amount of raw materials and will also have a negative impact on DTY products.

    The hardness and speed of the package are also important indicators for evaluating whether the winding process meets the standards. If the tension of the yarn after winding is relatively low, the whole will be in a soft state, which will easily cause the collapse of the edge, which is not conducive to the subsequent transportation operation. The winding speed will directly affect the forming effect of the package, which is usually related to the area of ​​the spinneret, the number of spinneret holes and other factors.

    Effect Of Deformation Process

    The deformation process will affect the dyeing effect of DTY. The fluctuation of the process parameters, especially the ratio of D/Y and the heating temperature will directly affect the fiber deformation, dyeability, fiber crystallization, strength, bulkiness, elasticity, etc. of the textured yarn. Factors, only under the scientific and reasonable D/Y ratio can the best effect of fiber deformation and dyeing be fully reflected. Therefore, the deformation process and related parameters should be adjusted in time according to the actual performance of POY to ensure the dyeing effect of DTY.

    Final Words

    There are many factors that affect the final molding quality of nylon DTY products. Therefore, in order to improve the product quality and benefits of nylon DTY, it is necessary to ensure the quality of nylon POY, strictly follow the standardized processing and reprocessing procedures, improve the technical level of operation, and ensure that the produced nylon DTY has excellent quality and the best quality production efficiency.

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