Salud Style will participate in GO Textile Sourcing Exhibition (GOTEX) 2023 from September 12th to 14th, 2023. in Sao Paulo. Brazil.
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A recent sensation in the Chinese domestic market, Imitation Mink Yarn, a luxurious and fancy yarn, has gained popularity over the past two or three years, with most varieties being made from 100% nylon.

What is imitation mink yarn?

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Imitation mink yarns offer a luxurious alternative to the premium mink yarns produced from the fibers of the carnivorous mammal, mink. As a textile manufacturer, we understand the appeal of mink yarn for its warmth, smoothness, and extraordinary feel. However, we also recognize the importance of providing customers with a cruelty-free and more affordable option. Imitation mink yarns are the perfect solution, replicating the desirable properties of genuine mink yarn while being ethically produced.



Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of imitation mink yarn closely resembles that of the authentic counterpart. However, instead of harvesting fibers from live minks, imitation mink yarn is crafted using synthetic or plant-based fibers. These fibers are carefully selected to mimic the softness, warmth, and lightweight nature of genuine mink fibers.

Fiber Selection and Blending

To achieve the desired characteristics of mink yarn, we select premium synthetic fibers or sustainable plant-based materials known for their softness and insulation properties. Popular choices include microfiber, bamboo, modal, and even some high-quality acrylics. These fibers are then blended to create a composition that emulates the luxurious feel of genuine mink yarn.

imitation-mink-yarn-factory-Coilling workshop

Carding and Cleaning

Similar to the process of genuine mink yarn, the selected fibers undergo carding and cleaning to remove impurities and ensure consistent quality throughout the yarn. The fibers are meticulously processed to create a sheet of parallel fibers, which is then transformed into carded slivers.

Fiber Preparation for Spinning

As with genuine mink yarn, the short length of the fibers presents a challenge in spinning. To overcome this, the blended fibers are subjected to drafting and doubling, producing a condensed sliver. This sliver is further processed into roving using specialized machinery, ensuring the fibers are adequately prepared for the spinning process.



The roving is spun using various spinning techniques such as ring spinning, rotor spinning, or air jet spinning, depending on the desired yarn characteristics. The fibers are carefully drafted and twisted to create a continuous strand of yarn. Additional twists may be added to enhance yarn strength and texture, offering versatility in the final product.


After spinning, the imitation mink yarn undergoes additional finishing processes, including steaming, washing, and conditioning. These processes improve the yarn’s luster, strength, and softness, providing a luxurious touch to the final product. Optional dyeing may also be performed to achieve specific colors if required.

feather yarn factory 2
imitation-mink-yarn-factory-Winding workshop


Once the yarn is complete, it is wound into skeins or cones for convenient storage and transportation. These packages are then ready for further processes, such as dyeing, weaving, or knitting, depending on the intended application.



Imitation mink yarns possess a set of desirable properties that make them a sought-after choice for various applications:Warmth: Imitation mink yarns, like their genuine counterparts, offer excellent warmth and insulation due to their hollow structure, making them ideal for cold weather garments and accessories.

Softness: The carefully selected fibers used in imitation mink yarns provide a silky and soft feel, delivering luxurious comfort to the end products.

Light Weight: Imitation mink yarns are lightweight, ensuring warmth and comfort without adding extra heaviness to the finished items.

Durability: Thanks to the synthetic or sustainable fibers used, imitation mink yarns are naturally robust and durable, withstanding daily wear and tear with proper care.

Moisture Management: Imitation mink yarns exhibit great moisture management properties, effectively absorbing and transferring moisture away from the wearer’s body, ensuring comfort and dryness.

2.0cm feather yarn application

2.0cm imitation-mink-yarn- yarn application


Imitation mink yarns find versatile applications in the textile industry, similar to genuine mink yarns. They can be used to create a wide range of knitting garments, including sweaters, shawls, gloves, hats, blankets, and other luxury items. Home decor items like rugs, throws, and pillows can also benefit from the luxurious touch of imitation mink yarns. Additionally, the softness and hypoallergenic nature of these yarns make them suitable for crafting cuddly stuffed toys, perfect for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.In conclusion, imitation mink yarns offer an excellent alternative for those seeking the luxurious qualities of mink yarn while maintaining ethical standards and affordability. As a responsible textile manufacturer, we take pride in delivering high-quality imitation mink yarns that meet the expectations of our esteemed customers.

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We are delighted to announce that Salud Style will be participating in the upcoming International Textile and Apparel Procurement Exhibition, which will take place from September 12nd to 14th, 2023, in São Paulo, Brazil. You are welcome to visit us at Booth H11 in the Brazil Sao Paulo PRO MAGNO Exhibition Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

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GO Textile Sourcing Exhibition (GOTEX) 2023
September 12nd- 14th, 2023
Booth H11, ProMagno Pavilion

Exhibition address: Avenida Professora lda Kolb, 513 – Jardim das Laranjeiras, Sao Paulo – SP – 02518-000 / Brasil

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