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Salud Industry (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is one of the largest yarn suppliers in the world and the top three competitive enterprises in the textile industry in Guangdong Province. We have united 30 well-known yarn manufacturers and established the largest yarn factory alliance in China. At present, the types of yarns produced and supplied by the company cover nylon yarn, core spun yarn, blended yarn, feather yarn (imitation mink yarn), covered yarn, wool yarn and polyester yarn.
Yarn Type
86% Acrylic 14% PBT Blended Yarn

86% Acrylic 14% PBT Blended Yarn

Acrylic and PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) are combined in this blended yarn to achieve desired textile characteristics. The acrylic component lends durability, weather resistance, dimensional stability, and wrinkle resistance while the PBT component provides softness, elasticity, dyeability, and abrasion resistance. This 86% acrylic 14% PBT blend offers an optimal balance of the benefits from both fibers. Compared to pure acrylic or pure PBT yarns, this blend allows wider application in knitting and weaving textiles while retaining easy care properties.

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100% Polyester Chenille Yarn 4.5NM

100% Polyester Chenille Yarn

Chenille Yarn is a type of fancy yarn with a soft pile giving it a velvet-like texture. 100% Polyester Chenille Yarn offers excellent durability and vibrancy, making it ideal for apparel, upholstery, and other textile applications requiring rich, long-lasting color.

In this guide for textile manufacturers, we’ll explore Polyester Chenille Yarn’s manufacturing process, quality specifications, usage and care recommendations, and frequently asked questions. Read on for an in-depth look at this versatile high-quality yarn type.

50% Viscose 28% PBT 22% Nylon Long Hair Core Spun Yarn

50% Viscose 28% PBT 22% Nylon Long Hair Core Spun Yarn

Core spun yarn is a hybrid yarn made of staple fiber wrapped around a filament core. It combines the strength and uniformity of filament with the natural comfort and aesthetic of staple fiber. 50% viscose 28% PBT 22% nylon long hair core spun yarn incorporates soft, long viscose fibers wrapped around a strong nylon filament core for durability.

This yarn offers textile manufacturers the best of both worlds. The viscose outer wrapper provides a soft, cotton-like handfeel and brilliant dye uptake. The nylon core imparts strength to the yarn while maintaining the drapability of viscose. The end result is a lustrous yarn with rich color depth ideal for knit and woven fabrics.

28% Acrylic 22% Nylon(8D) 28% PBT 22% Viscose Core Spun Yarn

28% Acrylic 22% Nylon(8D) 28% PBT 22% Viscose Core Spun Yarn

Core spun yarn is made by twisting staple fibers around a filament core. This produces a strong, durable blended yarn that combines the benefits of natural fibers with the strength of synthetic filament.

28% Acrylic 22% Nylon(8D) 28% PBT 22% Viscose Core Spun Yarn features a blend of acrylic, nylon, PBT polyester, and viscose rayon. The filament core provides strength while the staple fibers give comfort, flexibility, and an attractive look. This makes it popular for knits, wovens, home textiles, apparel and more.

28% Acrylic 22% Nylon(1.5D) 28% PBT 22% Viscose Core Spun Yarn

28% Acrylic 22% Nylon(1.5D) 28% PBT 22% Viscose Core Spun Yarn

The 28% acrylic 22% nylon(1.5D) 28% PBT 22% viscose core spun yarn is a blended yarn made using core spinning technology. It has a polyester or viscose staple fiber core, which is wrapped with acrylic, nylon, and PBT fibers to form the final yarn structure.

This innovative yarn combines the benefits of both natural and synthetic fibers. The result is a strong, durable, stretchable, and wrinkle-resistant yarn with lustrous appearance, vibrant colors, and excellent shape retention.

With its versatile properties, this core spun yarn has become a popular choice for knitting, weaving, and crafting modern textiles from apparels to home furnishings.

Nylon Spandex Single Covered Yarn

Nylon Spandex Single Covered Yarn

Single covered yarn, often abbreviated SCY, refers to yarn that has been wrapped with a covering fiber, usually polyester or nylon. This gives the yarn added durability and aesthetic properties compared to regular core spun yarn. Single covered yarn maintains the characteristics of the core yarn while benefiting from the covering.

65% Viscose Nylon Blended Yarn

65% Viscose 35% Nylon Blended Yarn

The 65% viscose and 35% nylon blended yarn offers an optimal balance of the properties from its component fibers. The viscose portion provides softness, comfort, breathability, and absorbency. Meanwhile, the nylon component contributes strength, resilience, abrasion resistance, and shape retention. This popular blended yarn has a beautiful sheen and drape, making it well-suited for clothing and home textiles. It is more wrinkle resistant than viscose alone while also preventing pilling.

100% Viscose Yarn

100% Viscose Yarn

100% viscose yarn is a type of cellulosic fiber made from wood pulp or cotton pulp that is popularly used in the manufacturing of textile products. Viscose rayon yarn has softness similar to silk or wool yarns which makes it ideal for knits and woven fabrics.

With excellent comfort properties, high absorbency, vibrant dye uptake and affordable price point, 100% viscose yarn allows manufacturers to produce high-quality textiles. This versatile yarn is commonly used alone or blended with other fibers like polyester, nylon and spandex.

70% Viscose Nylon Blended Yarn

70% Viscose 30% Nylon Blended Yarn

70% Viscose 30% Nylon Blended Yarn combines the softness and comfort of viscose with the durability and elasticity of nylon. This makes it an ideal choice for knitted fabrics where both soft handfeel and shape retention are desired. The viscose component provides good moisture absorption and breathability while the nylon imparts strength and stretch. Products made from this blend strike the right balance between comfort and performance.

48% Viscose Acrylic Spandex Blended Yarn

48% Viscose 48% Acrylic 4% Spandex Blended Yarn

Blended yarns combine multiple fiber types to achieve desired properties like durability, stretch, breathability etc. 48% Viscose 48% Acrylic 4% Spandex blended yarn utilizes the key strengths of each material - viscose for absorbency and softness, acrylic for warmth and durability, and spandex for stretch and shape retention. This versatile yarn can be used to manufacture various textile products like knitwear, woven fabrics, home textiles and more. We'll overview the key characteristics, manufacturing process, and textile applications of this popular blended yarn.

100% Polyester Imitation Linen Yarn

100% Polyester Imitation Linen Yarn

Imitation linen yarn provides the look of natural linen with easier care and durability. This popular textile yarn is often made from polyester or other synthetic fibers to imitate the slubbed texture and matt luster of linen while avoiding linen's tendency to wrinkle easily. Imitation linen yarn has become a versatile textile for clothing, decor, and crafts that retains its shape and resists shrinking.

100% Polyester Imitation Cotton Yarn

100% Polyester Imitation Cotton Yarn

Imitation cotton yarn refers to synthetic yarns that have a cotton-like texture and appearance. As the name suggests, 100% Polyester Imitation Cotton Yarn mimics the look and feel of natural cotton but has certain advantages over real cotton. This specialty polyester yarn has gained popularity among manufacturers of textile products like knitwear, woven fabrics, home textiles etc. In this guide, we will discuss key properties, production process, end-uses and tips for sourcing this versatile polyester cotton imitation yarn.

100% Viscose Cooling Yarn

100% Viscose Cooling Yarn

Viscose cooling yarn is made of 100% viscose fibers with special cross-section shapes and moisture management properties to provide a cooling effect when in contact with skin. As a natural and breathable yarn, it is an ideal choice for manufacturing summer clothing and sportswear where good moisture absorption and quick drying are desired.

With features like smooth surface, bright color, good hygroscopicity and heat conduction, 100% viscose cooling yarn is perfect for making cool-touch fabrics that make wearers feel cool, dry and comfortable.

70% Polyester 30% Acrylic Blended Yarn

70% Polyester 30% Acrylic Blended Yarn

70% Polyester 30% Acrylic Blended Yarn is made by combining 70% polyester fibers and 30% acrylic fibers into a single blended yarn. This creates a yarn with properties of both fibers - the strength and durability of polyester combined with the softness, elasticity and dye-ability of acrylic.

Blended yarns like this are commonly used in knitting and weaving textiles when combined properties are desired. The 70/30 polyester/acrylic ratio offers an optimal balance between the two fibers. This blended yarn can be used to create fabrics ideal for apparel, home furnishings, accessories and more.

100% Nylon 6 Dope Dyed High Twisted DTY Yarn

100% Nylon 6 Dope Dyed High Twisted DTY Yarn

As a leading polyamide DTY yarn manufacturer in China, we produce high quality 100% Nylon 6 Dope Dyed High Twisted DTY Yarn that is ideal for use in knitted fabrics and woven fabrics production. Dope dyed DTY refers to the yarn being dyed when in the polymer state before spinning. This results in excellent color fastness and low cost compared to hank dyed yarns. The high twisted stretchable nylon DTY we offer has good elasticity, durability, and versatility for various end applications. If you need large quantities of consistent and affordable DTY yarn for textiles manufacturing, consider sourcing from our factory.

60% Polyester Viscose Blended Yarn

60% Polyester 40% Viscose Blended Yarn

60% Polyester 40% Viscose Blended Yarn combines the strength and durability of polyester with the softness, comfort and moisture absorption of viscose. This versatile blended yarn is widely used for knitting and weaving textiles like apparel fabrics, home textiles, socks and hosiery. The 60/40 blend ratio offers an optimal balance of performance properties for many end-use applications.

Polyester Brushed Yarn Dyed

100% Polyester Brushed Yarn

Polyester Brushed Yarn constitutes strands composed entirely of polyester fibers, possessing a brushed finish for enhanced softness or fuzziness. Its 100% polyester construction provides durability, shape retention, quick drying, resistance to stretching or shrinkage yet polyester brushed yarns retain pliability, breathability although less moisture-wicking than natural fibers.

Acrylic Solid Yarn Dyed

100% Acrylic Solid Yarn

Acrylic solid yarn is a type of textile yarn made entirely from acrylic fiber. Unlike acrylic bulk yarns which have an airy, fluffy texture, acrylic solid yarns have a smooth, uniform appearance and feel. The term "solid" refers to the yarn's consistent thickness and tight twist. Acrylic solid yarns are valued in knitting and weaving applications for their affordability, durability, and ease of care compared to natural fibers. This article provides an overview of 100% acrylic solid yarn for manufacturers interested in using it.

Acrylic Bulk Yarn Dyed

100% Acrylic Bulk Yarn

Procuring acrylic fiber in volume provides sundry boons big-time textile operations crave. Light synthetics simplify transport versus natural fibers. Petro-based acrylic cheaper than plant/animal materials lowers expenditures.

6% Wool 45% Viscose 21% Nylon 28% Polyester(Recycled) Blended Yarn

6% Wool 45% Viscose 21% Nylon 28% Polyester(Recycled) Blended Yarn

The 70% acrylic 27% polyester 3% spandex blended yarn is an elastic textile yarn that contains a mix of acrylic, polyester and spandex fibers. It offers the comfort, flexibility and breathability of acrylic combined with the durability and shape retention of polyester. The small percentage of spandex provides excellent stretch and recovery properties. This versatile blended yarn is suitable for knitting a wide range of textile and apparel products.

52% Acrylic Core Spun Yarn Raw White

52% Acrylic 28% PBT 20% Nylon Core Spun Yarn

The 52% Acrylic 28% PBT 20% Nylon Core Spun Yarn is an economical blended yarn with good durability and versatility. It contains 52% acrylic which provides softness and sheen, 28% PBT polyester which enhances durability and elasticity, and 20% nylon for strength and resilience. This core spun yarn has endless possibilities for sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, and more.

34% Acrylic Core Spun Yarn Raw White

34% Acrylic 44% PBT 22% Nylon Core Spun Yarn

34% acrylic 44% PBT 22% nylon core spun yarn is a blended yarn made of acrylic, PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), and nylon filaments wrapped around a viscose core. It combines the strength and elasticity of nylon with the softness of acrylic and PBT. This versatile yarn is ideal for sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, and other winter knitwear.

viscose core spun yarn

47% Viscose 26% PBT 22% Nylon 5% Lurex Silver Core Spun Yarn

Viscose core spun yarn is a type of yarn that combines the advantages of both viscose fibers and a core material, resulting in a versatile and high-performance textile component. It is composed of a core material, typically made of polyester or another synthetic fiber, around which viscose fibers are spun. The viscose fibers provide softness, drape, and moisture absorption properties, while the core material enhances strength and durability.

nylon feather yarn

100% Nylon 5.0cm Feather Yarn

Nylon feather yarn is a kind of yarn that is made from nylon fibers that are spun together to produce a fluffy, feather-like texture. This special texture offers the yarn a light and airy feel, making it perfect for light-weight jobs such as headscarfs, shawls, and fragile garments. Nylon feather yarn is understood for its softness, toughness, and resistance to wrinkles and creases, making it a popular option amongst fabric producers and crafters. It is readily available in a vast array of colors and designs, permitting unlimited imaginative possibilities. Nylon feather yarn can be utilized for a range of jobs, consisting of knitting and crocheting, decorations for clothes and devices, house decoration products, outfit style, and arts and crafts jobs.

85% Acrylic 15% Polyester Blended Yarn

85% Acrylic 15% Polyester Blended Yarn

Acrylic polyester yarn is a blended yarn combining the properties of both acrylic and polyester fibers. Acrylic is a synthetic fiber made from polymers like polyacrylonitrile, while polyester is made from petroleum byproducts. Blended together, acrylic and polyester create a durable, fade-resistant and weather-resistant yarn that is both soft and lightweight.


72% Viscose 28% PBT Blended Yarn

Viscose and PBT blended yarn offers an optimal balance of the softness and comfort of viscose with the durability and elasticity of PBT. This 72% viscose 28% PBT blended yarn is ideal for knitted fabrics like t-shirts, underwear, linings, and more. The viscose component introduces breathability while the PBT provides shape retention. Read on to learn more about the characteristics and manufacturing process of this versatile blended yarn.

70% Polyester Viscose Blended Yarn

70% Polyester 30% Viscose Blended Yarn

70% polyester viscose blended yarn is made by blending a certain proportion of polyester and viscose fibers. Polyester viscose yarn occupies a certain weight in the market and has a wide range of applications.

Acrylic Blended Yarn

70% Acrylic 27% Polyester 3% Spandex Blended Yarn

The 70% acrylic 27% polyester 3% spandex blended yarn is an elastic textile yarn that contains a mix of acrylic, polyester and spandex fibers. It offers the comfort, flexibility and breathability of acrylic combined with the durability and shape retention of polyester. The small percentage of spandex provides excellent stretch and recovery properties. This versatile blended yarn is suitable for knitting a wide range of textile and apparel products.

4cm feather yarn

100% Nylon 4.0cm Feather Yarn

This feather yarn is 100% Nylon made filament yarn. The dyed feature of the 4.0 cm feather yarn helps in using hand knitting, sewing, and weaving. Because of the high tenacity, the feather yarn twists well. The strength of the feather yarn is appreciable. Apart from nylon, other materials polyester, wool, and even acrylic can be usable. The technique of ring-spun helps to retain the temperature and elasticity.

2.0cm feather yarn

100% Nylon 2.0cm Feather Yarn

2.0 cm feather yarn is an environmentally friendly nylon yarn. The fiber length of this yarn is continuous filament. With the help of a ring spun, the making of this feather yarn occurs. Besides, 2.0 cm yarn comes in viscose filaments as raw materials. China is one of the suppliers of this feather yarn. However, the pattern of this yarn is dyed.

1.3cm feather yarn

100% Nylon 1.3cm Feather Yarn

1.3 cm feather yarn is decorative or fancy yarn. It could be produced from Nylon material according to the requirements. It’s composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a specific direction (S/Z twist). Because of the directional distribution of ply, the woven or knit fabric could adopt a soft gloss, the surface appears plump, and a decorative effect.) as per the directional distribution, the produced material is made of super soft luster.

0.9 cm feather yarn

100% Nylon 0.9cm Feather Yarn

0.9 cm feather yarn is one of the decorative yarns. Its structure is fancy, and its feature is eco-friendly. Most of the 0.9 cm yarn consists of Nylon. Besides the composition of both core and decorative yarn, the feathers are soft hand touched. On the other hand, the coarseness of the yarn is medium.

product - Elastic Core Spun Yarn

47% Viscose 26% PBT 22% Nylon 5% Lurex Crystal Core Spun Yarn

With the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, textiles with good elasticity and durability are favored by people. There are many kinds of elastic fibers, the total can be divided into polyurethane fiber (such as polyurethane) , polyether elastic fiber (such as PET/PEO) , polyester elastic fiber (such as PBT, PTT, PET/PTT bicomponent crimp fiber) , polyolefin elastic fiber (such as Dow XLA fiber) and hard elastic fiber (such as hard elastic PP and polyvinylidene fluoride fiber) and so on.

product - Acrylic Core Spun Yarn

40% Acrylic 30% PBT 30% Nylon Core Spun Yarn

40% Acrylic core spun yarn is a kind of yarn made from a core of artificial fiber, which is PBT yarn, surrounded by a layer of acrylic fiber and nylon fiber. The PBT core supplies strength, while the acrylic layer includes heat, softness, and sturdiness to the yarn. This mix of residential or commercial properties makes acrylic core spun yarn a perfect product for a range of applications, consisting of upholstery, bed linen, and clothes.

wool yarn

100% Wool Yarn

Wool yarn is a textile yarn that is made from the natural fibers of wool obtained from sheep or other animals such as goats, llamas, and alpacas. Wool fiber has crimp giving elasticity and warmth to the yarn. Wool yarns have insulating properties making knitted or woven fabrics ideal for winter clothing and blankets.

product-Nylon High Stretch Yarn FDY

100% Nylon 6 DTY Yarn

The most economical technique used in the manufacturing of nylon 6 nylon is a melt-spinning process, in this process, we feed nylon polymer chips, which are then melted a pump help to pump the melting nylon polymer to move through a spinneret. There is a grid (filter) at the base which allow only molten liquid to pass through.

Feather Yarn (Imitation Mink Yarn)

100% Nylon 0.5cm Feather Yarn

Feather yarn, also known as imitation mink yarn or eyelash yarn, refers to a special type of fancy yarn characterized by its ultra-soft, fluffy texture reminiscent of feathers or fur. Unlike actual feathers, feather yarn consists of synthetic filament fibers like nylon or polyester arranged around a central core yarn for an eye-catching, novelty effect. With origins in the Chinese textile market, feather yarns have rapidly grown in popularity across knitting, crochet, weaving, and other textile applications over the past few years.

4-product-Core Spun Yarn

50% Viscose 28% PBT 22% Nylon Core Spun Yarn

Core-spun yarns are generally made of synthetic fiber filaments with good strength and elasticity as the core yarn, with short fibers such as cotton, wool, and viscose fibers being twisted together. The core-spun yarn has the excellent properties of filament core yarn and short-wrapped fiber.

100% Nylon 6 Dope Dyed High Twisted DTY Yarn

100% Nylon 6 Hank Dyed High Twisted DTY Yarn

Drawn Textured Yarn is what is meant by the abbreviation DTY, it is one of the more common nylon yarns. Pull Textured Yarn is created by employing high-speed texturizing machines to simultaneously twist and draw nylon partially oriented yarns (POY), and this establishes the drawing texture of the yarn.

High Quality Yarn Supplier

The right price, the right yarn – this is a win-win strategy for textile manufacturers and yarn suppliers all over the world. No more disputes due to insufficient quality, no more complaints due to substandard delivery. As one of the largest yarn suppliers in the world, the company helps to promote the industrial upgrading of the yarn field. In 2010, the company and the local government jointly established a textile raw material research center, which has been widely concerned and recognized in the textile industry. We rely on high-standard textile quality parameters jointly developed by the local textile associations to evaluate quality to cope with global competition.

Salud Style is the first yarn supplier in China with a yarn factory alliance. Through joint production with major yarn factories in China, our yarn suppliers not only effectively reduces the connection time and logistics costs from one production process to another, but also helps to reduce unit fixed production costs. At the same time, Salud Style adheres to strict quality control measures and has won a good reputation in the international yarn supply chain.  Its products are supplied to many international famous brands and major Chinese retail brands. For more than 10 years, we have worked closely with many internationally renowned yarn suppliers, the products are sold to more than 40 markets in Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific and the United States.

A Good Yarn Supplier Has These Three Characteristics:

Keep Promise

In the process of yarn procurement and supply, there is a relatively long process from customer acquaintance to order completion. This process, what the supply and demand parties are mostly doing, is ultimately a process of building trust. Customers have a sense of trust to you, meet the right variety of yarn, he will look for you to develop it, and there will be a oppotunity for a mass production yarn order.

In this process, there are many opportunities for interaction. In the interaction, any performance of the supplier will become a concept in the mind of the customer, and the customer will have a basic judgment of you. If the yarn supplier does what he says and responds to everything in a timely manner, the customer will have a good impression of you as a reliable supplier, which is equivalent to building trust.

Strong Quality Awareness

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and this sentence is no exception for a yarn supplier. All successful enterprises must attach great importance to maintaining old customers. And want to maintain old customer, the key still needs excellent quality, only quality is good, just be the hardest chassis. Otherwise, a good relationship with customers is an armchair strategist.

If the quality of the yarn sample sent by the supplier is defective, do not accept it no matter how low the price is, because you may have various problems in your future transactions.

Can Control The Delivery Time Very Well

Time is life, is wealth, for the yarn order, the same principle. Because the clothes have a fixed market cycle, if the sales time is missed, the clothes may have to be put in the warehouse, which will cause great loss. Therefore, some brand clothing enterprises choose yarn suppliers to control the delivery date is very strict. Take ZARA for example. When I communicate with some enterprises that make ZARA clothing lists, they give feedback that ZARA directly sends many clothing lists to Spain by air, and the reason why ZARA does it at all costs is to grab the best sales period. Slow work makes fine work, for the yarn industry, is not very suitable. At the same time, good quality, time control is very critical, we can say that both are equally important.

Where To Find Yarn Suppliers

Some foreign customers find yarn suppliers, mainly through exhibitions, professional B2B websites, various online forums and so on. And yarn suppliers also understand this, so they also deploy their own brands on these channels.

Find Yarn Suppliers From The Trade Fair

Canton FairChina International Textile and Yarn Fair, Paris Yarn and Knitwear Fair, etc., are all places where professional yarn suppliers appear. With their large exhibition planning, strong professionalism and high world popularity, they are among the best in the yarn industry. However, due to the impact of the Covid-19, it is estimated that there will be some adjustments in this two years. Such as offline exhibition moved to the online exhibition. After all, offline exhibitions have lasted for so many years, and this mode has the best matching effect and the fastest efficiency, so this mode will still survive for a long time. For the yarn industry, fairs are still one of the most popular ways for yarn suppliers and textile manufacturers to experience the texture of yarn directly.

Find Yarn Suppliers From Professional B2B Websites

On the B2B platforms likes AlibabaMade-in-China, there are many yarn suppliers, and most of the yarn suppliers would pay for the B2B platform membership every year. 

On these B2B platforms, there are a large number of yarn suppliers for yarn buyers to choose from – this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that buyers can find yarn suppliers who can offer very low prices. There are also many disadvantages: because there are a large number of yarn suppliers competing on the platform, a price war cannot be avoided. As a result, some suppliers will reduce the yarn price by reducing the yarn quality to obtain limited orders on the platform. If you are a purchaser with many years of yarn purchasing experience, you should know how serious consequences low-quality yarn will bring to the final textile products. Another drawback is that the platform will restrict the buyer and the seller from communicating with each other through email and other communication tools, and can only communicate on the chat page on the platform, which is extremely inconvenient for enterprises in urgent need of yarn procurement. In addition, in order to compete for limited customer resources, yarn suppliers also over-arrange keywords for their products, which makes it difficult for buyers to find the yarn types they need on the platform, or leads to the problem of wrong purcument, affecting buyers’ purchase plans.

Anyway, the main advantage of finding yarn suppliers on the B2B platform is that the parameters of the yarn can be listed on the page in great detail. And if there is a problem with the goods, there is also a B2B platform that can serve as a guarantee. Therefore, if you decide to choose a yarn supplier on the B2B platform, please ensure that the enterprise you choose is a premium paying member, which can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble in your purchase plan.

In addition to the traditional full category B2B platform, there are some other textile industry B2B platform likes Fibre2FashionGlobalTextiles are also good places to find experienced textile yarn suppliers. 

Find Yarn Suppliers From Social Media

Some powerful yarn suppliers will display their brand image and product information on social media likes YoutubeFacebook. Of course, some sohos or middlemen engaged in the yarn industry will also do the same. When looking for yarn suppliers on social media, it’s best to look for companies with their own websites that dare to showcase their production floors. Because on social media, no one has reviewed the reliability of the yarn suppliers above.

If you are a beginner of yarn buyer, please take a look at this article: Yarn Supplier Selection Guide – Principles And Steps For Selecting Yarn Suppliers.

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