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Drawn Textured Yarn is what is meant by the abbreviation DTY, it is one of the more common nylon yarns. Pull Textured Yarn is created by employing high-speed texturizing machines to simultaneously twist and draw nylon partially oriented yarns (POY), and this establishes the drawing texture of the yarn.

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Introduction of 100% Nylon 6 Hank Dyed High Twisted DTY Yarn Product

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  • Anti-bacteria
  • High tenacity
  • Moisture-absorbent
  • High stretch


  • Elastic tape
  • Socks
  • Glove
  • Shoes upper
  • Webbing


Product nameItemSpec.Breaking strengthBreaking tenacityBreaking tenacity (%)Elongation at break (%)Dry heat shrinkage (%)
Nylon DTYUnitDNcN/dtex%%%
Actual result30D-600D2.3-3071383
Actual result600D-1200D30-8071383
Actual result1200D-1890D80-14071383

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Table of Contents

    What is Nylon DTY?

    Drawn Textured Yarn is what is meant by the abbreviation DTY, it is one of the more common nylon yarns. Pull Textured Yarn is created by employing high-speed texturizing machines to simultaneously twist and draw nylon partially oriented yarns (POY), and this establishes the drawing texture of the yarn. There is another type of nylon yarn that similar to nylon dty - nylon aty. Because the texturizing of the yarn is achieved through an air jet, these yarns are often referred to as Air Textured Yarns (ATY). It is a procedure which relies on machinery. A cold air stream is utilized in the process of air-jet texturing, which results in the production of bulked yarns with a limited capacity for extensibility.

    To make dty, twisted and drawn nylon poy is used. Hosiery goods, fishing nets, and ropes are all examples of products that can be made with nylon DTY. High tenacity nylon DTY is also utilized in the manufacturing of cords of tire. There is a choice between a semi-dull and a brilliant dty shine for nylon DTY. To create dope dyed dty, the raw material and color master-batch must first be combined. To manufacture dope-dyed DTY yarn, you can use dope-dyed POY yarn as a starting point. There are different types of nylon dty such as: nylon 6 dty, nylon 66 dty etc. 

    Characteristics of Nylon DTY

    Strength and Elasticity

    The strength and resilience to the impact of nylon dty are both excellent. The fabric is light and has good elasticity, and it is primarily constructed of nylon dty yarn. The most significant benefits of using nylon dty are its high strength and resistance to abrasion.

    Heat Resistance

    Because nylon has a low melting point, the material's resistance to heat is not very high. Blending or interweaving various fibers is the primary purpose for its application in the knitting and silk industries. It is significant to consider the temperature when working with nylon cloth.


    Hygroscopicity is a typical property of nylon dty. Nylon dty, on the other hand, has superior hygroscopicity when contrasted with polyester yarn. Additionally, nylon dtypossesses antistatic qualities, which enables it to fulfill the needs of mines and the mechanical applications they use.

    Chemical Stability

    Nylon has excellent chemical stability and tolerance to alkalis. However, it is not resistant to acids. In the meantime, it possesses unusual fatigue and deformation resistance.


    The fact that nylon has a low resistance to sunlight is perhaps its most significant drawback. After getting exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will weaken and turn a yellowish color. Because of this, one of the most significant considerations when working with nylon materials is the amount of available light.

    Introduction to Nylon DTY and Its Advantages

    Nylon DTY, a versatile material, boasts numerous applications in the textile industry. Its resilience and elasticity make it a favorite for manufacturers. This yarn's unique texture allows for a wide range of uses, from apparel to home furnishings

    The Role of Nylon DTY in Sportswear Production

    Athletic wear benefits greatly from nylon DTY due to its stretch and recovery properties. This yarn is integral in creating durable, flexible sportswear that withstands rigorous physical activity.

    Nylon DTY in Home Textiles: Comfort and Durability

    Home textiles such as upholstery, curtains, and bedding often incorporate nylon DTY to enhance their longevity and tactile appeal. This yarn provides a balance of comfort and durability, making it ideal for everyday use.

    Automotive Industry: Using Nylon DTY for Enhanced Performance

    In the automotive sector, nylon DTY is used for its robustness and abrasion resistance. It is commonly found in car interiors, providing a sleek appearance and resilience against wear and tear.

    Nylon yarn car interior
    Nylon yarn car interior

    The Fashion Industry's Take on Nylon DTY

    Fashion designers favor nylon DTY for its adaptability and texture, which offers a unique feel to garments. It is used in a variety of clothing items, from hosiery to intricate lace designs.

    Medical Textiles and Nylon DTY

    Medical textiles utilize nylon DTY for its strength and stretchability, essential for medical garments and bandages that require flexibility and support.

    Medical Textiles and Nylon DTY
    Medical Textiles and Nylon DTY

    Nylon DTY's Impact on Functional Fabrics

    Functional fabrics such as weather-resistant and breathable materials often use nylon DTY. This yarn contributes to the creation of textiles that protect against environmental elements while maintaining comfort.

    The Sustainability Aspect of Nylon DTY

    Sustainability concerns in the textile industry have led to innovations in nylon DTY production. Recycled and eco-friendly versions of this yarn are gaining traction, catering to a more environmentally conscious market.

    Nylon DTY: The Future of Textile Innovation

    Advancements in textile technology continue to expand the possibilities for nylon DTY. Its application in smart textiles and other innovative products is shaping the future of the industry.

    Final Words

    DTY originating in China and India is currently being shipped in significant amounts to various countries throughout the world, including Egypt, Syria, Argentina, and others. Over the last ten years, the price of nylon DTY has hovered at 19,000 yuan per ton, and we can provide you with the highest grade of nylon dty that is accessible for all of these different demands.

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