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As an acrylic blended yarn manufacturer, we are excited to offer our customers a high-quality acrylic blended yarn that is perfect for knitting and other textile projects. Our blended yarn factory uses the latest technologies and processes to create an acrylic blended yarn that is both durable and soft.

Acrylic blended yarn is breathable and has good heat retention. It is cheaper than wool yarn and has better performance than wool yarn. It has a wide range of applications in the textile field.

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Product Information


  • Advantages of component yarns
  • good breathability
  • good heat retention
  • good wear resistance
  • Soft to the touch


  • underwear
  • T-shirt
  • sportswear
  • bra
  • children’s clothing
  • medical clothing
  • bed linings
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Product Composition Yarn Count Machine
(Flat knit)
can 2ply,3ply..
Usage Characteristic Recommended countries
1 Imitation yak wool yarn 70% Acrylic
27% Polyester
3% Spandex
14NM/1 3GG,5GG
winter sweater,scarves, gloves, socks, hats, etc. The woven fabric is relatively thick. It is windy in winter, warm, with spandex insidewhich have good elasticity.
Excellent plush effect
India, Brazil, Poland, Argentina, Mexico, Russia etc
2 Superfine iimitation yak wool yarn 68% Acrylic
28% Polyester
4% Spandex
18NM/1 3GG,5GG
winter sweater,scarves, gloves, socks, hats,coat  etc. The woven fabric is relatively thick. It is windy in winter, warm, with spandex insidewhich have good elasticity.
Excellent plush effect
3 Imitation mohair yarn 70% Acrylic
27% Nylon
3% Spandex
14NM/1 3GG,5GG
winter sweater,scarves, gloves, socks, hats,coat  etc. Replacing polyester with nylon increases hand comfort and softness

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Table of Contents

Properties of Acrylic Fibers

The properties of acrylic fiber are similar to wool, and the macromolecular structure is very unique, with an irregular helical conformation and no strict crystalline region, but there are high order and low order arrangements. This structure makes acrylic fiber have good thermal elasticity, the density of acrylic fiber is smaller than that of wool, and the fabric has good thermal insulation, which is suitable for thermal underwear.







Fineness (dtex)


Breaking Strength (cN/dtex)




Ultra long fiber (mg/100g)


Double long fiber (mg/100g)


Number of curls (pcs/10mm)


Volume specific electricity / (Ω*cm)


Moisture regain (%)


The blended yarns and fabrics made of acrylic fibers have complementary advantages of various fibers, various functions can be exerted, and they have unique performance and style. Acrylic blended yarn can be used to make underwear, T-shirts, sportswear, bras, children's clothing, medical clothing and bedding, etc. The products are soft and comfortable, and have good moisture absorption and air permeability.

Process points of acrylic blended yarn

The technical principles and related process parameters of acrylic blended yarn should be considered according to the characteristics of acrylic and blended fibers. The fibers contained in acrylic fiber and other blends do not contain impurities, and the fibers have good uniformity, and the length and fineness are similar. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the blending, so it is selected to be blended in the cleaning process. The cleaning and carding process should adopt the principle of "light hitting, less falling, reasonable carding and slow speed" to reduce damage to the fibers, and appropriately increase the weight of laps and slivers to improve the cohesion between fibers. The blended fibers are relatively fluffy and the surface is smooth, which is easy to cause the beard to slip off, the accidental draft is large, the details are many, and the hairiness is high. ” process principle to prevent harmful yarn defects from poor drafting and prevent large mechanical waves from occurring in each process. The first and second merging processes use 8 merging, and the drafting ratio is close to the merging number. The relative humidity of the carding, drawing, roving, and spinning workshops should be controlled too high to prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity, so as to reduce the entanglement of each process.

Flower cleaning process

Since acrylic fiber and other blended fibers are chemical fibers, the fibers are smooth and soft, free of impurities, and only a small amount of hard filaments. Therefore, the opening and cleaning process is based on the principle of loose and light beating, and the speed of each beater is controlled by a small amount. Because the specific gravity of acrylic fiber is small, the hand is fluffy, and the uneven weight of the roll is difficult to control, the relative humidity of the acrylic fiber blended yarn opening process should not be too small.

Carding process

Acrylic fiber accounts for a large proportion in the acrylic fiber blended yarn, and it is bulky. In order to prevent the coiling inclined tube from being blocked when the cotton is carded into a sliver, the diameter of the coiling bell mouth should be adjusted, and the pressure should be increased at the large pressure roller to increase the sliver. density while reducing sliver ration. In order to avoid static electricity generated by friction between fibers and metal card clothing, and to make the doffer transfer fibers smoothly, it is necessary to increase the relative humidity of the workshop and control it to 65% to 70%.

drawing process

There are three key aspects in the drawing process of acrylic blended yarn: (1) Fully mixing various blended fibers; (2) Preventing the generation of drafting mechanical waves; (3) Preventing static electricity from affecting production. In order to ensure that the two fibers in the sliver can be fully mixed, three passes are adopted to ensure that the yarn is uniformly colored and has no color difference. In order to reduce and prevent the generation of mechanical waves, technical measures such as appropriately increasing the roller distance, reducing the vehicle speed, rationally arranging the drafting distribution, and appropriately increasing the rear drafting ratio are taken.

Roving process

The roving process of acrylic blended yarn adopts the technical measures of heavy pressure, large gauge and small twist coefficient. The front apron and the upper and lower apron of the roving must have good chitosan fibers, and the time should not be too long. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is controlled within 2g/L during bleaching, otherwise the strength of chitosan fibers will decrease.

Spinning process

The spun yarn of the acrylic blended yarn adopts heavy pressure, large gauge, and a smaller rear area to pull the middle multiple, and the spun yarn traveler should be lightly selected. Pay attention to the service cycle of the ring and traveler, and replace the ring and traveler in time to prevent neps and hairiness. The relative humidity of the spinning workshop is 60%-65% to reduce the adverse effects of static electricity.

Winding process

Keep the drum channel clean and use a lower winding speed to reduce neps and hairiness. Due to the high elasticity of the acrylic blended yarn, the unwinding tension should not be too large to prevent the package yarn from being poorly formed. Reasonable setting of electric clearing parameters to remove harmful yarn defects.

Acrylic Blended Yarn Manufacturer - Salud Style

Salud Style is a well-known domestic and foreign blended yarn manufacturer integrating development, design, production and sales in the textile field. Acrylic blended yarn is one of our products. We have a complete and scientific quality management system to ensure that our products are of the best quality at the same price.

We also have our own dyeing factory, which can guarantee fast proofing of acrylic blended yarns.

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We are delighted to announce that Salud Style will be participating in the upcoming International Textile and Apparel Procurement Exhibition, which will take place from September 12nd to 14th, 2023, in São Paulo, Brazil. You are welcome to visit us at Booth H11 in the Brazil Sao Paulo PRO MAGNO Exhibition Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

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GO Textile Sourcing Exhibition (GOTEX) 2023
September 12nd- 14th, 2023
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