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Acrylic core-spun yarn is one of the most popular types of core spun yarn in the textile industry. It’s with anti-pilling, light and fluffy, bright luster and saturated hand. It has the softness of cotton, the luster of silk, and it is moisture-wicking and breathable. The fabric saturation and skin-friendly comfort of the acrylic core-spun yarn are very good. Suitable for autumn and winter fashion brands, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing and other fabrics.



  • Anti-pilling
  • light and fluffy
  • glossy
  • Saturation


Applicable Industries

  • Clothing fabric manufacturing industry
  • Stretch fabric manufacturing industry
  • Decorative fabric manufacturing industry
  • Sewing thread manufacturing industry

Applicable Products

  • Sweater
  • Sock
  • Sheet
  • Sofa cover
  • Scarf
  • Gloves

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Acrylic Core Spun Yarn: The Alternative to Rabbit Hair Yarn

Rabbit hair contains a variety of amino acids, with low density, light specific gravity, good heat preservation effect, strong moisture absorption, smoothness and good gloss. , but the collection cost of rabbit hair is also high, and the cost of raw materials is also high. In addition, the current international market and domestic market call for the protection of animals to prohibit the killing of animals and the use of animal fur to make clothes, accessories, shoes, etc., so seeking a lower cost, Products with better performance that can replace rabbit fur are necessary.

It is in such an environment that acrylic core-spun yarn was invented, and was quickly accepted by the textile industry and used in textile production. Most of the acrylic core-spun yarns on the market use PBT elastic yarn as the yarn core, and the blended layer of imitation rabbit hair polyester fiber and acrylic fiber as the outer layer. The physical properties can effectively improve the flexibility of the fiber and the soft feel of the fabric, and achieve the softness and warmth retention of cashmere. Through the structural design of the slub-type covering layer, our acrylic core-spun yarn endows the core-spun yarn with excellent thermal insulation performance and an ordered appearance structure with good air permeability and stronger three-dimensional feeling.

Acrylic core-spun yarn not only overcomes the defects of natural rabbit hair yarn depilation and pilling, but also has the characteristics of soft, fluffy and smooth rabbit hair yarn, and the quality index and appearance style meet the requirements of weaving.

Acrylic Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer - Salud Style

core spun yarn manufacturer
core spun yarn manufacturer

We are an acrylic core spun yarn manufacturer with a daily capacity is 20 tons. Our acrylic core spun yarn product is widely used as a substitute for wool yarn in textile manufacturing, and the textile product made of it has a better feel and lower cost, it is being chosen by more and more clothing manufacturers.

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