Blended Yarn

Blended Yarn

Introduction of
Blended Yarn

Blended yarn refers to a single yarn spun by mixing two or more different types of fibers. Blended yarn refers to a yarn made by mixing two or more different fibers in a certain proportion, such as polyester-cotton blended yarn, polyester-viscose blended yarn, etc. In addition, a variety of fibers are distributed and adjusted in different proportions to become a blended yarn.
We produce blended yarns all year round. The main blended yarns include eye cotton blended yarn, eye viscose blended yarn, eye polyester blended yarn, bamboo cotton blended yarn, bamboo polyester blended yarn, cotton viscose blended yarn, polyester Cotton blended yarn, Tencel cotton blended yarn, Modal cotton blended yarn, etc. The main specifications are 21 counts, 32 counts, 40 counts, 50 counts, 60 counts, etc. Other counts can be customized and produced according to customer requirements.

Blended yarn is widely used in the knitting and weaving industry.

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Blended Yarn
Industry Uses

  • Weaving Industry
  • Knitting Industry
  • Fabric Manufacturing Industry

Blended Yarn
Product Performance Parameters

Product name Composition Count Ply Count
Expanded cotton acrylic yarn 60C/40A 16S 2
Expanded cotton acrylic yarn 60C/40A 20S 2
Pure cotton yarn C100 21S 2
Pure cotton yarn C100 32S 2
Cotton Acrylic Yarn 55C/45A 20S 2
Acrylic Cotton Yarn 55A45C 20S 2
Cotton Acrylic yarn 55C/45A 30S 2
Acrylic Cotton yarn 55A/45C 30S 2
Viscose cotton yarn 60R/40C 20S 2
Acrylic polyester spandex  yarn 70A/27P/3S 24S 1
Acrylic polyester spandex  yarn 68A/28P/4S 30S 1

Blended Yarn

  • Advantages of component yarns

Blended Yarn

  • Sheet
  • Clothing
  • Hat
  • Scarf
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