Nylon 6 Yarn

Introduction of
Nylon 6 Yarn

From January to December 2019, China’s nylon 6 yarn with a twist of more than 50 turns per meter imported 1,530.8 tons, and the import value was US$7.01 million; from January to December 2019, China’s nylon 6 yarn with a twist of more than 50 turns per meter was exported. The quantity was 1377.8 tons, and the export value was 5.068 million US dollars.

As a nylon 6 yarn supplier, the nylon 6 yarn produced by our factory adopts advanced production equipment and strict production control to ensure that each product has a uniform twist, no oil stains, uniform molding, and no joints. Make sure every product delivered to customers is the best.

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Nylon 6 Yarn
Industry Uses

  • Cloth Manufacturing Industry
  • Fabric Manufacturing Industry
  • Safety Equipment Industry

Nylon 6 Yarn
Product Performance Parameters

Test item

Nylon 6 yarn

Nylon 66 yarn

Relative density

1.12-1.14 1.14-1.15

Water absorption rate was 20°, relative humidity was 65%, and (%)

1.3-0.9 3.8

Tensile strength

70-84 77-84

Elongation (%)

200-300 60-300

Telastic modulus (MPa)

10545-2530 1234-2921

Compression strength (MPa)

84-90 100-110

Bend strength (MPa)

120-125 56-97

Bending elastic modulus number (MPa)


Impact strength (Gap), (KJ /㎡)

2014-6.43 2.14-5.36

Rockwell hardness R

119 120

Melting point (℃)


Thermal deformation temperature is 1.85MPa

68 104


185 244

Dielectric constant (106Hz23°, relative humidity of 50%)

3.4 3.6

Breakdown voltage (kv / mm)

15.75 15.75

Respetivity (Ω · cm)

10 12 10 14

Sheet resistance (Ω)

Self extinguishing

Nylon 6 Yarn

  • High tensile strength
  • high flexibility
  • luster
  • high toughness
  • resistant to abrasion
  • resistant to acids and alkalis
  • resistant to wrinkles

Nylon 6 Yarn

  • sportswear
  • gym wear
  • organza fabric
  • chiffon
  • Sherpa fabric

How Nylon 6 Yarn Is Made?

The most economical technique used in the manufacturing of nylon 6 nylon is a melt-spinning process, in this process, we feed nylon polymer chips, which are then melted a pump help to pump the melting nylon polymer to move through a spinneret. There is a grid (filter) at the base which allow only molten liquid to pass through. After this nylon melted polymers have to pass through a spinneret which has a different hole, the number of filaments required depends on oh these holes. After the cool air solidifies the nylon filament. Finally, the filament yarn is either wound directly onto bobbins or further treated for specific desired characteristics or end-use.  The advantage of the melt-spinning process is that most economical process and has a high production speed (275-1500 yds per minute).

Nylon 6 Yarn Types

There are five main varieties of nylon 6 yarn. Fully drawn nylon yarn (FDY) and High Oriented Nylon 6 filament yarn (HOY) are both often used in warp and weft knitting and weaving. Nylon 6 filament yarn DTY is intended to be texturized using partially oriented nylon yarn (POY). Draw Textured Nylon Yarn (DTY) is utilized for fashionable clothing because of its texture. The air-textured nylon yarn (ATY), also known as cotton-like yarn, is mostly utilized in athletic equipment, due to its strength, & breathable.

Properties of Nylon 6

High tensile strength, flexibility, luster, and toughness are all characteristics of nylon 6 yarns. Nylon 6 Yarn are extremely resistant to abrasion, chemicals like acids and alkalis, and wrinkles. The nylon 6 yarn has a 2.4 % water absorption capacity. Nylon 6 yarn has a glass transition temperature of 47 °C. Nylon 6yarn is a synthetic yarn that is typically white, although it can be dyed in a solution bath before manufacture to provide a variety of colors. It has a density of 1.14 gm/cc and tenacity that ranges from 6 to 8.5 gm/den. It has a 215 °C melting point and, on average, can tolerate heat up to 150 °C. In comparison to polyester, nylon 6 filament yarn has good color fastness.

Uses of Nylon-6 Yarn:

Nylon 6 Yarn is utilized in a variety of applications, but its main application is in textile. Nylon-6 filament yarn has 100% recovery at 4% extension, which makes it a suitable choice to use in sportswear, gym wear, and stocking. It is also a preferable option in organza fabric, chiffon, and Sherpa fabric.

Stats & Price

Producing nylon 6 yarn is cheaper than other nylon types, such as nylon 66 yarn. The global nylon 6 production capacity reached 6.83 million tons in 2018, up from 4.4 million tons in 2014, and increased at a 7.7 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2011 to 2018 as China expanded its nylon 6 capacity. China is the world's largest Nylon 6 producer, with 4.01 million tons installed capacity, accounting for 58.6 percent of total global output in 2018, in which about 1.5-2.0 million tons are used for nylon 6 yarn manufacturing. According to Statista, global capacity will increase to 8.86 million tons in 2024. Nylon 6 yarn price is about US$2.00-US$4.00/ kilogram.

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