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Among the family of polymers, Nylon is the most significant one that comes in 66 yarns. Nylon 66 yarn is a type of usually chosen alternative for industrial and clothing fabric sewing with thread features. Besides, Nylon 66 yarn is completely made of 2 monomers including 6 carbon atoms. The exciting features of Nylon 66 yarn are the high-heat absorption with tough material making.

Because of its high melting temperature, Nylon 66 yarn’s heat strength becomes more robust at 180 degrees Celsius. Since Nylon 66 has the most usage in industrial fabrics, the use of extreme heat turns any product into the final product one like the tire cord. Such heat helps to gain enough strength to bring changes in the manufacturing process.

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  • Water-Absorbing Rate is low
  • Higher Stiffness
  • Complex Dyeing
  • Produces the less-energetic color in Acid Dyeing
  • Good Wear-Resistant


  • Tactical Webbing and Military
  • Industrial Uses ((Parachute, conveyor belts)
  • Ropes and Pipes
  • Fabrics of Cloth
  • Geotextile
  • Cord fabric
  • High strength sewing thread
Nylon Yarn Post-processingNylon Yarn Post-processing
Nylon Yarn Hanking ProcessNylon Yarn Hanking Process
Nylon Yarn Winding ProcessNylon Yarn Winding Process
Nylon Yarn FactoryNylon Yarn Factory
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Breaking tenacity












Hot Air Shrinkage (177°C, 2 minutes)









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Overview of Nylon 66 Yarn

Nylon 66 offers minimal creep with better stretchability and abrasion-resistance capability. These features make nylon 66 yards as the most ideal choice for industrial and clothing fabric applications. Besides, the primary usages of nylon 66 are mostly in the apparel sector. In apparel, we can see the greater stiffness and wear-resistance capability for casual clothes. The secondary usage denotes the heavier form of nylon 66 yards where the industrial products are manufactured. Among the products, we have parachutes, carpets, and automotive airbags. The secondary usages of Nylon 66 make sure the utmost reliability with long-lasting performance.

Introduction of Nylon 66 Yarn

Nylon 66 yarn is made of Coal and Petroleum oil, which, prepares Adipic acid of 6 carbon atoms and Hexamethylene diamine (6 carbons). If we talk about the properties of Nylon 66, we do not yet have to talk about its strength and its elasticity. The persistence depends on the variety of gpd (8.8-4.2 gpd) with elongation breaking point at the rate of 18%-45%. Moreover, the wet strength is about 80-90%. Nylon 66 becomes dull before the cold drawing. However, the TiO2 in the polymerization mixture adds to de-luster the orientation. In Nylon 66 yarn, ironing could be dangerous if it exceeds 180 degrees Celsius. At 262 degrees Celsius, Nylon melts in a Nitrogen atmosphere. The most important feature is Nylon 66 yarn is outstanding at being stable chemically. Surprisingly, the yarn does not get affected by hydrocarbons, ketones, synthetic detergents, and soap water. Nylon 66 yarn remains in an advantageous position due to its superior dimensional stability with a high melting point, and an inclusive molecular structure. Besides, the yarn possesses a better shrinkage percentage.

Nylon 66 Yarn Properties:

Fabric Name Nylon 66 Yarn
Composition AA + HMDA
Melting Point (Degree Celsius) 255 - 260
Glass Transition (Degree Celsius) 40 - 50
Reduction in Boiling Water (%) 5-9
Durability Better
Dyeing Temperature (Degree Celsius) 98 - 130
Elastic Recovery Better
Color Fastness Better
Chemical-Resistant to Acid Better
Abrasion-Resistance (%) 33% Higher [Comparatively]
Alkali Stability Present
Nylon 66 Filament 18 gpd


Application 1) Apparel Use (Parachute, cords, ropes)

2) Domestic Use (Home furnishings)

3) Industrial use (net, tire cords)

Nylon 66 Yarn Characteristics and Application:

Nylon 66 Yarn
Characteristics Application
Better Durability Clothing Fabrics (Jacket, Underwear, yoga clothes, fashionable clothes)
Waterproof and Easy Wash Industrial Fabrics (Parachute, conveyor belts, pipes, ropes, coated materials, ribbon)


High Breathability Tire cords
Fine Finish Finishing Nets Ropes
Supreme Strength Stitching
Non-Confrontational for skin Military Usages.
Higher Melting Point Tactical Webbing
Low Water Absorption Rate Flat-Belt, V-Belt
High Cost  
Better sweat absorption  
More Crystalline  

 Advantages of Nylon 66 Yarn:

Having a compact structure, the yarn offers a better dye washing fastness using the UV-light. We will get more information about the merits in the following segment. These are:

High Tensile Strength

Nylon 66 yarn offers a higher tensile strength during usage. The tough fibers are good at deniers. For tire applications, the performance turns into excellent in high-speed mill processing.

Better Abrasion-resistance

The yarn is supreme at use in carpets, conveyor belts, and upholstery items.

A High Melting Point

The higher melting point of any yarn provides better stretch recovery in twisted-textured yarns. Also, in high temperatures, thermal stability works better in coating operations. But the rubber industry takes the best opportunity using the highest melting point of nylon 66 yarns.

Resistant to Acids and Alkalis

Nylon 66 yarn is better resistant to alkalis and acids compared to other types of Nylon. The yarn remains unaffected by the mineral acids. But there is also an exception. Hot mineral acids may affect the yarn. Although, the yarn has better capabilities to fight against biological molecules.

Exposure to Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight does not affect much. But the long-time exposure can cause yarn degradation with the weakening of strength.

High-Speed Processing

The Nylon 66 yarn has high-speed processing ability with durable strength and stretchability. During the weaving and knitting part, the fiber decreases the yarn distortion. And during the dyeing part, it minimizes the streaks.

Final Words

Being the semi-crystalline yarn, Nylon 66 has the most powerful abrasion resistance capability with comparative low-temperature stiffness. This yarn is well-renowned in the markets of Asia to America. The usages vary from the apparel industry to industrial usages keeping in mind the soft drapery with no crinkle and better sweat-absorption. Although Nylon 66 has so many demerits to notify, we cannot simply ignore its advantages of having in 3 segments- Apparel use, domestic, and industrial usage.

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GO Textile Sourcing Exhibition (GOTEX) 2023
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