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Spandex covered yarn (also known as nylon covered spandex yarn) is a distinct and ingenious product that uses a variety of advantages for manufacturers, textile manufacturers and consumers alike. As a spandex covered yarn manufacturer, we would like to check out the crucial functions and advantages of spandex covered yarn and why it is rapidly ending up being a popular option for top quality fabrics.

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Product Information


  • Feel is good
  • High permeability
  • High hygroscopicity
  • High elastic


  • underwear
  • clothing
  • Sports clothes
  • Casual wear
  • The elastic fabrics
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Definition of nylon covered spandex yarn

Nylon covered spandex yarn is a stretch yarn formed by using spandex yarn as the core and wrapping the stretched spandex yarn with nylon filament yarn in a spiral manner. The covered yarns on the market are mainly nylon covered spandex yarns. However, polyester covered spandex yarn is also more common. Polyester covered spandex yarn makes up for the "low elasticity" defect of polyester elastic yarn, but its physical properties and dyeing properties are far less than nylon covered spandex yarn.

Classification of nylon covered spandex yarn

The production types of nylon covered spandex yarn can be divided into two types: air-covered and mechanically-covered; first of all, nylon air-covered spandex yarn is made by drawing the covered nylon filament and spandex yarn through a certain type of nozzle at the same time, and then the high-compressed air The regular spray pressure forms a rhythmic net in the yarn and the fabric feels soft and smooth. Secondly, the nylon mechanically covered spandex yarn is to continuously rotate the outer nylon filament and wrap it on the core spandex that is drawn at a constant speed. Its main features is that the fabric style is flat and crisp.

Air-covered and mechanically-covered nylon stretch yarns have their own advantages and disadvantages in the weaving process. The air-covered all-in-one texturing machine integrates texturing and air-covering processes, and its production capacity and efficiency are far greater than those of nylon mechanically covered spandex yarn. And the air-covered yarn can be beaten on the air-jet loom without sizing (warping needs to be sizing, otherwise it will be easy to fluff and break), which makes its manufacturing cost lower (30% lower than mechanically covered products of the same specification),  and it lowers the costs for downstream weavers.

Advantages of Nylon Covered Spandex Yarn

Nylon covered spandex yarn has the characteristics of high elasticity, uniform strip feeling, softness of cotton, smoothness of silk, smoothness of hemp, high water absorption and air permeability. Comfortable to wear and durable.

Enhanced Durability: Spandex covered yarn is made from a combination of spandex and other top quality fibers, which results in a stronger and more durable product. This makes it ideal for use in a range of high-stress applications, consisting of sportswear and activewear.

Increased Elasticity: The existence of spandex in the yarn provides enhanced elasticity and stretch, making it perfect for use in products that require a good deal of versatility, such as leggings, yoga trousers and swimwear.

Comfortable Wear: Spandex covered yarn is comfy and soft to use, making it ideal for usage in clothes that will be used next to the skin. This is particularly important for products that are developed for extended wear, such as underwear and sleepwear.

Decreased Pilling: The special building of spandex covered yarn lead to a product that is less susceptible to pilling, which is a common concern with standard fabrics. This means that the product will look newer for longer, even after repeated washes and uses.

Easy Care: Spandex covered yarn is simple to take care of and maintain, making it ideal for hectic individuals who desire high-quality fabrics that are basic to keep looking their finest.

Applications of Spandex Covered Yarn (Nylon Covered Spandex Yarn)

Spandex covered yarn appropriates for a vast array of applications, including:

Yoga Suit Made of Double Covered Yarn
Yoga Suit Made of Double Covered Yarn

Activewear and Sportswear: Spandex covered yarn is perfect for use in items developed for physical activity, such as running sports and shorts bras, due to its improved resilience and elasticity.

Lingerie and Swimwear: The comfortable and soft feel of spandex covered yarn makes it perfect for usage in underwear and swimwear products, as it will not irritate or chafe the skin.

Leggings and Yoga Pants: The high level of flexibility and stretch supplied by spandex covered yarn makes it perfect for usage in leggings and yoga trousers, which need a bargain of flexibility.

Sleepwear: The comfy feel of spandex covered yarn makes it ideal for usage in sleepwear, as it will not aggravate or chafe the skin during extended periods of wear.

Spandex covered yarn is mainly used for fabrics that require high elasticity, and some are used for woven fabrics. The fabric woven with covered yarn is thicker, especially suitable for weaving sports tights, such as swimming suits, ski suits, etc. You might need the yarn count convertor.

Core Filament (Sapndex Yarn) / tex

Outer Filament Yarn / tex

The Proportion of Spandex / %



2.2 nylon DTY


Pantyhose, knitwear


5.6 nylon DTY


Underwear, bras


7.7 nylon DTY


Underwear, bras, socks


7.7 nylon DTY


Underwear, bras, serifs


15.6 nylon DTY


Underwear, bras, serifs


7.7 nylon DTY


Belts, sportswear accessories


7.7 * 2 nylon DTY


socks, sportswear


19.4 cotton yarn


Tights (warp knitted, knitted)


2.2 * 2 nylon DTY


Socks, tights

Table: Common Specifications and Uses of Nylon Covered Spandex Yarn

Spandex Covered Yarn Manufacturer - Salud Style

Spandex covered yarn is a high-quality, ingenious and flexible item that offers a range of advantages for manufacturers, fabric producers and consumers alike. Whether you are trying to find an item that is durable, comfy, simple to look after, or perfect for usage in a specific application, spandex covered yarn is certainly worth thinking about.

spandex covered yarn factory
spandex covered yarn factory

As a spandex covered yarn manufacturer, we are happy to provide the best solution for your next textile product with this kind of yarn.

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