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At present, in the hosiery market, nylon covered spandex yarns are the main covered yarn products. It is mainly divided into orthodox etiquette socks for men, women and children, convenient socks, sports socks and ultra-thin transparent socks that are currently popular. Among them, the largest number are the stockings and pantyhose for modern women, as well as the abdominal and hip-raising socks that are popular with beauty-loving women, and ultra-thin transparent socks. These are all made of covered yarns formed by organically combining the good elasticity of spandex with the high strength and wear resistance of nylon. The product sales and prospects are very promising, which advantageously promotes the development of nylon covered yarns.



  • Feel is good
  • High permeability
  • High hygroscopicity
  • High elastic


Applicable Industries

  • Weaving Industry
  • Circle knitting Industry
  • Knitting industry
  • Narrow Weaving Industry

Applicable Products

  • underwear
  • clothing
  • Sports clothes
  • Casual wear
  • The elastic fabrics

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Definition of nylon covered spandex yarn

Nylon covered spandex yarn is a stretch yarn formed by using spandex yarn as the core and wrapping the stretched spandex yarn with nylon filament in a spiral manner. The covered yarns on the market are mainly nylon covered spandex yarns. However, polyester covered spandex yarn is also more common. Polyester covered spandex yarn makes up for the "low elasticity" defect of polyester elastic yarn, but its physical properties and dyeing properties are far less than nylon covered spandex yarn.

Classification of nylon covered spandex yarn

The production types of nylon covered spandex yarn can be divided into two types: air-covered and mechanically-covered; first of all, nylon air-covered spandex yarn is made by drawing the covered nylon filament and spandex yarn through a certain type of nozzle at the same time, and then the high-compressed air The regular spray pressure forms a rhythmic net in the yarn and the fabric feels soft and smooth. Secondly, the nylon mechanically covered spandex yarn is to continuously rotate the outer nylon filament and wrap it on the core spandex that is drawn at a constant speed. Its main features is that the fabric style is flat and crisp.

Air-covered and mechanically-covered nylon stretch yarns have their own advantages and disadvantages in the weaving process. The air-covered all-in-one texturing machine integrates texturing and air-covering processes, and its production capacity and efficiency are far greater than those of nylon mechanically covered spandex yarn. And the air-covered yarn can be beaten on the air-jet loom without sizing (warping needs to be sizing, otherwise it will be easy to fluff and break), which makes its manufacturing cost lower (30% lower than mechanically covered products of the same specification),  and it lowers the costs for downstream weavers.

Advantages of Nylon Covered Spandex Yarn

Nylon covered spandex yarn has the characteristics of high elasticity, uniform strip feeling, softness of cotton, smoothness of silk, smoothness of hemp, high water absorption and air permeability. Comfortable to wear and durable.

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