Nylon FDY

Introduction of
Nylon FDY

Salud Style uses the world’s highest quality raw materials, and uses advanced FDY production technology to produce nylon FDY products with excellent dyeing performance, heat resistance and non-deformation performance, stable fineness, and stable quality. It is widely used in pantyhose, Swimsuits, ski suits, high-end underwear and other clothing materials. Fabrics made from Nylon FDY feel smooth and soft to the touch.

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Nylon FDY
Industry Uses

  • Textile industry warping
  • Textile industry knitting
  • Textile industry weaving

Nylon FDY
Product Performance Parameters

Product name Item Spec Breaking strength Breaking tenacity Breaking tenacity (%) Elongation at break (%) Dry heat shrinkage (%)
Nylon FDY Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 210D-800D ≥12-≥50 5.4 1 28 2.5
Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 800D-1300D ≥50-≥120 5.4 1 28 2.5
Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 1300D-1890D ≥120-≥170 5.4 1 28 2.5

Nylon FDY

  • Excellent filament evenness
  • Good color fastness
  • High strength

Nylon FDY

  • Medical and health care
  • Filter material
  • Engineering fiber
  • Geotextile
  • Fishnet
  • Technical fabrics
  • Ropes
  • Safety equipment
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