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Nylon filament yarn is a kind of chemical yarn with good wear resistance, high strength, small shrinkage and good water absorption. It is mainly suitable for clothing fabrics and industrial fabrics and other supporting products. The notable characteristics of nylon filament are high initial modulus and good toughness, so it is also widely used in tire, canvas and other rubber industries as skeleton materials. In addition, its wear resistance in water is particularly outstanding, and it is also widely used in marine cables and large ship manufacturing.

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  • High strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Good resilience


  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Gloves
  • Lace
  • Sportwear
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Product name Item Spec. Breaking strength Breaking tenacity Breaking tenacity (%) Elongation at break (%) Dry heat shrinkage (%)
Nylon Filament Yarn Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 150D-600D ≥12-≥50 7.6 1.3 25 6.5
Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 600D-1200D ≥50-≥120 7.6 1.3 25 6.5
Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 1200D-1890D ≥120-≥160 7.6 1.3 25 6.5
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What is Nylon Filament Yarn?

A filament yarn is that which is made up of one or more strands, which are continuous that spun the whole length of the yarn. The term "nylon" refers to a group of synthetic polymers called polyamides. Nylon filament yarn may be nylon monofilament yarn or nylon multifilament yarn. If nylon yarn is made from single strands or ply of nylon filament it is known as nylon monofilament yarn, nylon monofilament yarn can be produced either directly by spinning or by separating the mother nylon multifilament yarn. 

If nylon yarn is made from multi strands of nylon filament then it is known as nylon multifilament yarn. Nylon multifilament yarn may contain 2 or 3 filaments to more than 50 filaments. Nylon multifilament yarn is widely used in geotextile, home textile such as curtain sleeping bags it is also used in making women stocking, used in activewear, sportswear likely athletic suits such as swimwear suits, ski apparel, raincoats, tracksuits, due to nylon properties such as lightweight, water repellent, best abrasion resistant, quick dry and soft hand feel. Nylon filament yarn is used as the flock in flock printing. It is also used for reinforcement as nylon filaments are added in concrete to strengthen concrete, nylon filaments are also added in tires to reinforce its strength and durability they provide shape to the tire. Nylon filament yarn is also used in making ropes, fishing nets, braided fabric, and knitted spacer fabric, it's also used as a spacer, it is also used in carpet baking, webbings, and tapes.

Benefits of using nylon filament yarn

Nylon filament yarn is the replacement for natural yarn. The first synthetic thermoplastic polymer to be successful commercially was nylon. DuPont company started a research study in 1927 and produced nylon fiber in 1935. Nylon is made as a cheaper version and alternative to silk fiber because silk production is low, time taking, and lengthy process, that is why we need a good replacement which is somehow fulfilled by nylon. Nylon's various advantages were quickly realized, and it is today preferred over other materials in many sectors. The properties of nylon filament yarn are luster, good elongation, good resiliency, great tensile strength, flexibility, superior abrasion resistance, anti-pilling, anti- static, durability, toughness, and weather resistance, these properties of nylon filament yarn make it a better alternative to many other natural as well as synthetic raw materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and polyester. Its advantages over other yarn alternatives like cotton, silk, and wool make it the preferable option. Nylon filament yarn gives the cloth an excellent luster and brightness due to its properties such as luster, and soft feel, and is easily dyeable. There are different qualities of nylon filament yarn are available in the market likely, monofilament yarn, multifilament yarn, nylon mother filament yarn, fully drawn nylon filament yarn, partially oriented nylon filament yarn, high oriented nylon filament yarn, drawn textured nylon filament yarn.

Price of nylon filament yarn

The price of nylon filament yarn in the international market is about 2.03 to 2.88 US dollars per kilogram depending on quality, count, and manufacturing. If we compare nylon filament yarn with polyester filament yarn, nylon filament yarn has a high price than polyester filament yarn price in the international market is about 1.14 to 1.46 US dollars per kilogram depending on quality, count, and manufacturing. However, nylon filament yarn also has a good hand feel because it is more luster than polyester and tendency to be more resilient to weather, and odor resistance because it is repellent to oil and greases, that's why it is a more suitable option in outdoor clothing and gear. Both textiles are flame-resistant, however, nylon filament yarn is stronger and more heat-resistant than polyester. These properties of nylon filament yarn make it preferable. If we compare silk filament yarn price which is the only major natural filament yarn with nylon filament yarn silk yarn price is about 36 to 48 US dollars per kilogram which are highly expensive as compared to nylon filament yarn. Nylon and silk have the same structure but have different behavior, major difference is that silk is biodegradable while nylon is not biodegradable. But nylon filament yarn is more strengthen than silk yarn. Nylon filament yarn has a low price, is light more durable & stretchy, has a good heat retainer, good weather resistance making it a preferable choice.

More than 10% of all fibers were made with nylon in 1980; by 2000, that percentage had dropped to 7.4%, and by 2009, it had dropped to only 5.4%.

Polyester yarn has taken over the synthetic yarn industry from nylon yarn due to its lower price. Collier points out that nylon fiber is still popular in several technological fields. "Nylon can endure the heat explosion, but polyester cannot," he claims, pointing to airbags in automobiles as an example. Another nylon stronghold is rubber products like tire cords. Because of its silky feel, fine deniers, rich colors, and durable textures, nylon is chosen over polyester in women's undergarments and intimate wear.

China, the world's largest producer, consumer, and exporter of textiles, is a global leader in the production of nylon yarn. China produced 1.4 million tonnes of nylon filament yarn, or over half of the world's total, according to TMMFA data.

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