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We have 10+ years of experience in nylon high tenacity yarn DTY production. We produce the nylon DTY with both high strength and high elasticity, which is very popular in the textile industry. The workshop is equipped with 50+ sets of advanced DTY twisting equipment, which allows us to finish the mass production in time and in quality. Our nylon high tenacity yarn product is far ahead in domestic sales.

This product is widely used in the civil garment manufacturing industry with high requirements for yarn strength and elasticity at the same time.

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Product Information


  • Good flexibility
  • Good wear resistance
  • High strength
  • Good heat resistance
  • Good water absorption


  • Medical and health care
  • Filter material
  • Engineering fiber
  • Geotextile
  • Fishnet
  • Technical fabrics
  • Ropes
  • Safety equipment
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Product name Item Spec. Breaking strength Breaking tenacity Breaking tenacity (%) Elongation at break (%) Dry heat shrinkage (%)
Nylon High Tenacity Yarn Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 150D-600D ≥12-≥50 7.6-7.9 1.3 23.5 7
Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 600D-1200D ≥50-≥120 7.9-8.2 1.3 23.5 7
Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 1200D-1890D ≥120-≥170 8.2-8.8 1.3 23.5 7
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Learn more about Nylon High tenacity yarn

The term "nylon tenacity" refers to the strength of nylon fiber/yarn. The ultimate breaking force of the nylon yarn and its linear density are used to calculate nylon tenacity. The ultimate force of nylon yarn is the maximum force at which the yarn begins to break. Linear density is a measure of the amount of mass per unit length. Yarn tenacity is expressed in grams per denier or grams per tex.

If the value of yarn tenacity is less than 34.5 Gram/Tex it is very low-quality yarn, its tenacity value is between 34.5-37.4 Gram/Tex it is low-quality yarn. Its tenacity value is 37-5-43.0 Gram/Tex then it is average quality. If it falls in between 43.1- 47.5 Gram/Tex, then it is good quality yarn. If it is greater than 47.5-70 Gram/ Tex it is very good quality yarn, but if it increases from 70 Gram/Tex then it is extremely premium quality yarn.

The tenacity of nylon high tenacity yarn is heavily reliant on post-extrusion processing techniques such as twisting, plying, and cabling, by keeping all parameter same, if we compare the tenacity of natural yarn with nylon high tenacity yarn, cotton tenacity is 35 Gram/Tex, abaca has yarn tenacity of 54.04 Gram/Tex, sisal has 44.86 Gram/Tex tenacity, flax have 55.06 Gram/Tex tenacity, hemp have 47.92 Gram/Tex tenacity, Jute has 31.61 Gram/Tex tenacity, the tenacity of wool yarn is 33.43 Gram/Tex and nylon high tenacity yarn have 89.73 Gram/Tex tenacity which makes it strong enough for many industrial uses. Now we can easily understand that nylon high tenacity yarn has high strength as compared to other natural yarn, that is why nylon high tenacity yarn is "high tenacity", and that is why it is also blended with some natural fiber to increase strength as well as hand-feel.

If we compare nylon high tenacity yarn with most used synthetic yarn -  polyester yarn, its tenacity is higher than that of polyester, meaning that for the same weight/unit length, nylon high tenacity yarn can withstand a higher tensile load, as compared to polyester yarn, which makes nylon a high tenacity yarn, and more preferable where strength is required.

When the tenacity of different types of nylon is compared, there are a total of eight types of nylon: nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 6/6-6, nylon 6/9, nylon 6/10, nylon 6/12, nylon 11, nylon 12. About 80% of the properties of nylon 6 yarn and nylon 66 yarn are the same, but 20% of the properties are different, which is important to understand, such as strength, melting point, abrasion resistance, crystalline structure, shrinkage, water absorption, and dye pick- up ability. Nylon 6 yarn has a tenacity of 79 Gram/Tex whereas nylon 66 yarn has 83 Gram/Tex tenacity, which means both are premium quality yarn nylon 66 yarn has more tenacity as compared to nylon 6 yarn, but Nylon 6 yarn has a lower elastic modulus and better elastic recovery and therefore provides softer, more flexible fabrics, as compared to nylon 66 yarn.

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