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Nylon monofilament yarn is made of nylon raw material by heating and spinning. It is colorless and transparent, so it is also called glass nylon yarn. Features: This product has high strength, good elasticity, fast water cutting performance, and good softness. It is suitable for fishing, net weaving, webbing, plush toys, plastic transparent bags, trademarks, lace, paper making nets, sewing threads, fishing gear, accessories , toys, embroidery thread, handicrafts, wigs, filter cloth, eye-catching hair, ropes, wire casings, headphone cables, etc.

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Product Information


  • High strength
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Impact resistance
  • High surface hardness
  • Wear resistance
  • High transparency


  • Filter cloth
  • Fishing net
  • Fishing line
  • Mowing line
  • Inner wire of glasses frame
  • brush
  • Racket net
Nylon Yarn Post-processingNylon Yarn Post-processing
Nylon Yarn Hanking ProcessNylon Yarn Hanking Process
Nylon Yarn Winding ProcessNylon Yarn Winding Process
Nylon Yarn FactoryNylon Yarn Factory
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Product name Item Spec Breaking strength Breaking tenacity Breaking tenacity (%) Elongation at break (%)
Nylon Monofilament Yarn Unit D N cN/dtex % %
Actual result 7D-900D ≥0.5-≥80 7.2-7.8 1.1 25
Unit D N cN/dtex % %
Actual result 900D-1800D ≥81-≥160 7.8-8.2 1.1 25
Unit D N cN/dtex % %
Actual result 1800D-3000D ≥160-≥280 8.2-8.8 1.1 25
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What is Monofilament Yarn

If nylon yarn is made from single strands or ply of nylon filament, it is known as nylon monofilament yarn, nylon monofilament yarn can be produced either directly by spinning or by separating the mother nylon multifilament yarn. 

Nylon monofilament yarn is widely used in Technical textiles such as filtration fabric & commercial textiles such as for Embroidery thread, in making wigs and designer or imported dresses, it is also used in the fashion industry such as in making artificial eyebrows & eyelashes. Nylon Monofilament yarn is also used in medical such as toothbrush bristles, dental floss, general, protective gloves, leg and knee guards, it is also used in making medical bandages because it is antibacterial. Nylon monofilament yarn is also used in the sports industry such as badminton or tennis racket strings, gym mats, floating mallard decoys, and motorcycle helmets for impact protection and shock absorption during the accident. It is also used in the gardening industry such as trimmer lines, used in seat belts, and airbags conveyor belts in the automobile & aircraft industry. 

Market Status of Nylon Monofilament Yarn

As a member of nylon filament yarn, nylon monofilament yarn accounts for less than 5%. Especially in the rapid development of civilian filament yarn in recent years, nylon monofilament yarn basically shows a stagnant growth phenomenon, the proportion of global civilian yarn production capacity is declining year by year, and the domestic demand growth in the terminal market is weak and external demand is shrinking year by year, "overcapacity" It has penetrated into various product links of civilian silk, and nylon monofilament yarn is also an exception. Competition has intensified and profits are meager. It has become the norm. When the nylon monofilament yarn industry is gradually in dire straits and the business conditions of enterprises are generally miserable, new production processes emerge as the times require, which promotes the entire nylon monofilament yarn market to gradually enter a stage of transformation.

China's nylon monofilament yarn enterprises are mainly concentrated in Jiangsu and Fujian provinces, and there are also sporadic distribution in Zhejiang and Guangdong. Among them, Jiangsu area is the main gathering place of two-step nylon monofilament yarn, mainly in Wuxi and Hai'an.

Production of nylon monofilament yarn

Monofilament refers to a single filament with a small count obtained by a single-hole spinneret in chemical fiber production, and its fineness is thicker than that of a single filament in multifilament. The melted nylon masterbatch is condensed through the thin stream of raw liquid pressed out of the capillary hole of the spinneret. Thicker nylon monofilament yarn can be used for fishing nets and ropes, etc., slightly thinner nylon monofilament yarn can be used as artificial bristle yarn, and finer nylon monofilament yarn - usually about 1 tex, sometimes as fine as 1 tex. About 0.6 tex, it can be processed into elastic yarn for making elastic socks, stockings and other textiles and other advanced knitted products. Textiles made of nylon monofilament yarns are thin, transparent and have a good hand. The technical problems existing in the existing nylon 6 are: poor hygroscopicity and heat retention, and the fabric is not comfortable enough to form; in addition, under humid conditions during dyeing, nylon fibers are not like cotton fibers, which are not easy to swell and increase the voids, dye molecules. It is difficult to penetrate into the fiber, so it is not easy to dye. And this is one of the reasons why nylon monofilament yarn is not widely used.

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