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Nylon POY refers to nylon 6 pre-oriented yarn, which is an incompletely drawn chemical fiber filament whose orientation degree obtained by high-speed spinning is between the unoriented yarn and the drawn yarn. Nylon POY is often used as a special yarn for nylon draw texturing yarn (DTY) , and nylon DTY is mainly used for knitting socks, underwear, and other clothing.

Salud Style is a nylon POY manufacturer with an annual output of 60,000 tons. We use the best spinning and winding speed to ensure that the breaking strength of nylon POY products reaches the standard.

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  • The elongation is mostly 65-72%
  • Strength in 3.7-4.0cN/dtex
  • It has the characteristics of low degree of orientation and low degree of crystallinity
  • stable structure


  • The weft of Nylon Ribbon
  • Nylon DTY
  • Nylon ATY
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Influence of spinning and winding speed on the quality of nylon POY

We have accumulated more than 10 years of production experience to maximize the spinning and winding speed of nylon pre-oriented yarns. Our yarn R&D engineers compared the nylon pre-oriented yarns prepared at different spinning speeds, and tested the orientation structure and various performance indicators of the fibers. Finally, the optimal spinning and winding speed to ensure the excellent performance of nylon POY was determined to improve production efficiency. This also makes our nylon POY products always maintain a higher quality and production capacity than the peers.

The mechanical properties of nylon POY are closely related to the supramolecular structure inside the fiber molecule, and the spinning and winding speed is an important factor determining the fiber structure performance. Therefore, fundamentally, the mechanical properties of nylon 6 pre-oriented yarns are constrained by the spinning and winding speed. The results of breaking strength and elongation at break of nylon pre-oriented yarns produced at different winding speeds are shown below.

Spinning and winding speed/(m/min)

Breaking Strength/(cN/dtex)

Breaking StrengthCV/%

Elongation at break/%

Elongation at break CV/%

3600 3.97 1.32 72.4 1.71
3750 4.00 1.44 71.2 1.00
3900 4.01 0.94 71.0 0.66
4050 4.05 0.66 69.78 1.45
4200 4.08 1.54 68.46 0.77
4350 4.11 1.92 67.53 0.76
4500 4.01 1.75 68.50 2.18
4650 3.99 1.99 72.44 1.05

The relationship between the spinning and winding speed of nylon POY and the breaking strength and elongation at break

Nylon POY is a semi-finished product, and it needs to be processed afterwards. Therefore, the breaking strength of the nylon pre-oriented yarn should not be too low, otherwise the tensile tension will be too low during the post-processing process, resulting in unstable and too low processing conditions of the finished yarn. The pre-oriented nylon yarn with breaking strength is easy to cause damage in the post-processing process, which will affect the quality of the finished product. In addition, the elongation at break of the nylon pre-oriented yarn should not be too large. Excessive elongation will increase the post-draw ratio, resulting in poor adaptability of the nylon pre-oriented yarn for deformation processing. Therefore, from a comprehensive point of view, the nylon 6 pre-oriented yarn produced when the spinning and winding speed is 4350m/min has relatively high breaking strength and moderate elongation at break, which can meet the requirements of uniform unwinding, Requirements such as small tension fluctuations are conducive to continuous and stable post-processing.

Under the condition of ensuring the excellent performance of nylon pre-oriented yarn, 4350m/min is the most suitable value for increasing the spinning speed. At this time , the efficiency of nylon yarn factory can also be maximized. The nylon pre-oriented yarn prepared at this spinning speed It can better meet the needs of the subsequent deformation processing, and the unwinding is uniform in the post-processing process, which is not easy to be damaged, which is conducive to the continuous and stable progress of the post-processing process.

The use of nylon POY

Nylon POY is used for direct weaving and is mostly used on slack fabrics, such as the weft of nylon ribbons, or the edge of other fabrics. There are relatively few types of textiles woven directly with nylon POY. More than 95% of nylon POY is used for reprocessing, and the proportion of elastic deformation into DTY accounts for more than 85%. There is to do air deformation wire and so on.

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We are delighted to announce that Salud Style will be participating in the upcoming International Textile and Apparel Procurement Exhibition, which will take place from September 12nd to 14th, 2023, in São Paulo, Brazil. You are welcome to visit us at Booth H11 in the Brazil Sao Paulo PRO MAGNO Exhibition Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

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GO Textile Sourcing Exhibition (GOTEX) 2023
September 12nd- 14th, 2023
Booth H11, ProMagno Pavilion

Exhibition address: Avenida Professora lda Kolb, 513 – Jardim das Laranjeiras, Sao Paulo – SP – 02518-000 / Brasil

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