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As a substitute for spandex yarn, PBT yarn is much cheaper than spandex yarn. The demand for PBT yarn in the Asia-Pacific region has been rising. Since 2016, the demand for PBT yarn in the Asia-Pacific region has increased by more than 30% compared with the same period last year. Salud Style is one of the largest PBT yarn manufacturers in China.

In recent years, PBT yarn has received widespread attention in the textile industry and has been widely used in various fields, especially for sportswear, pantyhose, bodybuilding clothes, elastic denim clothes, and bandages in medical applications. Contour elastic textiles.

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Product Information


  • Good Elasticity
  • Good Durability
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Good Dyeing Performance
  • High Color Fastness
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Good Light Fastness
  • Good Heat Resistance


  • sportswear
  • pantyhose
  • gym clothes
  • core yarn
  • stretch jeans
  • Medical High Elastic Textiles
  • the fabric
  • underwear
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Physical properties of PBT


Test standard


Glass fiber enhanced

Flame retardant enhanced




ASTM D-792


1.53 1.63

Tensile strength

ASTM D-638


130 145

Elongation at break

ASTM D-638


2.5 2.6

Bending strength

ASTM D-790


180 145

Lzod notched

impact strength

ASTM D-256


100 90

Heat deflection


ASTM D-648

220 210




Mold shrinkage


0.3-0.9 0.3-0.9

Temperature limits of

injection molding

235-255 240-260

Reference mold temperature of molding

50-80 50-70

Filled composite




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Table of Contents

Brief Introduction Of PBT Yarn

PBT is the abbreviation of polybutylene terephthalate. PBT yarn is made of high-purity terephthalic acid (TPA) or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and 1,4-butanediol. Polymer, yarn made by melt spinning, belongs to a kind of polyester fiber. In production, dimethyl terephthalate and 1,4-butanediol are often transesterified, and the polycondensation reaction is carried out at a higher temperature and vacuum with organic titanium or tin compounds and tetrabutyl titanate as catalysts. , and then melt-spun to obtain PBT fiber yarn. PBT yarn is the favorite of engineering plastics. In 1979, Teijin Corporation of Japan first introduced PBT yarn products. With the development of differentiated fibers, the use value of PBT as yarn is gradually recognized by people.

PBT yarn
PBT yarn

PBT yarn has excellent properties such as easy processing, high dyeing rate, good color fastness, and soft fabric feel. The clothes made of it can expand and contract with the body's flexion and are very comfortable to wear. The elasticity of PBT yarn is close to that of high-elastic spandex yarn, and its chemical resistance and aging resistance are better than spandex yarn, and the price is relatively low. Much lower than spandex yarn. Therefore, PBT yarn has developed rapidly at home and abroad in recent years.

Properties Of PBT Yarn

PBT and PET are both polyester polymers. Compared with PET, due to the longer flexible part of the basic macromolecular chain of PBT, the melting point is lowered, but the flexibility and elasticity of the macromolecular chain are improved. If the elastic recovery rate of PBT is 100%, nylon (PA) is only 70%; PET is 55%. In addition, compared with PET, PBT dyeing can be boiled without dyeing carrier; compared with nylon, it improves the shortcomings of nylon that is easy to yellow and not resistant to chlorine.

Glass transition temperature (℃) crystallization temperature (℃) Melting temperature (℃) Fiber crystal area density Fiber amorphous area density Average fiber density
PET 66 132 526 1.455 1.334 1.38
PBT 22 44 223 1.396 1.277 1.32

table 1 Comparison of Physical Properties of PBT Fiber and PET Fiber

The strength of PBT fiber is lower than that of PET fiber and PA fiber, the poplar modulus (about 300kg/mm2) is similar to that of PA6 fiber, and the elongation elastic recovery rate is 99% when the elongation is 3%, and it is 99% when the elongation is 10%. 80%, same as PA6 fiber. The crimp property of textured yarn is better than that of PET and PA6, the crimp is smaller than that of PA6, and the elasticity is better.

PBT fiber is easy to dye. When using disperse dyes, the color absorption rate is about 75%, which is worse than PET fiber; but the fastness, light yellowing, and moisture pollution are not as good as PET fiber.

The specific properties of PBT yarn are as follows:

1) The strength of PBT yarn is 30.91~35.32cN/tex, the elongation is 30%~60%, and the melting point is 223°C. Its crystallization speed is 10 times faster than that of polyethylene terephthalate, and it has excellent elongation. Long elastic recovery rate and soft and easy to dye features.

2) Yarns made of PBT have some properties shared by polyester fibers, but due to the longer flexible part on the basic chain link of PBT macromolecules, the melting point and glass transition temperature of PBT yarns are higher than those of ordinary polyester fibers. As a result, the flexibility and elasticity of the fiber macromolecular chains are improved.

3) PBT yarn has good durability, dimensional stability and good elasticity, and the elasticity is not affected by humidity.

4) PBT yarn and its products have soft hand feeling, good hygroscopicity, wear resistance and fiber crimp, excellent tensile elasticity and compression elasticity, and its elastic recovery rate is better than that of polyester. PBT yarn has special stretchability under both dry and wet conditions, and its elasticity is not affected by changes in ambient temperature.

5) PBT yarn has good dyeing performance, and can be dyed with ordinary disperse dyes at atmospheric pressure without carrier. The dyed fiber has bright color, excellent color fastness and chlorine resistance.

6) PBT yarn has excellent chemical resistance, light resistance and heat resistance.

Classification Of PBT Yarn

Flame Retardant PBT Yarn

Features And Performance:

1) The flame retardant performance meets the requirements of the V-0 level certified by the American UL company, the certification number: E139063;

2) The flame retardant does not precipitate in the product, increasing the surface gloss of the product;

3) After heat treatment, the surface of the product will not spray frost, which is suitable for colored products, especially black products;

4) Good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, low friction coefficient and abrasion resistance;

5) Flame-retardant PBT yarn has excellent electrical properties and weather resistance;

6) Flame-retardant PBT yarn has excellent chemical resistance, except for hot water and alkali, PBT engineering plastics are inert to most chemicals;

7) Good fluidity, easy processing and molding, short molding cycle, and can be made into thin-walled and complex-shaped products;

8) The flame retardant of flame-retardant PBT yarn meets the environmental protection requirements of Europe and the United States.

PBT High Elastic Yarn

PBT high-elastic yarn integrates many characteristics such as softness, moisture absorption and perspiration, and easy dyeing at room temperature, especially the outstanding elastic effect of this product, which meets the elastic demand of fabrics. The advent of this product solves the difficulty of dyeing and excess elasticity of spandex , complex weaving, unstable fabric size and nitrogen fiber aging during use, etc.

PBT high elastic yarn is used in denim, swimwear, underwear and other elastic fabrics. It is an upgraded product of nylon spandex covered yarn, cotton spandex covered yarn and polyester spandex covered yarn.

Features And Performance

1) The elasticity of PBT high elastic yarn is relaxed, comfortable and durable;

2) The fabric made of PBT high elastic yarn is soft and feels good. Very scratchy, good drapability;

3) The fabric made of PBT high elastic yarn has a smooth surface and good wrinkle resistance;

4) PBT high elastic yarn has a strong moisture absorption and perspiration effect;

5) The fabric made of PBT high elastic yarn has no aging or bagging phenomenon caused by spandex;

B) Textiles made of PBT high elastic yarn can be washed, ironed and reshaped freely. Good dimensional stability makes it easier to care for.

7) PBT high elastic yarn has strong chemical resistance. If the chlorine resistance is good, the swimsuit will not fade or corrode in the chlorine-containing swimming pool.

Application Of PBT Yarn

1) PBT yarn is suitable for making high-elastic textiles such as swimming suits, pantyhose pants, training suits, gymnastics suits, bodybuilding suits, tennis suits, dance tights, elastic denim suits, ski pants, stockings, bandages for medical applications, etc.

Applications of PBT Yarn
Applications of PBT Yarn

2) PBT and PET composite yarn has fine and dense three-dimensional crimp, superior resilience, soft hand feeling and excellent dyeing performance. It is an ideal raw material for imitation wool and down, and is comfortable to wear.

3) The filament yarn of PBT fiber can be used after deformation processing, while the short fiber can be made into blended yarn with other fibers, and can also be used to make elastic labor cloth with core-spun yarn. It can also be used to weave wool-like fabrics.

4) If the porous insulation wadding is made of PBT yarn, it will be washable, soft, breathable, light and thin, and the tufted carpet produced with PBT fiber will feel like a wool carpet. The bristles can be used as toothbrush filaments, etc., and have good anti-falling properties.

PBT Yarn Manufacturer - Salud Style

PBT Yarn Factory
PBT Yarn Factory

Salud Style is one of the largest PBT yarn suppliers in China. The PBT yarn we produce is based on strict product quality standards. The products are widely used in the medical textile industry and other enterprises that require extremely high yarn quality. Our products can be exported to any corner of the world, if necessary, please contact us for quotation.

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