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Core Spun yarn

For global core-spun yarn suppliers, core-spun yarn production is obviously higher than traditional yarn production in terms of spinning equipment update, raw material input cost and production technical difficulty, which will lead to a higher market price. Salud Style is developing towards intensive and large-scale production in order to ensure that the products are refined and superior while reducing production costs.

Core Spun Yarn Opening And Cleaning Process
Core Spun yarn Facility 1
Core Spun Yarn Carding Process
Core Spun yarn Facility 2
Core Spun Yarn Drawing Process
Core Spun yarn Facility 3
core spun yarn manufacturer
Core Spun yarn Facility 4
Core Spun Yarn Roving Process
Core Spun yarn Facility 5
Core Spun Yarn Post Processing
Core Spun yarn Facility 6
Product & Facility

Blended yarn

Salud Style is a blended yarn supplier with 16 years of experience. The development of blended yarn mainly explores the relationship between product properties and fiber raw material properties. On the one hand, the properties of the fabric are predicted by the properties of the raw materials and the blending ratio. A reasonable process produces products that meet the performance requirements of the fabric.

Blended yarn Facility 1
Blended Yarn Facility 2
Blended Yarn Facility 3
Blended Yarn Facility 4
Blended Yarn Facility 5
Blended Yarn Facility 6
Product & Facility

Feather yarn

Salud Style is an experienced supplier of feather yarn. Our feather yarn is composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a certain direction. Due to the directional distribution of feathers, the fabric made of soft luster, the surface appears plump, very decorative effect, and not easy to shed. The products have good wear performance, strong warmth protection, can be made into clothes, hats, scarves, gloves and so on, the products have a good market prospect.

Feather Yarn
Feather yarn Facility 1
Feather Yarn Facility 2
Feather Yarn Facility 3
Feather Yarn Facility 4
Feather Yarn Facility 5
Feather Yarn Facility 6
Product & Facility

Nylon yarn

Salud Style is a global supplier of nylon yarns and plays an important role in the lingerie industry, which is inseparable from nylon. The Salud Style, for example, accounts for 65 percent of women’s stretchy bust bands around the world. We hope that our nylon yarns can help fabric manufacturers sell their products at a good price so that we can realize our value as a nylon yarn supplier.

Nylon High Tenacity Yarn DTY
nylon yarn factory
Nylon yarn Facility 1
nylon yarn factory
Nylon Yarn Facility 2
2.3 Hanking Process
Nylon Yarn Facility 3
2.5 Winding Process
Nylon Yarn Facility 4
Polyester Yarn Factory
Nylon Yarn Facility 5
Nylon Yarn Manufacturer | Nylon Yarn Factory | Nylon Yarn Supplier
Nylon Yarn Facility 6
Product & Facility

Wool yarn

Salud Style is a professional wool yarn supplier. We produce and supply wool yarn in the direction of high quality, high added value, low cost, low consumption and no pollution. We adopt the advanced wool spinning process, which not only effectively improves the spinning performance of wool, enhances the fiber holding force, reduces the yarn breakage rate and raw material consumption, but also improves the yarn quality, reaching the quality level of Australian wool yarn products.

wool yarn production Sorting Process
Wool yarn Facility 1
wool yarn production Combing Process
Wool Yarn Facility 2
wool yarn factory
Wool Yarn Facility 3
wool yarn factory
Wool Yarn Facility 4
wool yarn factory
Wool Yarn Facility 5
wool yarn production Spinning Process
Wool Yarn Facility 6
Product & Facility

Covered yarn

Salud Style, as a famous supplier of covered yarn in China, knows that with the development of modern economy and culture, people need clothes that are easy to wear, easy to fit, beautiful in shape, and can be expanded with the movement of the human body. The elastic fabric made of covered yarn has full stretch performance to meet the requirements of people.

Double Covered Yarn
Covered Yarn Factory
Covered yarn Facility 1
covered yarn factory
Covered Yarn Facility 2
covered yarn factory
Covered Yarn Facility 3
covered yarn factory
Covered Yarn Facility 4
covered yarn factory
Covered Yarn Facility 5
covered yarn banner
Covered Yarn Facility 6
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