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We believe that in addition to advanced production equipment, high-quality raw materials in the yarn production process are also the key to outstanding yarn products. Adhering to this philosophy allows us to continuously produce high-quality yarn products to meet market demand.

Salud Style is committed to becoming the Wal-Mart of the yarn manufacturing industry-we set and abide by our highest standards, and integrate the yarn industry’s strong supply chain from upstream to downstream. Therefore, we can provide custom solutions to different customers in the textile industry. Our core concept is centered on product quality and customer expectations. Under the premise of ensuring high quality, we provide customers with a one-stop yarn procurement plan.


In our Core Spun yarn Factory we follow the following production guidelines:

(1) According to the fabric requirements to select the appropriate specifications and brand of yarn, with the appropriate drafting multiple, specifications including thickness, extinction, etc.

(2) When using the core-spun yarn device of front roller chain drive, choose the appropriate process sprocket to ensure reliable assembly; Servo motor drive core-spun device, ensure the input process data is accurate.

(3) The actual drafting multiple is calculated by detecting the actual speed of the front roller and the wire guide roller to ensure that it conforms to the process requirements. Carry out regular test or spot check on the machine to prevent the hidden failure of the machine from running with illness.

(4) reasonable selection of filament varieties and specifications, including D number, F number, twist direction and stress.

(5) Filament tension setting needs to be optimized according to the characteristics of the selected filament, mechanical structure, mechanical state and other factors.

(6) Self-winding knotting technology: self-winding using twist joint knotting effect is better, but the cost is very high, but the quality can be guaranteed.


Our mink yarn product is made of 100% nylon yarn, which is eco-friendly.
The characteristics of mink imitation is that it has a special soft comfort, thick and thick soft hair will not be stuck, and the yarn is basically not shedding, not easy to pilling. Knit special fine density weight is also very high, so than ordinary wool fabrics warm a lot of high degree.

Product use:

1. It is widely used on clothes, hats, scarves, socks and gloves.

2, professional application in all kinds of wool products, knitted products, clothing, textiles.

3, widely used in sweaters, fashion, children’s wear, women’s wear and other fabrics.


Nylon yarn manufacturing includes the following  processes:

(1) Twisting Process
Twisting is a process of winding raw silk into a thread of yarn manufacture process. For example, a thread is composed of 24 threads. The 24 threads must be twisted together to make the thread stronger and more delicate. The tighter the thread is wound, the higher the twist. The woven cloth is relatively compact, has a good drape and good fastness. Without twisting, there is no threading, no entanglement between the silk and the silk, the cloth surface is loose, the drape is poor, and the fastness is poor.

(2) Hanking Process
Hank dyeing is the latest yarn dyeing technology that plays an important role in deciding color contrast in knitted fabrics. Hank dyeing is preferred to package dyeing because of the bulkier appearance and handle of hank dyed yarn and is used to dye the most delicate yarns. Hank dyeing has a lower liquor ratio, which enables high-temperature dyeing of yarns.

(3) Dyeing Process
After the hanking process, the DTY becomes loose enough to get dyed, which means every single yarn can be easily dyed. The hanked yarn would be taken into the dyeing tank. Then at a specific temperature, the dye will penetrate into the yarn. Smaller tanks can dye 3 kg. Larger tanks can dye more than 1 ton of yarn at a time.

(4) Winding Process
After the testing process, we have confirmed that the yarn color fastness is of great level. So, we are moving to the next process – winding can be simply understood as making the hanked, dyed yarn the final product – a polyester yarn. As you can see, the loose yarn is winding into a tight one.


Equipment Introduction:
140 Spool Winding Machines
1600 Covering Machines

20 Air Jet Machines
40 Rewinding Machines

A brief introduction of our covered yarn factory.
(1) Our factory is equipped with advanced covered yarn production equipment. We have independent intellectual property rights, which support us to meet the customized demands for different products.

(2) We have a location advantage in the textile industry chain as a lot of suppliers and customers are around us. We have an obvious R&D technology advantage.

(3) We own the standardized workshops. The space of the workshop is suitable to accurately control the temperature and humidity.

(4) The research and management teams have more than 20-year-experience in the covered yarn industry and related education background.


Blended yarn refers to the yarn made of two or more different fibers blended in a certain proportion, such as polyester-cotton blended yarn, polyester-viscose blended yarn, etc. There are also a variety of fibers in different proportions to adjust the distribution into blended yarn.

The production process of blended yarn is as follows:
(1) Mixing Process: 
(a) Determination of sliver quantitative in blending
(b) Consolidation, draft multiples, and draft distribution
(c) Roller gauge

(2) Roving Process:
When the total draft ratio is not large, a smaller draft ratio is used in the back zone to give full play to the ability of apron drafting to control fibers. The twist coefficient of roving takes into account that the rigidity of the wool fiber is good, and the cohesive force with the cotton fiber is slightly worse.

(3) Spinning Process:
In the spinning process, the ideal evenness of the evenness is ensured.

(4) Winding & AProcess:
After this process, the yarn becomes the final product.

By choosing Salud Yarn, no matter where you are in the world, the yarn products you buy can be guaranteed of high quality and high standards. At the same time, on-time mass production can also be guaranteed.

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