Introduction of our Yarn Factories

The Yarn Factories in the Yarn Factory Alliance

As a yarn factory alliance, we want to introduce our yarn factories to the textile industry. We have partnerships with some of the best yarn mills in the world and we are committed to offering you the best possible yarn at the most competitive prices. If you are interested in learning more about our yarn factories, please feel free to contact our support team.

Introducing the yarn factory alliance – a group of textile manufacturing companies located in China, committed to providing the highest quality yarns possible. All of the factories within the alliance have been inspected and meet or exceed Chinese Yarn Producers’ guidelines for safety and quality. In addition to yarn quality, the factories are also focused on providing eco-friendly yarns, which is why they’re part of the yarn factory alliance. Thanks to the alliance, textile manufacturers can rely on high-quality, eco-friendly yarns at an affordable price, making it a great choice for sustainable textile production.

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Polyester Yarn Factory

Ware a leading polyester yarn factory in China. We provide high quality polyester yarn to the global textile industry. In addition to the normal type of polyester yarn, we also manufacture recycled polyester yarn. Our factory is well-equipped with advanced machinery and experienced personnel. We know the polyester yarn manufacturing process very well and we can assure you that our polyester yarn products will meet your expectations.

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covered yarn factory

Covered Yarn Factory

Salud Style’s covered yarn factory has 380 advanced covering machines, specializing in the production of high-quality covered yarn, and is equipped with auxiliary equipment such as SSM rewinding machine.

The factory invests one million yuan annually for product innovation and research and development, has a number of invention patents, and was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise” in 2016. In 2018, the new fiber research and development center jointly built with Qingdao University and the county government was officially launched, which raised the company’s covered yarn research and development capabilities to a new height. In addition, the company also won the title of "Excellent Private Enterprise in Guangdong Province”.

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wool yarn factory

Wool Yarn Factory

Salud Style’s wool yarn factory, after years of operation and development, has become a large group of wool yarn production enterprises integrating grass planting, wool sheep breeding, wool collection, carding, dyeing and spinning. It is currently the only full industrial chain of wool yarn in the world. Our wool yarn industry chain is closely linked, complete, and with a set of scientific quality management system. Our top spinning equipment imported from Italy can spin 160 pieces of wool yarn.

The company has a strong scientific research team, with a number of domestic and foreign professional sheep research institutions to carry out training and research cooperation, successfully developed high-quality wool sheep embryo cloning and transgenic breeding technology. The wool yarn we produce is of first-class quality both at home and abroad.

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Nylon Yarn Manufacturer | Nylon Yarn Factory | Nylon Yarn Supplier

Nylon Yarn Factory

Salud Style is one of the largest nylon yarn suppliers in the world, specializing in the manufacture and sale of all types of nylon yarns. At present, we have become the top 3 competitive enterprises in the chemical fiber textile industry in Guangdong Province. We promote industrial upgrading in the field of chemical fiber and have gained a high reputation in the industry, attracting the attention and cooperation of many internationally renowned yarn suppliers. Stretch nylon yarn from Salud Style has been widely used in the fabrics of well-known high-end brand clothing. In addition, we have also started to use environmentally friendly raw materials to produce recycled nylon yarn.
The nylon yarns developed by Salud Style are also used in the production of other yarns under the Group’s factory alliance. We closely combine yarn production and R&D to quickly build an international yarn industry chain platform.

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Feather Yarn Factory

Feather Yarn Factory

The Feather Yarn Factory of Salud Style is one of the first textile enterprises in China to develop, produce and sell feather yarns. It has a provincial-level textile enterprise technology center, a collaborative innovation research institute for new textile materials, and more than 40 patents. The factory is located in Jiangsu Province and has an intelligent feather spinning production line. The feather yarn products produced have natural upright hairiness, good luster and soft hand feel. They are the first choice for high-end clothing such as coats.

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blended yarn factory

Blended Yarn Factory

Salud Style’s blended yarn factory, established in November 2006, is a modern private enterprise that produces and sells various blended yarns. The factory covers an area of 95.06 mu, and has 4 production line equipment workshops with domestic advanced level, with an annual production of 42,000 tons of ring spinning and siro spinning blended yarns. The factory has more than 200 technicians and nearly 100 senior technicians.

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We Are A Yarn Factory Alliance

We are a yarn factory alliance, and we offer high-quality yarn products at affordable prices. Our yarns are of the finest quality and are perfect for your next project. We also offer a wide range of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect yarn for your project.

As a Chinese yarn factory with 16 years of production experience, we believe that in addition to using the most advanced production equipment, high-quality raw materials in the production process are also the key to obtaining excellent yarn products. Adhering to this concept, Salud Style has united 30 powerful yarn factories in China to strictly control the standards of each link in the yarn production process, and produce and supply all kinds of high-quality yarns to the world.

Salud Style is committed to improving production in the yarn industry – we set and adhere to our highest standards, integrating the yarn industry’s strong supply chain from upstream to downstream. Therefore, we can find matching yarn suppliers for different customers in the textile industry. If you are still looking for a reliable yarn factory to purchase wholesale yarn, we will be your best choice.

After years of development, now we have concentrated the production capacity of 30 yarn factories, which can produce core yarn, feather yarn, nylon yarn, covered yarn, blended yarn and wool yarn. Below is the information of the yarn factories.

What Is The Yarn Factory Alliance?

The yarn factory alliance is a consortium of the top Chinese yarn mills that work together to bring you quality products at an affordable price. We offer a wide variety of yarns – including core spun yarn, blended yarn, feather yarn, nylon yarn, wool yarn, covered yarn – for you to choose from.

Why Did We Form The Yarn Factory Alliance?

The yarn factory alliance was formed with the intention of providing value to customers and helping businesses succeed in the global market. We understand that not every textile company has access to top-quality yarn, which is why we offer a wide variety of types that are perfect for small and medium-sized organizations. We also aim to provide consultations so you can choose the right type of yarn for your business needs. Our team is always happy to help!

How Does The Yarn Factory Alliance Work?

The yarn factory alliance is a great way for small businesses to connect with top-notch yarn factories from China. By doing this, they can improve production and quality standards while providing better customer service. All members of the alliance are required to adhere to rigorous quality control systems and abide by ethical guidelines in order to maintain the trust of their customers. Already helped many small businesses grow into big ones – give it a try yourself! By the way, we are also the best choice of yarn factories for the big textiel enterprises.

The Benefits Of Directly Work With The Yarn Factory

There are many benefits to purchasing yarn directly from the yarn factory. Some of the main reasons include lower shipping costs and no middlemen. Additionally, you can be sure that the yarn you’re purchasing is of high quality and hasn’t been treated poorly in production. Overall, buying yarn from the factory is a great option for those looking for superior quality and value. So, why not give it a try? You won’t regret it!

Good Advices From The YARN EXPERTS

When it comes to yarn, the experts at the yarn factory can help you make informed choices. They will be able to recommend a type of yarn based on your project’s specifications, tell you about their production process and how it affects quality, and give you tips on using the yarn in your products effectively.

You Can Be Sure Of Quality

There’s no doubt that buying yarn directly from the factory can be a more trustworthy and quality-oriented option than buying it through online retailers. Not only is this because you can be sure of the raw materials used in manufacturing, but also because there are fewer middlemen between you and the yarn producer. This way, you’re likely to get better-quality products at lower prices.

Avoid Middlemen

There’s no need to worry about hidden costs or compromises when it comes to yarn quality – we only offer the best quality at a fraction of the cost. As we don’t use any middlemen, you can be sure of complete control over your purchase and that you are getting amazing value for money.

Increased Production Speed

When you buy yarn directly from the yarn factory, you get increased production speeds. This is because the process of spinning and weaving yarn is carried out faster when it’s done in-house. Furthermore, by inspecting the quality of the yarn before purchase, you can be sure that what you are getting is of excellent quality. You will also be able to enjoy better prices as yarn produced under controlled conditions commands a higher price than spun and woven wool sourced from other places. So if speed and high-quality production values are important to you, buying yarn direct from a reputable textile mill should definitely top your list!

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