Hi there, Salud Style will be exhibiting in Sao Paulo, Brazil from June 19-21, 2023. Welcome to visit us then!

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Feather Yarn Factory of Salud Style

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The Feather Yarn Factory of Salud Style is one of the first textile enterprises in China to develop, produce and sell feather yarns. It has a provincial-level textile enterprise technology center, a collaborative innovation research institute for new textile materials, and more than 40 patents. The factory is located in Jiangsu Province and has an intelligent feather spinning production line. The feather yarn products produced have natural upright hairiness, good luster and soft hand feel. They are the first choice for high-end clothing such as coats.

Production of Feather Yarn

Feather yarn is composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and its production process is composed of knitting and cutting pile, that is, “one needle, one knife”. In order to obtain feather yarn with good quality and no lint, the following points should be paid attention to in the production process:

1. Choose the Right Raw Materials

Taking nylon feather yarn as an example, the raw materials must be imported nylon chips to prevent the occurrence of color flower and color difference.

2. Constant Temperature Treatment

The raw materials of Lun feather yarn should be treated with steam at a constant temperature, otherwise it will be curled and colored.

3. the Cutter Blade Should Be Replaced in Time

If the blade is not replaced in time, it will cause serious hair loss.

4. Finished Product Inspection

The feather yarn off the machine will have woolless yarn and oily yarn, which must be inspected by a special person, and the defective yarn will be picked out.

5. Hanking Process

The hanking skein must use a large-scale automatic shaking skein, to shake out a large pattern, and the frame length should be long, so as to prepare for the subsequent downfall, otherwise the downfall will not be poured out, and the loss will be serious. The skein must be less than 0.25kg, otherwise the nylon will flower.

6. Dyeing Control

①Due to the fast dyeing speed of nylon raw materials, it is not easy to dye evenly, and it is easy to bloom and color difference. Therefore, when dyeing and finishing, it is necessary to slowly heat up and add retarder. Different batches of nylon raw materials cannot be mixed and dyed, and uneven coloring will occur.

②The dyed feather yarn cannot be dried with a baking machine. If it is dried, there will be problems such as loose hair, color difference, and poor hand feeling.

③ Apply softener to ensure good hand feeling.


We are excited to announce that Salud Style will be exhibiting at the upcoming trade fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil from June 19-21, 2023. Come visit us at Booth J224-J225, Hall 5 at São Paulo Expo. We look forward to seeing you there!

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China (Brazil) Trade Fair 2023
June 19-21, 2023
Booth J224-J225, Hall 5
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