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The blended yarn supplier under Salud Style is of 16 years of experience. We have the ability to support supply chain orders, and provide large customers with blended yarn customization, directional development and capacity supporting services. Actively research and develop new blended yarn according to market trends, and provide exclusive capacity supporting customized services for strategic partners.

Based on years of blended yarn production and supply experience, we clearly know that the development of blended yarn mainly explores the relationship between product properties and fiber raw material properties. On the one hand, the properties of the fabric are predicted by the properties of the raw materials and the blending ratio. Only a reasonable process produces the blended yarn products that meet the performance requirements of the fabric.

Due to the different properties of the raw materials of the blended yarns, the spinnability is also quite different, so the pretreatment of the raw materials with different properties before blending is an important part to ensure the smooth progress of the spinning, and this is precisely what most blended yarn suppliers are badly dealt with.

Below are the Blended Yarns we supply:

Acrylic Polyester Yarn

Acrylic Polyester Yarn

Polyester acrylic blended yarn is a kind of artificial yarn that is made by blending polyester and acrylic fibers. This kind of yarn has been popular in the fabric industry due to its special mix of properties that make it ideal for a wide range of applications in textile products. As a polyester acrylic yarn manufacturer, we will illustrate the qualities of polyester acrylic blended yarn in detail, along with its advantages, downsides, and uses.

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nylon polyester yarn

Nylon Polyester Yarn

letterly, nylon polyester yarn is a kind of blended yarn made of nylon fiber and polyester fiber. Except for the gaining of the materials, most of the production processes are the same as natural fiber blended yarn manufacturing.

Salud Style is one of the most experienced suppliers of polyester nylon blended yarn, if you are looking for this kind of yarn for your textile product production, please contact us.

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Acrylic Nylon Yarn

Acrylic-nylon blended yarn combines the fluffy softness of acrylic and the smoothness and micro-elasticity of nylon. It is suitable for all kinds of sweaters, garments and hand-knitted wool and other textiles.

We are a manufacturer of acrylic nylon yarn. The commonly used specifications of nylon acrylic yarn are as follows: 10NM/2 15NM/3 19NM/3 28NM/3 32NM/3 38NM/3 40NM/5 40NM/6 40NM/8 50NM/8 50NM/ 12 and so on. If you need to use special specifications for the textiles you produce, our blended yarn factory can make custom spinning according to your requirements.

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polyester viscose yarn

Polyester Viscose (PV) Yarn

Polyester viscose yarn, also known as pv yarn, is made by blending a certain proportion of polyester and viscose fibers. Polyester viscose yarn occupies a certain weight in the market and has a wide range of applications.

At present, the development trend of international clothing is “machine washable, washable and wearable, easy to maintain, and light and thin”. Traditional pure spinning yarns such as pure cotton yarns and pure wool yarns have many shortcomings, which brings design Defects. The appearance of polyester viscose yarn has brought more choices to the design and production of clothing. By blending polyester fiber and viscose fiber, the yarn has good elasticity and abrasion resistance under dry and wet conditions, stable size, low water shrinkage, straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy washable and quick-drying features.

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Acrylic Blended Yarn

Acrylic Blended Yarn

As an acrylic blended yarn manufacturer, we are excited to offer our customers a high-quality acrylic blended yarn that is perfect for knitting and other textile projects. Our blended yarn factory uses the latest technologies and processes to create an acrylic blended yarn that is both durable and soft.

Acrylic blended yarn is breathable and has good heat retention. It is cheaper than wool yarn and has better performance than wool yarn. It has a wide range of applications in the textile field.

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Introduction of Blended Yarn

blended yarn
blended yarn

Blended yarn is a yarn made of two or more fibers as raw materials, which are distributed and adjusted according to different proportions and processed through a certain process. With the continuous progress of fiber production technology, many new fiber materials are used to make blended yarns, which greatly enriches the types of blended yarn products. Now the more common blended yarns on the market are cotton yarn polyester, silk yarn viscose, nitrile yarn Yarn cashmere, acrylic yarn nitrile, soybean fiber wool, etc.

Blended yarn is a type of yarn that is made by integrating 2 or more various types of fibers. Combined yarns can be made utilizing various spinning strategies such as ring spinning, open-end spinning, and rotor spinning. Blended yarn is a popular option amongst fabric producers due to its special homes that can improve the quality of the material. In this post, we will supply a thorough understanding of blended yarn, its advantages, and its various types.

Classification of blended yarns

Blended yarns can be divided into three categories:

1. Natural fiber blended yarn. Such as: cotton/linen, wool/linen, silk/cotton, etc.

2. Chemical fiber blended yarn. Such as: polyester/nitrile, polyester/viscose, brocade/rayon, etc.

3. Natural and chemical fiber blended yarn. Such as: polyester/cotton, wool/viscose, etc.

At present, the common blended yarns are polyester-cotton blended yarn, polyester-viscose blended yarn, polyester-acrylic blended yarn, cotton-viscose blended yarn, acrylic blended yarn, bamboo-cotton blended yarn, bamboo-polyester blended yarn, Silk cotton blended yarn, modal cotton blended yarn, Tencel cotton yarn, linen cotton blended yarn, etc., and some special three-in-one blended yarns, such as acrylic viscose cotton blended yarn, polyester viscose cotton blended yarn, Acrylic hemp blended yarn, etc.

Selection of Chemical Fiber Raw Materials in Blended Yarn

blended yarn factory - 4
blended yarn factory

Optional purpose

(1) Improve the quality and performance of the product:

Blended yarn can make full use of various excellent characteristics of chemical fibers, learn from each other’s strengths and improve the use value.

(2) Forming yarns for different purposes:

Through the blending of different fibers, blended yarn products of various styles and uses are made to meet various needs of the textile industry and other industries.

(3) Improve spinnability:

In blended yarns, blending synthetic fibers with cotton or viscose with higher hygroscopic properties can improve the spinnability of the yarns.

(4) Reduce product cost:

In the case of guaranteeing the requirements, blended yarns generally use some low-cost fibers to reduce production costs.

Selection of chemical fiber varieties and determination of blending ratio

The selection of chemical fiber varieties in blended yarns should consider the following factors:

The use of the product, such as clothing or industrial use, underwear or outerwear; the performance requirements of the product, such as the strength and stiffness of the fabric; the production cost of the fabric.

(1) The main varieties of chemical fibers used to make blended yarns are polyester-viscose blended yarn, polyester-nitrile blended yarn, etc.

(2) The main varieties of cotton and chemical fiber blended yarn are polyester-cotton blended yarn, acrylic cotton blended yarn, viscose-cotton blended yarn, viscose-cotton blended yarn, etc. Cotton plays a role in improving the hygroscopicity, spinnability and wearability of the product.

(3) The determination of the blending ratio mainly considers the following factors: the performance of the fabric, such as strength, style, etc.; the cost of the fabric and the price of the product.

Commonly used blending ratios of blended yarns are 50/50, 55/45, 60/40, 65/35, and some products use blending ratios or reverse ratios such as 20/80 and 30/70. The fiber with a large proportion has a greater influence on the properties of the yarn, and the finished blended yarn has the properties of this fiber. The determination of the blending ratio mainly considers factors such as cost, strength, fabric requirements and spinning performance.

Example of blend ratio

There is no rigid regulation for the blending ratio, but there are routines: for example, polyester-cotton fabrics are usually 65 polyester/35 cotton; CVC is usually cotton 60/polyester 40. Conventionally, the name of the raw material with the highest specific gravity should be placed in the front. For example, wool is larger than acrylic fiber. It is called wool acrylic blended yarn, otherwise, it is called: acrylic wool blended yarn. Polyester is larger than cotton and is called polyester-cotton blended yarn, and vice versa is called cotton-polyester blended yarn.

Next, we give a few examples to illustrate the choice of blending ratio.

The blending ratio of polyester fiber and cotton fiber in polyester-cotton blended yarn is 65:35. Although the wrinkle recovery and abrasion resistance of the yarn are significantly improved with the increase of the blending ratio of polyester fiber, the hygroscopicity and air permeability of the yarn gradually deteriorate, and the electrostatic effect also increases. If it is used for outerwear fabrics that require rigidity, the proportion of polyester fibers can be increased. For underwear fabrics that should be comfortable to wear, a low proportion of polyester-cotton blended yarn can be used.

Polyester and viscose blended yarns are often blended with polyester fibers and viscose fibers in a ratio of 65:35. If the viscose fiber content exceeds 50%, the wrinkle recovery and morphological stability of the yarn will be deteriorated. If you can mix about 15% nylon fiber in the polyester-viscose blended yarn, the fabric will be more wear-resistant.

The fabric made of polyester-nitrile blended yarn has a good wool feel, but the static electricity phenomenon is more serious. , when it exceeds 65%, the reduction is more significant, so the commonly used blending ratio of polyester fiber and acrylic fiber is 50:50 or 60:40.

The blended yarns available in Salud Style

Blended yarn provides lots of advantages over single-fiber yarns. The fibers utilized in blended yarn can likewise be selected for their ethical and ecological sustainability.

Blended yarn can be categorized based on the fibers utilized in the mix. Cotton-polyester mix is perfect for making easy-care and long lasting garments, while wool-acrylic mix is perfect for making warm and light-weight garments.

Product Name Features Uses
Acrylic Polyester Yarn Soft, lightweight, durable, wrinkle-resistant Sweaters, blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, sportswear, socks
Nylon Polyester Yarn Strong, durable, abrasion-resistant Outdoor clothing, bags, backpacks, tents, upholstery
Acrylic Nylon Yarn Soft, lightweight, warm, moisture-wicking Socks, blankets, hats, gloves, sportswear
Polyester Viscose Yarn Drapes well, soft, comfortable, breathable, easy-care Dresses, skirts, suits, shirts, trousers, sportswear
Acrylic Blended Yarn Soft, lightweight, warm, moisture-wicking, easy-care Sweaters, blankets, hats, gloves, sportswear, scarves


In conclusion, blended yarn uses a variety of advantages over single-fiber yarns, consisting of improved sturdiness, convenience, and strength. We hope that this post has actually offered a thorough understanding of blended yarn and its advantages, and we look forward to assisting you produce premium blended yarn items.

Blended yarn is a type of yarn that is made by integrating 2 or more various types of fibers. Blended yarn provides numerous advantages over single-fiber yarns. The production procedure of blended yarn includes mixing the fibers utilizing a carding maker or a mixing maker. In conclusion, blended yarn uses a variety of advantages over single-fiber yarns, consisting of boosted sturdiness, convenience, and strength. We hope that this post has actually supplied a thorough understanding of blended yarn and its advantages, and we look forward to assisting you produce top quality blended yarn items.

Blended Yarn Manufacturer – Salud Style

blended yarn factory - 3
blended yarn factory

We are a yarn manufacturer of blended yarn, which refers to a single yarn spun by mixing two or more different types of fibers. Blended yarn refers to a yarn made by mixing two or more different fibers in a certain proportion, such as polyester-cotton blended yarn, polyester-viscose blended yarn, etc. In addition, a variety of fibers are distributed and adjusted in different proportions to become a blended yarn.

We produce blended yarns all year round. The main blended yarns include eye cotton blended yarn, eye viscose blended yarn, eye polyester blended yarn, bamboo cotton blended yarn, bamboo polyester blended yarn, cotton viscose blended yarn, polyester Cotton blended yarn, Tencel cotton blended yarn, Modal cotton blended yarn, etc. The main specifications are 21 counts, 32 counts, 40 counts, 50 counts, 60 counts, etc. Other counts can be customized and produced according to customer requirements.

The production procedure of blended yarn includes mixing the fibers utilizing a carding device or a mixing device. The combined fibers are then spun into yarn utilizing among the spinning methods discussed above. The yarn is then wound onto a cone or a bobbin, prepared for more processing.

Blended yarn is one of the most popular yarns in the textile industry. It is a kind of yarn that contains different materials like cotton as well as polyester. Because the yarn has excellent durability, mixing it with synthetic material helps retain the finished item’s form and look.

Blended yarns are yarns created by combining two or more distinct types of fibers or yarns to achieve desired characteristics and aesthetics. Different materials offer various benefits, including toughness, warmth, rapid drying, ease of washing, and more. This kind of yarn is presented in a wide range of grades, textures, and vibrant colors to satisfy every client’s specific requirement.

Depending on the manufacturing materials, there are different types of blended yarns available. This yarn has considerable importance in the textile industry. Because they offer diversity to end consumers to fulfill their various wants and current fashion trends, it is also crucial to the modern textile enterprise. Today, blended yarn manufacturers are still trying and innovating on the manufacturing process and blending ratio, improving the performance of blended yarn products and reducing production costs.

By using blended yarns, you may create valuable goods that serve various needs while reducing the company’s time and cost. As a reputed yarn manufacturer company in China, we produce high-quality blended yarn at Salud Style. Here in our company, you can get different types of premium quality blended yarn at a reasonable cost.

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