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For global core-spun yarn suppliers, core-spun yarn production is obviously higher than traditional yarn production in terms of spinning equipment update, raw material input cost and production technical difficulty, which will lead to a higher market price. Our core spun yarn factory is developing towards intensive and large-scale production in order to ensure that the products are refined and superior while reducing production costs.

After more than ten years’ development, we have become a professional core spun yarn supplier with strong competitiveness in China. The main product is elastic core spun yarn, which has a large production scale and cost advantages. The products are widely used in flat knitting machines, circular knitting machines, sweaters, and denim fabrics.

We return the cost control to the improvement of spinning equipment and the preparation process optimization, and strive to become a trusted core yarn supplier.

Below are the Core Spun Yarns we supply:

viscose core spun yarn

Viscose Core Spun Yarn

Viscose core spun yarn is a specialized type of yarn that combines the benefits of viscose fibers and a central core material, such as polyester, nylon, or elastane. The core material acts as a support structure, while the viscose fibers form a protective sheath around it. This composition results in a unique yarn with enhanced properties and versatile applications in the textile industry.

Viscose core spun yarn exhibits significantly improved strength compared to pure viscose yarn, making it suitable for applications that require enhanced durability and resistance to breakage. The incorporation of a strong core material provides additional structural integrity, contributing to the overall strength of the yarn.

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product - Elastic Core Spun Yarn

Elastic Core Spun Yarn

Elastic core-spun yarn is a kind of elastic yarn, which is made of elastic filament as core yarn and continuous wrapping of short fiber. This kind of yarn has the advantages of reliable spinning process, good yarn properties, elasticity of elastic fiber and less dewning phenomenon when drawing compared with the covered yarn, and is widely used in the development of elastic clothing textiles. However, the structure of the elastic core-spun yarn is an important factor that affects the performance of the elastic core-spun yarn.

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product - Spandex Core Spun Yarn

Spandex Core Spun Yarn

Using spandex as the inner thread, and wrapping the outside of the spandex thread with natural high-quality cotton yarn or other yarns, the spandex core-spun yarn is formed.
Spandex core-spun yarn is mainly used for relatively high-end men’s and women’s underwear, fitness wear, sportswear, competition wear, casual wear, etc., and the development prospect is very promising.
Spandex core-spun yarn has high technology content, strict spinning process requirements, excellent elasticity and elastic durability, plus good air permeability, strong moisture absorption and other characteristics, the price is about twice that of ordinary yarn.
In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the change of consumption fashion, people pursue comfort and beauty in clothing and clothing, and the clothing taste is further upgraded. The application and dosage of core-spun yarn (especially spandex core-spun yarn) in high-end clothing With continuous improvement, its price will further increase, and the market prospect will continue to rise for a long time.

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product - Acrylic Core Spun Yarn

Acrylic Core Spun Yarn

Acrylic core-spun yarn is one of the most popular types of core spun yarn in the textile industry. It’s with anti-pilling, light and fluffy, bright luster and saturated hand. It has the softness of cotton, the luster of silk, and it is moisture-wicking and breathable. The fabric saturation and skin-friendly comfort of the acrylic core-spun yarn are very good. Suitable for autumn and winter fashion brands, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing and other fabrics.

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4-product-Core Spun Yarn

Core Spun Yarn

Core spun yarn is a new type of yarn made from two or more kinds of fibers. In recent years, it’s more and more used in the textile industry as a substitute for expensive natural fiber like wool yarn. More and more brands are also gradually accepting the core spun yarn, using it to manufacture clothes.

As a core spun yarn manufacturer, we independently develop and produce various types of it, such as high-twist core-spun yarns and rabbit hair core-spun yarns. The production process combines the characteristics of various yarns, and the product can simulate or even exceed the performance of a certain fiber, with great advantage at price. In 10+ years of development, we have accumulated a lot of production experience and can recommend or develop appropriate core-spun yarn specifications according to customers’ production needs.

Core-spun yarn is widely used in the knitwear manufacturing industry.

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Introduction of Core Spun Yarn

The core-spun yarn refers to a composite yarn that is combined by a core yarn and a sheath yarn. Generally, filament is used as the core yarn, and short fiber is used as the outer covering fiber.

core spun yarn
core spun yarn

Through the combination of the outer fiber and the core yarn, the advantages of each can be brought into play, the deficiencies of both sides can be made up, and the structure and characteristics of the finished yarn can be optimized by taking advantage of strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

Compared with spun yarn, general filament has the advantages of uniform evenness, high strength, good elongation and elasticity.

Core Spun Yarn Features

The staple fiber is the outer fiber of the core-spun yarn, which can give full play to the function and apparent effect of the fiber, such as the beautiful brilliance of the new fiber, and the excellent water absorption, moisture absorption, heat resistance, warmth retention, softness, and anti-pilling of the fiber. and other excellent features.

Composite yarn of 3 different structures
Composite yarn of 3 different structures

The combination of the two can produce core spun yarns that are incomparable with general staple yarns and filament yarns. Such as elastic core-spun yarn, high-strength, high-modulus, high-temperature-resistant sewing core-spun yarn, burnt-out core-spun yarn, functional hollow core-spun yarn, high-performance core-spun yarn, etc.

In addition, the combination and core covering of the two fibers are often beneficial to spinnability and weaving. For example, stainless steel conductive fibers cannot be spun due to open flames, but they can be used as core yarns to make core-spun yarns, which can also exert electrical conductivity and Shielding electromagnetic wave function. The weavability of the core spun yarn is generally better than that of the filament. The core spun yarn is configured with a suitable blending ratio of the two fibers, which can also save the cost of raw materials and spinning costs.

Taking polyester-cotton core-spun yarn as an example, it can give full play to the advantages of polyester filaments that are crisp, crepe-resistant, easy to wash and quick-dry, and at the same time, take advantage of the advantages of outer cotton fiber, which has good moisture absorption, less static electricity, and is not easy to pilling. The woven fabric is easy to dye and finish, comfortable to wear, easy to wash, bright in color and elegant in appearance. The core-spun yarn can also reduce the weight of the fabric while maintaining and improving the performance of the fabric, and use the different chemical properties of chemical fiber filaments and outer fibers. Burnt-out fabric with three-dimensional pattern effect, etc.

Core spun yarn product comparison


Outsourced short fiber

Core yarn (filament)


Elastic core spun yarn

Cotton, wool, silk, hemp, viscose modal, tencel, etc.

Spandex based

The production of simple fabrics, with the characteristics of comfort, fit and breathability, moisture absorption and beauty, are widely used in denim, corduroy and knitted products. For inner and outer clothing swimwear, sportswear, socks, gloves, wide bandages, medical bandages

High-end core-spun sewing thread

Cotton or polyester

High strength, high modulus low elongation polyester

High strength, high wear resistance, low shrinkage, suitable for high-speed sewing. Cotton core-spun yarn can be anti-static and hot-melt

Burnt-out core spun yarn

Cotton, viscose

Polyester, polypropylene

After special printing process, the cloth surface is translucent and three-dimensional pattern after the short fiber is removed. It is widely used in decorative cloths, such as curtains, tablecloths and bedspreads

New fiber core spun yarn

Bamboo pulp fiber, colored cotton, colored chemical fiber, etc.

Mainly polyester

Give full play to the excellent characteristics of new fibers such as visual effects and soft hand feel, moisture absorption and moisture removal

Hollow core spun yarn

Cotton, viscose, etc.

Water soluble vinylon

Vinylon is processed into hollow yarn after low-temperature dissolving filament, which has the special effects of fluffy, soft, elastic, excellent moisture absorption, water absorption and warmth retention.

Antibacterial and deodorant core spun yarn

Antibacterial and deodorant functional fiber

Polyester etc.

Antibacterial and deodorant, used to make underwear, socks and other hygiene products

UV, microwave shielding core spun yarn

Pure cotton, viscose

Ultraviolet, microwave shielding function filament

Can shield UV, microwave

Far infrared core spun yarn

Pure cotton, etc.

Far infrared functional filament

Can emit far infrared spectrum, with health care function

Serofel core spun yarn

Pure cotton

Spandex or general filament

More uniform coverage, less hairiness and better elasticity

Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer – Salud Style

core spun yarn spinning
core spun yarn spinning

As the name suggested, the core-spun yarn has a core filament. At some stage during the spinning process, a non-stop filament bundle of polyester fibers is wrapped in a staple polyester as well as a cotton wrapper to create this yarn. This kind of yarn features a dual structure; sheath and core.

To manufacture core-spun yarn, staple fibers are basically used in sheath covering. On the other hand, continuous filament yarn is utilized in the core filament of core-spun yarn. The core-spun yarn improves the practical qualities of the materials, such as strength, longevity, and stretch comfort. The task of the core spun yarn manufacturer is to find the right yarn combination to produce a core spun yarn product that is reasonably priced and very suitable.

The core-spun yarn is wound onto an appropriate container, such as a spool, cop, as well as king spool, with the necessary length. One of the fantastic features of this yarn is that it is much more durable than conventional or typically spun yarn. Core spun yarn also minimizes the number of broken stitches.

This yarn comes with several superior features that make it an ideal option for different applications. As a leading yarn manufacturer, we produce high-quality core spun yarn on the market. We have several years of experience in producing core-spun yarns. So, get in touch with us if you are looking for the best quality core-spun yarn.

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