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As a famous supplier of covered yarn in China, we know that with the development of modern economy and culture, people need clothes that are easy to wear, easy to fit, beautiful in shape, and can be expanded with the movement of the human body. The elastic fabric made of covered yarn has full stretch performance to meet the requirements of people.
The biggest advantage of the coated yarn is that it can skillfully combine the excellent properties of two or more components of the fiber, which not only gives full play to the high elasticity of the core yarn, but also keeps the characteristics of the outer fiber. With elastic filament as the core and a variety of natural fiber or chemical fiber composite spinning production of coated yarn, make full use of their own advantages to make up for their own performance defects, conform to the requirements of garment fabric excellent stretching and contraction function, and coated yarn suppliers are constantly optimize products in this direction.

Below are the Covered Yarns we supply:

Nylon Covered Spandex Yarn

Nylon Covered Spandex Yarn

Spandex covered yarn (also known as nylon covered spandex yarn) is a distinct and ingenious product that uses a variety of advantages for manufacturers, textile manufacturers and consumers alike. As a spandex covered yarn manufacturer, we would like to check out the crucial functions and advantages of spandex covered yarn and why it is rapidly ending up being a popular option for top quality fabrics.

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Double Covered Yarn

Double Covered Yarn

The double-covered yarn is to cover the outer layer of the core yarn with 2 layers of outer yarn, and the directions of the 2 layers of covering are opposite. After such treatment, the core yarn is well covered, and the exposed phenomenon is relatively light. Since the outer yarn wraps the core yarn symmetrically with opposite helix angles, the elastic force of the covered yarn is well balanced, and generally, the subsequent process can be processed without setting treatment. The process of double-covered yarn is more complicated, and the processing cost is much higher than that of single-covered yarn. In actual production, the type of covering process should be comprehensively considered according to the performance requirements, usage, production technology level and cost price of the fabric for the covered yarn.

Double cover yarn is mostly used for knitted fabrics that require high elasticity, and some are used for woven fabrics. It is an ideal yarn for high-end thin wool, linen fabrics, jacquard double-layer weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics.

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Single Covered Yarn

Single Covered Yarn

We have more than 10 years of experience in single covered yarn manufacturing. We are one of the top three large-scale manufacturers of single covered yarn products in China. The production equipment we invest in is in a leading position in the country, and the products we produce are exported to Italy, the United States, Serbia, Chile, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Iran and other countries.

The single-covered yarn is covered with a layer of outer yarn on the outer layer of the core silk spandex. The biggest disadvantage is that the core yarn is exposed a lot. During the processing of the subsequent process, the exposed core yarn (usually spandex yarn) is easily worn by the machine parts and breaks; or the color turns yellow, sticky and Strong drop and other phenomena, and produce different degrees of contraction. However, its price is cheaper relative to double covered yarn. Single covered yarn is mainly used for elastic fabrics such as socks and weft knitted underwear. 

Single covered yarn is widely used in the manufacturing industries of woven fabrics, circular woven fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, ribbons, etc.

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Introduction of Covered Yarn

Covered yarn is a new type of yarn, which uses filament or staple fiber as the core, and wraps another filament or staple fiber yarn. The outer yarn covers the core yarn in a spiral manner. It is characterized by uniform evenness, bulk and plumpness, smooth yarn with less hairiness, high strength and less broken ends.

covered yarn
covered yarn

Covered yarns are mostly used for knitted fabrics that require high elasticity, and some are used for woven fabrics. They are ideal yarns for high-grade and thin wool, hemp fabrics, jacquard double-layer weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics. Covered yarn can be spun for both thickness and fine yarn, among which elastic yarn is the most suitable for weaving sports tights, such as swimming suits, ski suits, women’s underwear, etc. According to the purpose of the covered yarn, the appropriate core yarn and outer yarn are selected, and its strength is higher than any single yarn.

The common methods of covered spinning are: one is that the core and the outer fibers are short fibers; one is that the filament is used as the core, and the short fibers are the outer fibers; the other is that the short fiber bundle is the core, The outside is wrapped with filament; the other is that both the core and the outer fiber are covered with filament. The yarn strength of the synthetic filament covered yarn is higher than that of the general staple fiber covered yarn, but the yarn surface lacks the characteristics of natural fibers. In addition, in the production process of the covered yarn, the weight of the core yarn bobbin is reduced due to the reduction of the core yarn, and it is easy to be separated from the fixing rod, which affects the production.

Characteristics of Air Covered Yarn and Mechanical Covered Yarn

According to the different processing equipment of covered yarn, covered yarn can be divided into air covered yarn and mechanical covered yarn.

Air-covered yarn (ACY) is a yarn that draws the outer fiber filament yarn and the core yarn through a certain type of nozzle at the same time, and is regularly sprayed by compressed air to form rhythmic network points. The resulting fabric feels soft and smooth.

covered yarn factory
air covered yarn manufacturing

Mechanical Covered Yarn (SCY) is to continuously rotate and wrap the outer fiber filament yarn on the core yarn that is drawn at a constant speed, and has a twist after twisting. crisp.

Mechanical covering yarn manufacturing
Mechanical covering yarn manufacturing

Air-covered yarn generally needs sizing when warping on an air-jet loom, otherwise the fabric is prone to fluff and broken threads, but it can be used directly by beating up. The production capacity of air-covered yarn is much higher than that of machine-covered yarn, so its price is lower than that of mechanical covered yarn, which is convenient to reduce the cost of downstream weaving mills.

The advantage of mechanically covered yarn is that the core yarn is not exposed, and generally, it is not easy to produce quality problems during spinning and weaving except for uneven twist. The disadvantage is that the output is low, and the price is therefore much higher than that of the air-covered yarn of the same specification, which is especially reflected in the fine-denier covered yarn.

Main process characteristics of covered yarn

Air-covered yarn pre-draft ratio

In the production process of covered yarn, the pre-draft ratio of the core yarn is an important process parameter, which affects the elasticity of the covered yarn and the fabric, as well as the strength and elongation, evenness and creep of the covered yarn. performance.

If the pre-draft ratio of the core yarn is too small, it cannot give full play to the advantages of good elasticity of the elastic fabric. When the pre-draft is too high, spinning is difficult, and it is easy to cause broken threads, and the product quality will decrease accordingly.

In addition, the content of the core yarn also affects the elasticity of the covered yarn. High content means better elasticity. In the case of a certain core yarn specification, increasing the draft ratio will reduce the percentage content of the core yarn, that is, the pre-processing of the core yarn. The draft ratio is inversely proportional to the percentage content of the core yarn.

The strength and elongation of the covered yarn increases with the increase of the pre-drafting ratio of the core yarn. After the drafting reaches a certain value, the retraction of the core yarn makes the outer fibers in a crimped state, and the core yarn of the core yarn is straightened. Increasing the pre-draft ratio, the percentage content of the core yarn decreases, and the curling degree of the outer fiber is large, but when the draft is too large, the deformation amplitude of the core yarn is close to the critical value of deformation, which will reduce the strength and elongation of the covered yarn, but there are some Conducive to covering yarn evenly.

The phenomenon that the deformation changes with time under the action of constant drafting force is called creep. It is generally believed that the creep resistance of the covered yarn is the best when the core yarn is pre-drafted by 3.5 times.

Twist of mechanically covered yarn

For mechanical covered yarns, the twist also affects the quality, elongation and evenness of the yarn. Increasing the twist can increase the cohesion between the outer fiber yarn and the core yarn, which improves the strength of the covered yarn.

The elongation of the machine package is mainly determined by the performance of the core yarn. If the twist is too large, the outer fiber wrapping is too tight, and the elastic effect of the core yarn cannot be fully exerted, which reduces the elongation. During the spinning process, the fibers will move slightly along the yarn axis due to friction and other reasons, resulting in poor evenness. With the increase of twist, the evenness will also improve.

The existence of the core yarn in the mechanically covered yarn will weaken the cohesion between the outer fibers. If the twist is too low, the outer fibers will be loose, which will affect the coating effect and cause the core to be exposed. Therefore, the twist should be appropriately high during mechanical coating. In order to reduce production costs, small spinning mills will reduce twist or increase equipment speed to increase output, which is not conducive to the quality of covered yarn.

Covered Yarn Manufacturer – Salud Style

covered yarn factory
covered yarn factory

Covered yarn is a type of yarn that is made up of at least a couple of yarns. When discussing covered yarn, elastane yarns are essentially what is meant. However, wrapping is not just used on elastane; occasionally, fine wires are indeed covered.

Yarn can be covered for one of two reasons. While maintaining the look of the textile yarn, one requires an elasticity that regular textile yarn cannot supply. This is true when it comes to covering elastane, in which the polyester fabric is often twisted around the elastane component.

Another reason to cover a yarn is to conceal something. This frequently occurs while covering tiny wires. While the core still provides the functionality, the yarn that’s also wrapped surrounding offers the appearance. Covered yarns are available in different types, including single cover, double cover, air cover, and more.

Covered yarns are widely used in the textile industry to manufacture different applications. Lingerie, socks, seamless clothing, and a variety of knitting and weaving materials all employ these yarns. As the leading yarn manufacturer in China, we produce high-quality covered yarn. So, contact us and get the best quality covered yarn of any quantity.

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