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100% Polyester Chenille Yarn 4.5NM

100% Polyester Chenille Yarn

Chenille Yarn is a type of fancy yarn with a soft pile giving it a velvet-like texture. 100% Polyester Chenille Yarn offers excellent durability and vibrancy, making it ideal for apparel, upholstery, and other textile applications requiring rich, long-lasting color.

In this guide for textile manufacturers, we’ll explore Polyester Chenille Yarn’s manufacturing process, quality specifications, usage and care recommendations, and frequently asked questions. Read on for an in-depth look at this versatile high-quality yarn type.

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100% Viscose Yarn

100% Viscose Yarn

100% viscose yarn is a type of cellulosic fiber made from wood pulp or cotton pulp that is popularly used in the manufacturing of textile products. Viscose rayon yarn has softness similar to silk or wool yarns which makes it ideal for knits and woven fabrics.

With excellent comfort properties, high absorbency, vibrant dye uptake and affordable price point, 100% viscose yarn allows manufacturers to produce high-quality textiles. This versatile yarn is commonly used alone or blended with other fibers like polyester, nylon and spandex.

100% Polyester Imitation Linen Yarn

100% Polyester Imitation Linen Yarn

Imitation linen yarn provides the look of natural linen with easier care and durability. This popular textile yarn is often made from polyester or other synthetic fibers to imitate the slubbed texture and matt luster of linen while avoiding linen's tendency to wrinkle easily. Imitation linen yarn has become a versatile textile for clothing, decor, and crafts that retains its shape and resists shrinking.

100% Polyester Imitation Cotton Yarn

100% Polyester Imitation Cotton Yarn

Imitation cotton yarn refers to synthetic yarns that have a cotton-like texture and appearance. As the name suggests, 100% Polyester Imitation Cotton Yarn mimics the look and feel of natural cotton but has certain advantages over real cotton. This specialty polyester yarn has gained popularity among manufacturers of textile products like knitwear, woven fabrics, home textiles etc. In this guide, we will discuss key properties, production process, end-uses and tips for sourcing this versatile polyester cotton imitation yarn.

100% Viscose Cooling Yarn

100% Viscose Cooling Yarn

Viscose cooling yarn is made of 100% viscose fibers with special cross-section shapes and moisture management properties to provide a cooling effect when in contact with skin. As a natural and breathable yarn, it is an ideal choice for manufacturing summer clothing and sportswear where good moisture absorption and quick drying are desired.

With features like smooth surface, bright color, good hygroscopicity and heat conduction, 100% viscose cooling yarn is perfect for making cool-touch fabrics that make wearers feel cool, dry and comfortable.

Polyester Brushed Yarn Dyed

100% Polyester Brushed Yarn

Polyester Brushed Yarn constitutes strands composed entirely of polyester fibers, possessing a brushed finish for enhanced softness or fuzziness. Its 100% polyester construction provides durability, shape retention, quick drying, resistance to stretching or shrinkage yet polyester brushed yarns retain pliability, breathability although less moisture-wicking than natural fibers.

Acrylic Solid Yarn Dyed

100% Acrylic Solid Yarn

Acrylic solid yarn is a type of textile yarn made entirely from acrylic fiber. Unlike acrylic bulk yarns which have an airy, fluffy texture, acrylic solid yarns have a smooth, uniform appearance and feel. The term "solid" refers to the yarn's consistent thickness and tight twist. Acrylic solid yarns are valued in knitting and weaving applications for their affordability, durability, and ease of care compared to natural fibers. This article provides an overview of 100% acrylic solid yarn for manufacturers interested in using it.

Acrylic Bulk Yarn Dyed

100% Acrylic Bulk Yarn

Procuring acrylic fiber in volume provides sundry boons big-time textile operations crave. Light synthetics simplify transport versus natural fibers. Petro-based acrylic cheaper than plant/animal materials lowers expenditures.

nylon feather yarn

100% Nylon 5.0cm Feather Yarn

Nylon feather yarn is a kind of yarn that is made from nylon fibers that are spun together to produce a fluffy, feather-like texture. This special texture offers the yarn a light and airy feel, making it perfect for light-weight jobs such as headscarfs, shawls, and fragile garments. Nylon feather yarn is understood for its softness, toughness, and resistance to wrinkles and creases, making it a popular option amongst fabric producers and crafters. It is readily available in a vast array of colors and designs, permitting unlimited imaginative possibilities. Nylon feather yarn can be utilized for a range of jobs, consisting of knitting and crocheting, decorations for clothes and devices, house decoration products, outfit style, and arts and crafts jobs.

4cm feather yarn

100% Nylon 4.0cm Feather Yarn

This feather yarn is 100% Nylon made filament yarn. The dyed feature of the 4.0 cm feather yarn helps in using hand knitting, sewing, and weaving. Because of the high tenacity, the feather yarn twists well. The strength of the feather yarn is appreciable. Apart from nylon, other materials polyester, wool, and even acrylic can be usable. The technique of ring-spun helps to retain the temperature and elasticity.

2.0cm feather yarn

100% Nylon 2.0cm Feather Yarn

2.0 cm feather yarn is an environmentally friendly nylon yarn. The fiber length of this yarn is continuous filament. With the help of a ring spun, the making of this feather yarn occurs. Besides, 2.0 cm yarn comes in viscose filaments as raw materials. China is one of the suppliers of this feather yarn. However, the pattern of this yarn is dyed.

1.3cm feather yarn

100% Nylon 1.3cm Feather Yarn

1.3 cm feather yarn is decorative or fancy yarn. It could be produced from Nylon material according to the requirements. It’s composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a specific direction (S/Z twist). Because of the directional distribution of ply, the woven or knit fabric could adopt a soft gloss, the surface appears plump, and a decorative effect.) as per the directional distribution, the produced material is made of super soft luster.

0.9 cm feather yarn

100% Nylon 0.9cm Feather Yarn

0.9 cm feather yarn is one of the decorative yarns. Its structure is fancy, and its feature is eco-friendly. Most of the 0.9 cm yarn consists of Nylon. Besides the composition of both core and decorative yarn, the feathers are soft hand touched. On the other hand, the coarseness of the yarn is medium.

Feather Yarn (Imitation Mink Yarn)

100% Nylon 0.5cm Feather Yarn

Feather yarn, also known as imitation mink yarn or eyelash yarn, refers to a special type of fancy yarn characterized by its ultra-soft, fluffy texture reminiscent of feathers or fur. Unlike actual feathers, feather yarn consists of synthetic filament fibers like nylon or polyester arranged around a central core yarn for an eye-catching, novelty effect. With origins in the Chinese textile market, feather yarns have rapidly grown in popularity across knitting, crochet, weaving, and other textile applications over the past few years.

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