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We are an experienced supplier of feather yarn. Our feather yarn is composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a certain direction. Due to the directional distribution of feathers, the fabric made of soft luster, the surface appears plump, very decorative effect, and not easy to shed. The products have good wear performance, strong warmth protection, can be made into clothes, hats, scarves, gloves and so on, the products have a good market prospect.

At present, most of the feather yarns we produce and supply use viscose and nylon filaments as raw materials. The quality of the products is stable and the customer feedback is good. In 2020, we were honored as one of the top ten feather yarn suppliers in China.

Below are the Feather Yarns we supply:

nylon feather yarn

Nylon Feather Yarn

Nylon feather yarn is a kind of yarn that has actually gotten appeal in the last few years due to its special feather-like texture and look. It is made by mixing nylon fibers with other products to produce a soft, fluffy, and light-weight yarn. Nylon feather yarn is flexible and can be utilized for a range of applications, from style and clothing to house design and devices.

We are a manufacturer of top quality nylon feather yarn. Our business has years of experience in the fabric market and is dedicated to producing just the very best products for our consumers. We utilize cutting edge devices and utilize a group of knowledgeable professionals to make sure that every hair of our nylon feather yarn fulfills our strenuous requirements for quality and consistency. Our yarn is readily available in a wide variety of colors and designs, and we are constantly delighted to deal with our customers to develop custom-made orders to fulfill their particular requirements. We are devoted to offering remarkable client service and eagerly anticipate serving our customers with the greatest quality nylon feather yarn offered on the marketplace.

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4cm feather yarn

4cm Feather Yarn

This feather yarn is 100% Nylon made filament yarn. The dyed feature of the 4.0 cm feather yarn helps in using hand knitting, sewing, and weaving. Because of the high tenacity, the feather yarn twists well. The strength of the feather yarn is appreciable. Apart from nylon, other materials polyester, wool, and even acrylic can be usable. The technique of ring-spun helps to retain the temperature and elasticity.

In the textile market globally, this 4.0 cm feather yarn has extensive demand. Most clothing brands use this type of feather yarn to make socks, sweaters, and whatnot. The heat retention capabilities are well due to its special manufacturing process. Besides, the product has high economic benefits with excellent development prospects. The 4.0 cm feather yarn has a multi-ply number of shares.

Inventory Status:
2.0cm feather yarn

2cm Feather Yarn

2.0 cm feather yarn is an environmentally friendly nylon yarn. The fiber length of this yarn is continuous filament. With the help of a ring spun, the making of this feather yarn occurs. Besides, 2.0 cm yarn comes in viscose filaments as raw materials. China is one of the suppliers of this feather yarn. However, the pattern of this yarn is dyed.

2.0 cm feather yarn gains high demand in the textile industry. Most of the online market platforms import the material from the supplier country China. Because of its wide-ranging application, especially in the making of socks, this feather yarn is highly decorative. Besides, the economic benefit of this yarn is many as well. Apart from providing a smooth and warm feeling, this yarn is popular for being environmentally friendly.

Inventory Status:
1.3cm feather yarn

1.3cm Feather Yarn

1.3 cm feather yarn is decorative or fancy yarn. It could be produced from Nylon material according to the requirements. It’s composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a specific direction (S/Z twist). Because of the directional distribution of ply, the woven or knit fabric could adopt a soft gloss, the surface appears plump, and a decorative effect.) as per the directional distribution, the produced material is made of super soft luster.

1.3 cm Feather yarn has great demand in the global textile market. Many famous clothing brands are using this decorative yarn in their products; imitation mink hair is recognized as a product with high economic benefits and good development prospects in the textile industry.

Inventory Status:
0.9 cm feather yarn

0.9cm Feather Yarn

0.9 cm feather yarn is one of the decorative yarns. Its structure is fancy, and its feature is eco-friendly. Most of the 0.9 cm yarn consists of Nylon. Besides the composition of both core and decorative yarn, the feathers are soft hand touched. On the other hand, the coarseness of the yarn is medium.

Because of the great demand in the market, 0.9 cm feather yarn is much available with its unique features. Most of the supplier companies are using this yarn as a productive source. Besides, this yarn is a new addition to the knitting field where good economic prospects lie.

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Feather Yarn (Imitation Mink Yarn)

Feather Yarn

Salud Style is an experienced supplier of feather yarn. Our feather yarn is composed of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a certain direction. Due to the directional distribution of feathers, the fabric made of soft luster, the surface appears plump, very decorative effect, and not easy to shed. The products have good wear performance, strong warmth protection, can be made into clothes, hats, scarves, gloves and so on, the products have a good market prospect.

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Introduction of Feather Yarn

feather yarn close-up
feather yarn close-up

Feather yarn is a very popular fancy thread in the international textile industry in recent years. Its structure consists of core yarn and decorative thread, and the feathers are arranged in a certain direction. The feather length of the feather yarn stands up naturally, with good luster and soft feel. Due to the directional distribution of hairiness, the woven fabric is not only soft in luster, but also has a plump surface and a decorative effect. Feather yarn is superior to other fluff yarns in that it is not easy to lose hair. It has good wearing performance and strong warmth retention, and should be widely used on clothes, hats, scarves, socks and gloves.

The craft of feather yarn

On the crochet machine, the weft yarns are interwoven back and forth between the two sets of warp yarns, and then the weft yarns between the two sets of warp yarns are cut with a blade in the middle, and the weft yarns stand upright on the warp yarns to become feather yarns. The length of the feathers depends on the distance between the two sets of warp yarns. The feathers are longer when the distance is large, and short otherwise. Feather yarn is divided into large feather yarn and small feather yarn. The feather length of large feather yarn is more than 10mm, and the feather length of small feather yarn is less than 10mm. The warp yarns used for feathers are mostly polyester or nylon filaments, while the weft yarns use triangular polyester or nylon filaments with better luster, and there are also bright viscose staple yarns. Feather yarn products have a great response in the market, especially the growing demand in foreign markets. Feather yarn is a product with high economic benefits and good development prospects.

feather yarn factory
feather yarn factory

The “backbone” part of the feather is the core yarn, and the quality and performance of its raw materials must meet the requirements of knitting yarns. Decorative yarn is the main performance part of feather yarn, which determines the sensory effect of finished yarn.

The decorative thread fiber of feather yarn requires good luster, elasticity, and can stand up naturally; the strength of the decorative yarn should not be too high, it should be easy to cut, and the fluff with neat length can be obtained, and it is not easy to lose hair. Generally, filament is suitable; The thread should be made of raw materials with the same thermal shrinkage rate to prevent long and short hair, twist shrinkage and uneven evenness caused by finishing and dyeing after yarn formation.

The count of the core yarn and decorative yarn of feather yarn is related to the count of the finished product, and is also affected by the number of crochet needles. In order to make the core yarn effectively hold the decorative yarn, the decorative yarn should be 1-3 times thicker than the core yarn. As the fiber of the core wire, the surface of the single fiber is relatively smooth, the fiber is easy to slip on the edge of the knife when cutting, and it is not easy to cut, but it has good flexibility, bending resistance and tensile strength. Fibers suitable as decorative yarns must be easy to cut and have excellent optical properties and a large coefficient of friction.

In this way, the fabric made of feather yarn feels thick and durable, and the fleece fabric made from the feather yarn can keep the suede plump and erect, and has better bulkiness and gloss.

Feather yarn raw material selection

Feather Yarn Factory
Feather Yarn Made of Nylon

Feather yarn can be produced with a variety of fiber yarns, commonly used are viscose yarn, nylon yarn, acrylic yarn and polyester yarn. Taking the 1/6.5Nm bright nylon feather yarn as an example, the core yarn adopts 70D/24f semi-dull nylon filament yarn, and the decorative yarn adopts two 75D/24f three-leaf bright nylon filament yarns to feed, which can ensure the successful production. yarn quality. We have compared and screened the selection of this raw material: 70D/24f semi-matte filament yarn, single fiber surface is relatively smooth, the fiber is easy to slip on the edge of the knife when cutting, and it is not easy to cut, but the flexibility, bending resistance, tensile strength Good tensile strength, can be used as a core wire. The 75D/24f trilobal section has optical fibers, which are easy to cut, have excellent optical properties, and have a large coefficient of friction, which is more suitable for decorative yarns. The fabric feels thick and durable, and the fleece fabric made of it can keep its suede plump and erect, and has good bulkiness and gloss.

Production of feather yarn

The production process of feather yarn is round head machine production → steam setting → twisting → inspection → packing.

feather yarn factory
feather yarn factory

Round head production

Round head production is the key to feather yarn forming. There are 15 needle positions in the needle cylinder of the round head machine. The distance between 1 and 15 adjacent needle positions is from large to small. First, the latch needle and cutting force are loaded into the specified needle position according to the process design. The core yarn and decorative yarn are introduced through two guide yarns respectively. The core yarn is put into the latch needle and woven into the core yarn. The decorative yarn is first put into the cutting knife, rotated with the needle cylinder, and then introduced into the latch needle together with the core yarn. , through the movement of the latch needle to complete the bending, looping, and looping. There is a protruding chamfer on the top of the cutter. When the cutter and the latch needle move downward together to escape the loop, the inserted yarn will not come out of the cutter bar. When the latch needle moves upward to make the loop, the cutter also moves upward, and the decorative thread on the cutter falls off the lower edge of the cutter and is cut off to form hairiness. The decorative yarn participates in the weaving of the core yarn, is held by the core yarn, and is not easy to fall off, and the length of the feather is related to the distance between the latch needle and the cutter. When on the machine, pay attention to the position of the two yarn guides to meet the requirements, so as to ensure that the core yarn and decorative yarn of the feather yarn are correctly placed on the latch needle and the cutter respectively.

The cutting knife should be kept sharp, and the decorative yarn should be moved to the knife edge to successfully complete the cutting yarn, otherwise it will break due to accidental stretching, which will cause the phenomenon of long and short hairs.

In the process of producing feather yarn, the needle cylinder rotates, and the crochet needle and the cutter move up and down. Due to the friction of the needle cylinder, the yarn will overheat and shrink when passing through the needle cylinder, especially for nylon. quality. Need to add lubricating oil to the syringe regularly to reduce friction and cool down. The lubricating oil is spindle oil, preferably high-speed spindle oil, but not butter. Butter is completely dissolved at 85C, and the lubricating effect is reduced.

steam setting

The rotation of the needle cylinder during production has a twisting effect on the feather yarn. In order to eliminate the internal stress of twisting and prevent the yarn from being braided, it is necessary to heat-set the feather yarn off the machine. Generally, steam setting is used.

In order to make the yarn steaming effect good, the package should not be too large, generally 0.2kg/tube; the yarn tube adopts a hollow mesh with a good air permeability; according to the characteristics of the fiber, select the appropriate steaming temperature and time, too low to achieve the final shape The purpose is to affect the yarn quality too much and waste energy. For example, the steaming temperature of 1/6.5Nm glossy nylon feather yarn is 80-85℃, and the time is 30 minutes.


After the yarn is steamed, no cooling is required, and the yarn is directly shaken. On the one hand, the water absorbed during the steaming can be released by the centrifugal airflow generated by the yarn, and the feathers can be straightened through the yarn guide when the yarn is shaken. The rapid cooling of the yarn is conducive to maintaining the beauty of the feather yarn and protecting the quality of the yarn.

The glass transition temperature of nylon fiber is low, the dyeing speed is fast, and it is easy to dye flowers. The weight of each skein should be appropriate, generally 0.5 pounds per skein.


The main defects of feather yarns are long and short hairs, thin and uneven hairs and light yarns without feathers, which should be sorted.


In order to prevent the feathers from lodging on the feather yarn, it is not advisable to pack it tightly. It is better to loose the small pack, which can be directly sent to the dyeing factory for processing. If long-distance transportation is required, it can be packed in large packages and disassembled after arriving at the destination to restore elasticity.

Dyeing process of feather yarn

Feather yarn generally uses nylon yarn and viscose yarn as raw materials. The dyeing speed of nylon fiber is fast, but it is not easy to dye evenly, so there are the following requirements when dyeing:

1) Warm up slowly and use a retarder.

2) Different batches of nylon yarns from different enterprises have different dyeing properties. During production, different batches of raw materials are used and packaged separately. 3) The holding time should not be too long, otherwise the elasticity of the yarn will decrease and the strength will decrease.

4) The drying time and temperature are also reasonably controlled according to the characteristics of the fibers.

Feather Yarn Manufacturer – Salud Style

Feather Yarn Factory
Feather Yarn Manufacturer

Feather yarn is a superior quality yarn that has been developed widely in recent years. The feathers are organized in a particular manner, and the construction is made up of ornamental yarn as well as core yarn. The feather yarn also consists of a knitted segment of mixed yarn that is coiled around the outside perimeter of a core yarn.

Fabric made of feather yarn has excellent softness as well as the surface of the cloth appears plump. Additionally, they have a desirable impact, and this yarn is superior to other fluffy yarn since it does not quickly lose hair. Feather yarn can be used to produce different types of fiber yarn.

Feather yarn manufacturers are concentrated in Jiangsu Province, China, and most of them use nylon yarn as a raw material to make feather yarn. The core thread of the feather yarn is the braided weave of Nylon DTY, and the decorative yarn of the feather yarn is the warp plain weave with the free end of the extension thread of Nylon FDY. With the development of feather yarn production process, some feather yarn manufacturers use polyester yarn, viscose yarn and other types of yarn to produce feather yarn. Feather yarns produced with different yarn raw materials will have different feel, strength, etc., but their manufacturing process is similar.

This kind of yarn comes with several exclusive features that make them unique. The market has responded quite favorably to feather yarn, and demand for it is rising globally. Since this yarn comes with different user-friendly features, the feather yarn-made fabric is used to manufacture several applications.

Feather yarn is highly well-liked by women because of its smooth touch and thick fluff. This yarn is an ideal option for use in clothing for fall and also winter. If you are looking for premium quality feather yarn, then you can contact us. We produce premium quality feather yarn and supply it for sale.

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