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Elastic core-spun yarn is a kind of elastic yarn, which is made of elastic filament as core yarn and continuous wrapping of short fiber. This kind of yarn has the advantages of reliable spinning process, good yarn properties, elasticity of elastic fiber and less dewning phenomenon when drawing compared with the covered yarn, and is widely used in the development of elastic clothing textiles. However, the structure of the elastic core-spun yarn is an important factor that affects the performance of the elastic core-spun yarn.

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  • Reliable yarn spinning process
  • Good yarn performance
  • good elasticity
  • Fewer exposed cores


  • socks
  • sweater
  • sport clothes
  • elastic clothes
Core Spun Yarn Opening And Cleaning ProcessCore Spun Yarn Opening And Cleaning Process
Core Spun Yarn Carding ProcessCore Spun Yarn Carding Process
Core Spun Yarn Drawing ProcessCore Spun Yarn Drawing Process
Core Spun Yarn Roving ProcessCore Spun Yarn Roving Process
Core Spun Yarn Roving ProcessCore Spun Yarn Roving Process
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With the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, textiles with good elasticity and durability are favored by people. There are many kinds of elastic fibers, the total can be divided into polyurethane fiber (such as polyurethane) , polyether elastic fiber (such as PET/PEO) , polyester elastic fiber (such as PBT, PTT, PET/PTT bicomponent crimp fiber) , polyolefin elastic fiber (such as Dow XLA fiber) and hard elastic fiber (such as hard elastic PP and polyvinylidene fluoride fiber) and so on. But the elastic fiber has the defects of easy aging and poor handle, so it is often needed to be wrapped and used in the fabric by the way of core-spun, and that's how elastic core spun yarn came out.

product - Elastic Core Spun Yarn
product - Elastic Core Spun Yarn

Elastic core-spun yarn is a kind of yarn that is produced by integrating an elastic core of artificial or natural fibers with a cover of natural fibers. This mix creates a yarn that has the strength and resilience of the core fibers and the softness and natural feel of the cover fibers.

Benefits of Elastic Core-Spun Yarn

Sturdiness: Elastic core-spun yarn is stronger and more durable than traditional yarns. The core fibers provide the strength and the cover fibers supply a soft, comfortable feel.

Convenience: The natural fibers utilized as the cover of elastic core-spun yarns supply a soft and comfy feel that is best for clothing and other clothes products that enter into direct contact with the skin.

Adaptability: Elastic core-spun yarns can be used in a variety of applications, including clothing, upholstery, and devices. They can likewise be blended with other fibers to create customized and unique yarns.

Natural Look and Feel: Elastic core-spun yarns have a natural look and feel that is ideal for items that are meant to have a natural or organic look.

Applications of Elastic core-Spun Yarn

Elastic Core Spun Yarn in Application in Gym Clothes
Elastic Core Spun Yarn in Application in Gym Clothes

Clothes: Elastic core-spun yarns are best for clothes because they have a soft and comfy feel that is best for skin contact.

Upholstery: Elastic core-spun yarns can be utilized in upholstery since they have a natural feel and look and are resilient and adequate to tear and endure the wear of daily use.

Accessories: Elastic core-spun yarns can be used in a range of accessories, such as hats and headscarfs, since of their comfy and soft feel.

Future development trend of elastic core-spun yarn

With the improvement of social productivity, in response to the changes in social market demand, China's textile industry is speeding up the adjustment of product structure, in the direction of improving product quality transformation and upgrading. The production and development of elastic yarn should focus on the following three aspects: first, focusing fiber material from single to multi-element, the appearance and application of the new type elastic fiber improve the shape-retention and durability of the elastic core-spun yarn. The addition of more functional differential fibers gives the core-spun yarn special performance advantages Secondly, the yarn structure has been continuously optimized. The appearance of new structure yarns, such as double core elastic core-spun yarn and hollow elastic core-spun yarn, has greatly improved the performance of traditional elastic yarn, but more yarns with excellent structural properties need to be developed in the future. Third, there is still room for improvement in spinning equipment, how to improve the covering ratio of the core-spun fiber to reduce the whiteness of the core-spun Yarn and improve the diversity of the suitable materials is still to be explored by the academia and the industry.

The advantages of core-spun yarn are generally accepted, but in order to increase its market share, it is necessary to grasp the trend of the market, improve the level of research and development, and continuously expand the new application fields of stretch core-spun yarn. On the one hand, the future of textiles must pay more attention to multi-functional aggregation, so the development of smart wearable textiles can not be ignored. The core-coated structure products have great development advantages and potentials in the preparation of multi-functional and intelligent textiles, which can make the products both functional and comfortable, and solve the problems of poor serviceability of some products. As a new type of yarn, nanostructured elastic core-spun yarn can be used in many fields such as sensors, wearable capacitors and so on. On the other hand, performance-to-price ratio is still a prerequisite for the successful marketing of functional products, and the development of new structure elastic core-spun yarn, regardless of the renewal of spinning equipment, input cost of raw materials, and technical difficulties in production, are significantly higher than traditional yarn development, which will lead to higher market prices for their products. At present, spinning enterprises are developing to intensive and large-scale production through merger and reorganization and technical transformation in order to ensure the best products and reduce production costs. In addition, the cost control should return to the improvement of spinning equipment and the optimization of preparation process.

With the increasing diversification of core-spun yarn structure, the development of elastic yarn has reached a new height. The structure of the core-coated elastomer is stable, and the compound production makes full use of the characteristics of raw materials, and has the advantages of various materials. The appearance of new structure double-core elastic core-spun yarn further improves the performance of the original product, which has positive effect on both the improvement of yarn elasticity and the development of yarn protection function. However, the choice and cooperation of various elastic fibers and filaments, as well as the configuration of yarn processing parameters and process control changes will affect the final performance of elastic core-spun yarn products, according to the application of elastic core-spun yarn, how to optimize the combination of yarn materials, design a more reasonable yarn structure and configure a suitable yarn forming process is the key to improve the quality of elastic core-spun yarn in the future. While improving the product performance, we should also consider how to reduce the production cost, in order to occupy the market advantage.

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GO Textile Sourcing Exhibition (GOTEX) 2023
September 12nd- 14th, 2023
Booth H11, ProMagno Pavilion

Exhibition address: Avenida Professora lda Kolb, 513 – Jardim das Laranjeiras, Sao Paulo – SP – 02518-000 / Brasil

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